Adopting a Pet is now Harder than Adopting a Child

November 20, 2011

I’ve been trying to adopt another cat for years ever since my last one, named Ronin, ran away. He was a beast of a Maine Coon. Some of those cats get as big as many dogs. Some asshole ex-friend of mine let him out at night by mistake. If you don’t watch cats at night as soon as you open the door they will head for the hills because they are nocturnal hunters, not that they don’t appreciate the free food. They are just driven to hunt instinctively.

Anyway I’ve responded to ads in newspapers and been to shelters, etc. Every time I show up I get the third degree about what happened with the last cat and do I know how to take care of an animal. Duh…….you feed it, give it water, play with it and take it to the vet every now and then. I think this is a racial thing. I don’t think whites believe blacks are capable of providing quality care for our pets. Every knows the stories about ghetto pets how they eat unhealthy table scraps and no one really claims them. They just wander around the neighborhood looking for some food and affection. I’ve never done any pet of mine that way.  Now granted I am not spending thousands on surgery for a cat, brushing my cats teeth or dressing it up for Halloween but I provide love and that is the main ingredient in the guardian recipe.

I’m tired of these self-proclaimed PETA freaks, mostly lonely and unattractive white women, who think they are the goddess protector of all animals like Gaia or something. No one is the perfect pet guardian just like there are no perfect parents of human children. What I offer to a pet is a million times better than sitting in a cage waiting on some loser to come down and fork over a few bucks just so the cat can get kicked around by some asshole when no one is looking. Of course if no one shows up then eventually the cat gets euthanized.  Even better…….I find it very hard to see how that is better than a loving home regardless of the guardian’s race. Everything is about race in this country now and it makes me sick to my stomach. I am so ready for whatever cataclysm awaits mankind to happen. It will be well deserved and unavoidable by all the morons stocking up on guns, butter and ammo.

I treasure cats. They are special creatures who straddle other dimensions. They even held special status in ancient Egypt. If you harmed one then you were put to death. Now that’s serious shit. Don’t fuck with cats man. They rock and rule. They can see things in other dimensions that humans, dogs and other animals cannot. I can’t prove it of course but I just have a feeling and my gut is always right. I don’t have anything against dogs. I’m just a cat person. I end on this happy note.

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