The Numerology of the Female Anatomy

November 23, 2011

Women know what is sexy to most men. It’s innate. Just look at the top porn and Hollywood stars. Sure some men like bony women who have the bodies of third grade little girls but most men like women with curves. What are curves really? Symbolically they’re the serpent, yes the same serpent that was in the Garden of Eden, the same one that the American Medical Association uses on its logo containing the ancient caduceus symbol, the same one that represents our DNA, the same one that coils our kundalini energy from the base of our spine all the way to our crown chakra and the same one represented by the galaxy itself as as snake eating its own tail named Ouroboros.

It is no accident that men are naturally attracted to curvy women. They are a symbol of the eternal cycle of nature and universe. Women even have a monthly (moonly) or “men”strual cycle called a period. During their child bearing year women are referred to as fertile. After menopause or if they are never able to conceive they are referred to as barren. Sounds more like references to arable land versus desert doesn’t it? Women’s bodies are the land that keeps humanity alive. They are a microcosm of the universe itself “as above so below”. There really is no gender but humanity had to be split into two to create our 3D world of duality. I cannot say for sure whether this was done by a benevolent god under control of everything or whether Lucifer did it to try to establish itself as god of this realm. I have a strong leaning toward the latter. This world is much closer to hell than heaven and I don’t mean that in the traditional Christian interpretation which is complete bunk.

Since I believe Lucifer created this realm one of the first things I believe it did was to give man symbols to communicate. Eventually those symbols became numbers and then numbers became letters which gave birth to language. Language is how the Luciferian elite control the subconscious of humanity and hence the conscious as well until people wake up to these techniques. Most have not and most never will.

The most simple symbols ever created are circles and lines. These are nothing but zeroes and ones. Some call it binary, much like the term that refers to stars pairing up in space. Our sun is also a binary as we will soon find out. You can call it Planet X, Nibiru, Sirius or anything you like. Our sun has a binary and it’s coming back. Yeah I know some people say it’s another large planetary object that has been ejected from another star system. Does it really matter? No. It’s coming this way and it’s going to have a major impact on life on Earth for the better or worse. Hopefully it’s the latter.

Once you have zeroes and ones then you can create anything. People believe that humans were created and then we created computers out of binary or assembly language. Wrong. Binary was created first. Then came computers and finally humans. The human body is a computer. We were fashioned in the likeness on computers. Even our reality is a computer program just like the Matrix directly suggests. Everything is made up of photons of light. Remember Neo’s vision once he became awakened. Our bodies are made largely of oxygen, water and carbon, the very things also needed to sustain life. Christians believe 666 is the symbol of an evil man who will usher in the reign of Lucifer. They are wrong. 666 is merely the atomic structure of the carbon-12 atom: six protons, six neutrons and six electrons. Men are the protons and women are the electrons. If you strip five of the neutrons from carbon-12 you end up with carbon-7. This compound cannot exist in the human body because it is unstable in 3D but we know it can and does exist in other dimensions. It is theorized that 2012 will allow us to use carbon-7 to become a race of telepaths. Who knows? We can only hope. There isn’t much worse than this world. Plants and animals have a better deal than humans because they don’t have to go insane wrestling with emotions, which is just another way of saying “emoting ions”. Our nervous systems provide that function using ganglions, synapses and lots of neurochemicals. Sorry folks but your emotions aren’t real. They feel real but they are NOT. They are just needed to sustain this duality we live in. Love needs an opposite and it’s fear. Hate is just a type of fear.

Now the juicy part. The female body is just curves. Our curviest letter is the S but it represents more than sex. It’s also sacrifice. That’s why we are born in blood and die in blood. That’s why charnal refers to death but it comes from the word carnal that implies sex and lust. Blood and sex sustain this 3D reality. Birth and death are merely transition from higher and lower states but humans fear the pain they will experience and then the possibility of punishment from a higher power for misdeeds that were never forgiven. That is all ridiculous of course. Almost everyone experiences some pain at death unless you die in your sleep. There is no way around it. Second there is no god to punish anyone at death. We are the god that we fear but we have been blinded. Despite out inner godly nature we still have to atone for negative karma we may have created in this life or any other. Karma is our god. It is universal balance. We will not go to a literal hell but we may be reincarnated in a lower realm like the animals or plants where we do not have emotions or conscious and exist simply based on instinct.

