Elite Jews Are Pimping White Women To Black Thugs

November 27, 2011

I’m tired of white males blaming white female attraction to black thugs on the black race. The last time I checked blacks don’t control the media. That’s the elite Jews so why are white males blaming us? Because they are bullies picking on whoever they perceive to be the weakest. That way they never have to address the Jewish problem in the country or anything else for that matter up to and including the Vatican ownership of everything via unum sanctum and a court system under maritime law because we are the births under their control just like when ships are berthed. It’s easier for white males to just whine and complain about black males chasing their women, a charge that could not be further from the truth. This projection of white male hatred of Jews onto blacks needs to stop now. If anything white males should be addressing it with white females first. Tell them how you feel and that you don’t want them having sex with black males. Maybe they will listen and turn of the brainwashing. Black thugs are not going to stop banging white women just because white males don’t like it. Give it up.

It is true that the media is promoting white female-black male relationships. Why? Because they want to dilute the white race. With no racial identity there would be little opposition to the global elite’s continuing agenda. It would take some time of course but eventually there will only be one race anyway if you extend time to infinity and people are able to travel overseas far into the future. Let’s face it folks. Many people find their own race boring. They want to sample something a little different, even if just for a taste. That’s what most white women and black men do that experiment with the slavery taboo. White women want to know if we have huge monster penises and black men want to know if white women really DO perform anything in bed. They’re both wrong, although the myth about white women is much closer to the truth that one one about black men.

The key word here is thugs. I’m not a thug so I don’t benefit from this social engineering. White women hate intelligent black men. They don’t find it manly or attractive in any way. Neither do most women of all races. Smart guys are just shit out of luck. Of course you could fake being dumb and that’s what most smart guys do, at least long enough to get laid. I refuse to pretend to be dumb just to appease a white female fantasy. I refuse to wear those stupid clothes, to walk and talk like an idiot or anything else that gives them orgasms. This all goes back to the Willie Lynch syndrome, whereby white men made themselves the intelligent providers and black men the savage beast. Women always want to fuck the wild beast over the polite provider. It’s just a fact of female human nature.

If white men want to stop the social engineering that is driving white females to black males for sex if nothing else then they need to organize against the Jewish media monopoly. They are being given orders and they are performing them for their masters. Once the filth is off tv then you will gradually see white women returning in droves to white men. It’s already starting to an extent with the younger white women who are being socially engineered to find effeminate young white boys like Justin Bieber attractive. Also the depression we are in is making white women stick with white men since they have most of the money. Women need that security or else no one except gay men will be having sex.

Any way you slice it pretty soon you’re going to have a bunch of gay women and a bunch of gay men and the population will plummet. That’s what the elite Jews want folks. Gays deserve equal rights but they do not deserve more rights that straights. That is what is happening. It is now almost as bad to insult a gay as it is to insult a Jew. Every day there’s another charge of homophobia in the Jew news. Racism against blacks doesn’t even matter anymore. In fact the charges are often levied against blacks, many whom take the biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah literally. The people in power are masters of control and they have humanity’s number. There is no way out without more people waking up and barring some cosmic jolt of ascension that is not going to happen. That is going to be one unpleasant future as the elite get bolder and bolder each day in their exercise of powers not afforded them but that humanity refuses to contravene in our favor.


  1. You maybe correct. Being a White male I do find a few black females attractive. It is ironic that the most attractive black women, half black anyways ie Halle Berry have strong Caucasion features.
    Last time I checked she dates only White males.
    Do you think for a second that if Tiger Woods was Tiger Woods the car salesman for example he would have even had a chance with Ellen? or any of the other groupie chicks. Cmon dude you know I am right…..
    Further what is the first thing black athletes do when they become successful particulary in sports or entertainment? Date White women. You never see that the other way around, rock stars always date smokin hot blonde women.
    I think many White women think in the closet like alot of White males meaning they want to rock, or in the case of women be rocked atleast once or twice by a black women for the experience and then resume their normal lives if you will.
    The thugs you refer to are typically rap thugs who obviously are famous and have money.

    There is the theory of Block Busters where jews would buy properties in certain areas and than lower the rent so blacks would move in and their theory is that the prices would drop.
    So you maybe onto something.

  2. No wonder Hitler was trying to kill off the Jews. I am now a true believer that Jews are good for stirring up the pot. Black men/White women are now being pushed by the Jewish Media. I hope every Jew man ends up with a black man impregnating their daughter. I hope this bites the Jewish community in the butt worse then all other communities, for they truly deserve it. Jews are responsible for most major wars by the way, Hitler was right about them.

  3. I agree! On tv you see a movie you have the white couple and then the black man, where is his woman? They pimp their women on black men and it is usually their trash the white woman they do not want. They figure if they can get all black men to mate with their women it would erase the dark skin black man and they do not have to feel he is a threat. The average black woman do not want or like white men, why should they, everything that is wrong to be done is toward our fathers, brothers, sons and we are just not interested. Most white men are die hard racist we are not interested in any of the other races because you have spent generations trying to kill us off. The system set up by the Caucasian has destroyed our family structure. You and your women make it hard for us and our men to get and keep jobs why should we want you?And this goes for all the other white races no matter what they call themselves. You are our enemy.Our men get with these women out of being desperate, and some are just plan scared fools.For many years our people fought to keep bad tv images of our people out of the music and media and their media has made it look like all black women are strippers and whores, and our men cannot be all they can be unless they are with the white woman. The problem is the white man what ever race he or she call themselves are really insecure about their own whitesness and identity as a people, because they know everything that they have become was stolen from the ancient and even today black people, and they go so far as to say they received technology from a alien than to admit it was stolen from black inventors. In essences they know they are not all that tv has pump them up to be.And their women are just whorish and he just use it to his and her advantage to further our destruction and she just get free sex out of it.I guess it would be better than sexing Fido.

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