Why Black Parents Spank The Most

November 21, 2011

A study was recently released that confirmed that black parents spank their children more often than other races. That should come as no surprise to anyone. The most oppressed people always spank their children the most because they are venting on them via projection. If spanking isn’t child abuse then spanking from projection sure the hell is. We’re all oppressed but no group of people as a whole has been more used and abused by all other races more recently than blacks. It’s not that simple though. There are many other equally valid reasons that many black parents routinely beat the living crap out of their kids for the smallest of offenses.

We all know the verse from the Old Testament. “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. Black parents are more hardcore Christian than any other segment of society. They beat you senseless and then tell you it hurt them more than it hurt you. I’d like to get a second opinion on that shit. Then when it’s over and the child is still whimpering they come back and tell you to shut up because they start feeling guilty once their adrenalin has subsided back to a normal level. How can anyone complain about this government treating us the way it does and then treat their kids the same or worse?

Many parents who are not religious still beat their kids. Why? They are simply repeating their own parents’ behavior. They believe it’s the only proper way to raise them. Also they feel like it’s some rite of passage for them to be able to inflict the same punishment on someone else that was inflicted on them. In short they are not beating their kids. They are beating their parents for beating them but the kids end up paying for it. Most likely when those kids grow up they will beat or otherwise abuse their own children. It’s a cycle of mental and physical abuse.

Let’s be clear. When parents beat their children they are angry. It’s not out of concern of how their children will turn out later in life. They are angry because someone smaller than them dared to question their authority. It’s about ego. It’s about “HOW DARE YOU YOU LITTLE PERSON!?!?!?!”. Where is the concern for what physical abuse does to children later in life? That would be true mark of love. Corporal punishment damages and many times destroys the self-esteem of children and dooms them to failure later in life. I got beat savagely as well but I was able to separate myself from the lies of Christianity so I salvaged myself to a degree. However the damage is done and I must live with some of it until I die.

The Jewish media encourages violence in America. Our government encourages it. It is seen a valid method of expression of one’s frustrations. We have been programmed to think and react out of the left and lower brain functions just like animals. This is why our military can slaughter innocent women and children overseas and then go out for a couple of beers to celebrate a good day’s work. There’s racism too but it all goes back to legitimizing violence. We are a sick bunch and only getting sicker by the day. Stay tuned for more carnage.

Here’s the video of the judge (he’s white but many blacks beat their children the same way) beating the shit out of his 16 year old daughter for getting on the internet. Yes the internet is full of Jewish filth but there’s no cause for this overreaction. This is a crime against humanity. This girl is pretty much guaranteed to become a drug addicted stripper or prostitute in a few years. Spare the rod and save the child should be the Bible verse. She got off easy. I got punched too and then grounded. Too bad my parents didn’t understand how karma works. A swat on the butt is ok but it ends there physically. The only problem is that the reaction to this leads to over-parenting where parents then become overprotective of children and end up screwing them up in the opposite way.

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