There are also curvy numbers. 3-6-9 comes to mind. So does 8. If you perform basic gematria on the word sex it equals 3+5+8=16 or 2×8. Let me explain 3-6-9. Just look at a curvy female like Vida Guerra from the front:

Her body is shaped like the hourglass or sands of time that bind us to this reality. Her breasts are shaped like the number eight or the symbol or infinity. The number eight is also a flood symbol. The words cleavage and cleave are opposites. Cleavage means separate and cleave means to unite. Why? Well I think you know why Mickey Mouse’s ears look like that now. Disney is 100% subliminal perversion. Check out the Celtic Rebel’s web site and show on Oracle Broadcasting for more evidence. There is no place on Earth where more children disappear than Disneyland and Disneyworld. It’s not just Sandusky folks. These Jewish pervs have a global abduction network to sacrifice young boys after their kundalini energy has been drained from their chakras by sodomizing them at the proper angle of insertion. Children have a powerful life force because they arrived in this realm recently. These forces fade over time ending in death. That’s why the elite drain them young. I know it’s sick and disgusting but Americans don’t believe in conspiracies so the snuff films will continue unabated for now. They told us they were going to take out children in the Spielberg movie “Poltergeist” and we didn’t listen. The elite Jews tell you what they’re going to do and then dare you to stop them.

You can probably surmise at this point that the vagina is the zero, all-seeing eye, Ouroboros and the penis is the one or half of the towers of Boaz and Joachin from Solomon’s (sun and moon) temple but there’s more. The woman’s vulva is the other V which many people assume means five as a Roman numeral. V is also Vav in Hebrew and it’s the number six. Clearly they both have significance but I believe the V represents the number six in this instance because six is close to sex right?

If you know anything about binary then you know that if women are zero and men are one then that can be represented by:

women = 00 and men = 01 or 10. If you “OR” those then you get 11 which is three. In other words combining man and woman leads to three instead of two. That’s conception. Everything in the universe is numerological and astrotheological, without exception. It is the template the Creator used whether it’s a good god or a bad one. Now that Lucifer has zero, one, two and three it could do anything it wanted from there. You can form any other number that you want including the Freemasonic 33, the famous and falsely sexual 69 which is also the Cancer symbol or yin-yang and even Michael Jordan’s 23 which he later changed to 45. All of that is very symbolic but 99.9% of us never noticed it.

Take a look at Vida from the back:

Alluring isn’t it? Even to women. Do you see the 8? It’s not that different from the front except with cheekage instead of cleavage. Maybe the saying should be “ass below so beloved”. I’m not touching on the anal aspects because that’s a “whole” different topic. You can also see the 3 and the V her legs make with the water. It’s also an A because the A is a pyramid except with its cap in place.  The word “ass” makes sense now doesn’t it? The number 5 is basically an S. Two S’s are the double helix that make up our DNA. The 6 and 9 and just multiples of 3 except they curl around extending into infinity like one of those creepy spiraling staircases. Together 69 appears as two fetuses in the womb doesn’t it? That’s Gemini or Adam/Atom and Eve/Evil. I’m sure others have noticed this long before me but once again it’s “as above so below”. Our path around the sun (the zodiac) follows a sine wave pattern.

The V is also present from the front of course as you can see from the thickly Coco:

These are all pyramid symbols with the all see-ing eye being the vagina and vulva tilted 90 degrees. The V is also the number five because we have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. You can also see the Baphomet with the cameltoe as a sort of goatee. Use your imagination. The female body is truly a work of art but mostly a work of numerology. It is highly suggestive to our true nature. We think the attraction is sexual and it is but the true power of it resides in its origin, our origin as a higher consciousness being that has been trapped in frail bodies through the repetitive cycle of birth and death aka reincarnation

The male body is not that different except we have a penis instead a vagina. Our testicles appears as the number eight sometimes and then other times as a zero. If you look inside the female body the Fallopian tubes form another V shape. They release the O-Vum once a month. The male sperm have to fertilize it. They are shaped liked 6’s and 9’s depending on your perspective. This everywhere and we don’t see it. It’s Fibonacci sequences. It’s fractals. Numbers define not only our spiritual existence but also our actual physical bodies. We are quite limited in this world but imagine what doors will be unlocked in the fourth dimension if we make it there. Only time will tell.

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