Heavy D (Dwight Arrington Myers) Dies on 11/8/11 at 44yrs of age? Hmm………

November 17, 2011

Maybe I’m crazy (well probably) but Heavy D’s recent demise looks numerologically suspicious to me. First of all he had lost weight in recent years and he was only 44yrs old. To die of respiratory failure at that age? He was dancing like Rerun from “What’s Happening?” for most of his early career in the limelight when he was actually overweight. I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking the same thing. Why kill a successful musician, producer, rapper and record label owner when he is no longer even on TV or recognized by the current generation? I can’t answer that. Usually events are orchestrated using famous people or locations to maximize the effect of the psyop.

What I can answer is that the day of his death seems to have numerological significance. First of all it’s the number 8 surrounded by pairs of 11’s. 8 is the number of infinity but it can also indicate a flood or total domination. 11 is the number of death. It is represented by the Towers of Boaz and Joachin built by King Solomon who worshiped the Jewish God Moloch. Heavy D died at 44 yrs of age which is 4+4=8 via obvious gematria. We recently experienced the 44th week of this year but nothing really happened unless I missed it. Also Obama is the 44th president of this phony country which is still on paper a colony of Great Britain since the Founders were also Crown Templars, making all documents they drafted and signed nothing more than a piece of goddamned paper just like Jr. Bush said in anger on camera once. Finally in regard to the date if you turn the 8 in 11/8/11 90 degrees and then rotate the whole thing another 90 degrees it almost looks like a musical staff with a treble clef doesn’t it? Maybe it’s nothing but clearly that would be significant for a musician.

Now on to his name….heavy D. Heavy D is another way of saying heavy water or deuterium. That stuff is used with nuclear technology. Water is also indicative of a flood like the number 8. The initials of Heavy D’s real name are DAM. Are the psychopathic elite planning on blowing up a major US dam and drown a bunch of people in sacrifice to Moloch? If so which one? There are over 75,000 of them in the US. Well Heavy D. died in Beverly Hills. Beverly looks a lot like Beaver doesn’t it? What do beavers like to build? Dams…… It could also be a dam in the Midwest near Oklahoma that breeches from one of the earthquakes being caused by recent fracking to extract gas and oil from the earth.

The tallest dam in California is the Oroville Dam 23rd tallest in the world, which stands 770 feet (230 m) high along the Feather River. Oro means gold in Spanish. 23 is also a number with occult significance as is 77 as in Americans Airlines Flight 77. This could be nothing or it could be something. The elite want to kill us but they don’t want to destroy the land. There is still an enormous amount of resources here because we steal from other countries instead of using our own. You have to think evil to understand evil. Blowing up the levees in the Gulf may have been a practice run for the big kahuna just like Oklahoma City was for 9/11. The elite need practice. They are a precise bunch.

Katrina may have just been a practice run for the next false flag. They blew those levees. That’s the same as a dam being blown on a smaller scale.


  1. pakistan tsunami 8 11 11

  2. Katrina=HAARP. Practice gone wrong

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