The Escape Plan For The Elite

December 2, 2011

It’s clear that the elite are hellbent on the destruction of this planet called Earth. Nothing can stop them besides a major cosmic event or intervention because we’ve all sold out to their talismanic federal debt notes called dollars. Humanity will never be able to raise the consciousness of enough people to overcome the fear that is being imposed upon all of us. We are truly in the hands of fate at this point.

Many people believe that the elite can be convinced to treat the planet better since they also have to live on it too but the elite live in protected environments and private islands with the best food, water and air on the planet. They sell the toxins to us. That way they can get richer and also depopulate the planet efficiently. Amazingly almost all of us just go along with it hoping that the elite really do not have such malevolent intentions. We are such a naive bunch.

The elite don’t care about this planet at all. They care about power and control more than anything because they consider themselves gods in this world via technology. That means they would rather die themselves than to allow anything fair, just or  sustainable to become the norm for their global policies. It also means the last thing they would allow to happen is for humanity to survive without them at the helm.

It’s already been documented that there is a vast network of underground tunnels and living facilities at various locations around the planet that could support a small civilization for years or longer. It is speculated that the elite also have high-speed space craft that can reach the moon in just a few minutes. Star Trek isn’t about Gene Roddenberry’s imagination. It’s about him telling stories about things that already exist. The elite, particularly the Ashkhenazic Jews, do not have much of an imagination. They limit us by leaking stolen ancient technology slowly to us and by hiding the ancient secrets from lost civilizations that they have plundered for their benefit alone.

Whether the elite can escape the planet using advanced space flight technology, survive underground in biospheres or take us all out with the nuclear option or other engineered disasters, one thing is for sure. We need some serious help from a higher power or cosmic deity because we do not have the wherewithal to stop their psychopathic rampage on mankind.

I know people think it’s bad to fear-monger but when reality is in this state then being negative is actually being positive from a realist viewpoint. We cannot overcome our oppressors with a Pollyanna mindset. Being positive without action does nothing. Positive thoughts should lead to positive actions, not hours of meditation that temporarily benefit only the practitioner. Fear is the most potent weapon of the elite and they have spent billions of dollars on mastering how to manipulate us using it. We need to take that negative fear energy and reverse its polarity so that we can make one last attempt at stopping their ongoing quest for global dominion. They will not go quietly. Evil never does.

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  1. And it’s it funny that all of the commercials nowadays hint at space travel and suddenly in schools they are teaching about new planets

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