Top Twelve Glaringly False Christian Assumptions

November 15, 2011

1) Christianity is the only true religion.

Wrong. Religion is man’s best unscientific guess. Just because you chose one of man’s guesses does not undermine the credibility of any other religion or substantiate your own because they are all man-made guesses. The proof for all religions is subjective and open to wide speculation. A more likely scenario is that all religions are false, not one of them being true, because people either make them up to maintain or obtain control of the sheeple or because they actually believe that God is speaking directly to them because of their massive, unchecked ego. Christianity is just one of all the false man-made religions  that has believers all over the world channeling their spiritual energy directly into Lucifer so he can keep you in this world forever through reincarnation.

2) All non-Christians are basically atheists.

Wrong. Non-Christians either practice a different religion that worships the same god as Christianity or they believe in god without religion as deists and agnostic or they are atheists. Those are three distinct groups. A smaller group of people don’t even address the question and just live their lives free of all religion and belief.

3) All non-Christians will go to hell when they die.

Wrong. If every religion worships the same God then they are either all wrong or only one of them is correct. There is no way to know which one is correct so the safe assumption is that they are all wrong, meaning God exists only outside of all man-made phony religions. The real God hates religion but it is not enough to just call your spiritual. There’s more work to it than that for all the lazy Americans out there who think meditation, smiling or being positive alone will get you off this rock.

4) The Christian God is a different god from the god of other major religions.

Wrong. Monotheism demands that there is one and only one god. It is the same god as all other major monotheistic religions. Hinduism is polytheistic but its gods are merely aspects of their own true god Brahman. Buddhist don’t worship any gods. They just try to emulate Buddha who they believe was the first to attain enlightenment.

5) Once you are saved you can behave in any way you choose and God will still accept you into heaven.

First of all the existence of heaven cannot be proven. Second if you are really saved then you behavior is permanently changed and you cannot sin. The fact that you are still capable of sin means you are not saved.

6) Christians believe they America was founded on Christianity and that the Founding Fathers were Christians.

Wrong. The Founding Fathers were deists and gnostics. They were not Christian at all although some of them gave lip service to it to remain in public favor. Our current politicians do the same thing.

7) Christians have the right to force their religion on others because it is the dominant religion in America.

Wrong. You do not have the right to force anyone to practice Christianity through peer pressure or any other manipulation. Christmas and Easter are Christian-only holidays but since Americans as a whole worship only money, and not God, then it is easy for other religions to become part of the sacrilege as well. This is what Americans refer to as multi-culturalism. It is actually multi-consumerism.

8) The Bible is a literal historical document.

Wrong and proven wrong via geological and archaeological scientific data.  Christians deny the validity of the same science they trust everyday to generate electricity or run their cars when it comes to religion. Science is either true or it’s not. It’s not only true when it’s convenient for Christians. Judaism,  Kabbalah and Gnosticism demonstrate that the Bible is completely allegorical, metaphorical and an encoding of actually astro-theological science. The literal interpretation is bunk.

9) The God of the Bible is a good and moral god.

Wrong. The God of the Bible is a cruel, sadistic god. Just read the Old Testament. He slaughtered countless innocent men, women and children or allowed others to slaughter them in sacrifice to him. That is clearly the behavior of Satan or Lucifer.

10) Christians have the right to judge non-Christians.

Wrong. The Bible itself says “Judge not that ye be not judged”. Christians just refuse to observe that like most other moral aspects of the scriptures.

11) Christianity cannot possibly be a false religion.

Wrong. Yes it can statistically. The Bible says that “Many will be deceived.” That means many Christians as well, not just other religions or atheists. In fact most of the deceived will probably be Christians because they are so sure that their religion is the only valid one. The youngest religions are even more likely to be untrue than the older ones. Hinduism is the oldest religion so it has the greatest chance of being accurate just from its longevity alone. Recent religions are nothing but plagiarized versions of the older ones. Christianity falls into this category along with the even younger Islam.

12) Reincarnation cannot possibly be true. We are born with a brand new soul, live, die and are then judged to go to heaven or hell for all eternity.

First of all a soul is eternal. It cannot be created nor destroyed just like so-called matter. Souls (sols or suns) exist long before people are born into the material world with one. Every major religion except Christianity and Catholicism either embrace reincarnation or do not explicitly deny its validity which means they don’t want you to know they accept it.

Face it Christians (and all other believers of organized religions). You’ve been duped in the worst way. You got brainwashed as children with lies and now it’s too painful for you to go on with life if you had to give up your fantasy. There is no Easter Bunny. There is no Tooth Fairy. There is no Santa Claus and there is no Jesus Christ. You are not going to heaven nor hell when you die. You will be judged however because we all must account for our karma. The universe does not recognize the phony stories of religion. Everything is science. Religion is science. The elite just encoded the truth into a phony story that most Christians are too ignorant and lazy to to understand. You’re licking the icing while they dine on the cake. Christianity is just a social club; a social club of credulous, non-thinking conformists who think that their numbers alone reinforce the credibility of their beliefs. Those numbers just indicate the efficiency of the brainwashing by the Jewish elite. History demonstrates that the majority is almost always wrong.

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