Dogs: Man’s Best Friend. Woman’s Only Friend.

November 12, 2011

We’re all familiar with the saying “Dog is man’s best friend”. Many times feminists (that is women who hate men and want to see us exterminated) complain about that aphorism only including “man” in it. Well they can just shut the fuck up. Man means human in that sense and it already includes women. This is the type of attitude that has driven a permanent and irreconcilable wedge between men and women in America. It is no longer possible to maintain a normal caring relationship between two average straight people. The only way to stay together is if both partners are far above average because then they will know the dark forces that are at work day and night to keep men and women from forming stable families which lead to procreation and eventually the destruction of evil and disunity. Men are being turned into women via the gay agenda, most types of soy, BPA and other sperm count-reducing agents. Women are being turned into men via social engineering and feminism. Once again feminism means hatred of women, not equal rights just like the gay rights means more rights then gays would have if they were equal.

But back to our friend the dog. Has everyone seen women walking their tiny dogs everywhere these days? Dogs have become dick substitutes in America for women. Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs and all animals but this epidemic is so utterly pathetic. Women want so badly to love a man and have that love returned, including many women who pretend to be gay or bisexual because they think it’s a turn-on for men, but when you combine their negative personal experiences with their friends’ tales of woe and the misandrist social engineering in the media there is no way women can ever trust a man or be happy in this life. The agenda is too thorough and nonstop. It’s too late. Women lose and hence so do men. The elite know us better than we know ourselves because they worship the demiurge that created this realm. You call it Satan. they call it Saturn. We cannot stop these Jewish elements in power anyone. We are past the point of no return and headed off the precipice. We are in the late stages of cancer without a cure. We can only hope that when everything short circuits something better is reborn.

This may sound offbeat but I believe soon there will be rampant bestiality as women start actually trying to fuck their little dogs. Think that’s gross or over the top? Well you don’t know Americans like I do.

Check out this article:


Look at that movie “Puss in Boots”. It’s complete bestiality promotion. We are a sick fucking bunch and any major newspaper, news web site or tv news outlet proves that every single day. We have no cure for what ails us and what ails us is our souls longing to return from whence we came. We have literally been trapped here in the world using ancient Egyptian black magic. We want to ascend but we don’t know how to condition our minds and bodies to assist the natural inclination of our spirits. We are trapped in 3D here but who says you cannot just ascend with or without going through the transition of death? I don’t believe in it but isn’t that what the rapture was supposed to be about? Even the most enlightened people usually go through the death process. Why? Because once you are truly enlightened you want to remain here, and even return again and again, to help as many people as possible find their way out and up as it were. I’m not there yet. I just want the fuck out honestly. I don’t see anything worth saving or salvaging in this country from a black male perspective. Everyone hates us even when we’re good-looking and rich, not that those thing ultimately matter. Black males are an American fetish and nothing more. On top of that we celebrate the immorality of criminals like the cops, Columbus, the Pope and the military who do the bidding of the global elite to further enslave all of us via money, the 12th and final religion (www.rduanewilling.com). We moan for Joe Paterno who covered up sexual abuse of male children by Sadusky (seduce? Sadducee?). What the fuck man?!?!?! I could go on but alas it would be a waste of words.

Returning to the bitches, women and theirs dogs are such an obviously pathetic site for Psych 101 and above. I rarely see a woman with a dog and a man unless they’re married and/or have children. That means dogs are literally the dick substitute for men. Maybe that’s why they buy the tiny ones. Who says size matters most? I find it hugely ironic that women call men dogs when we fuck them and then refuse to have a relationship with them and now they have exchanged the figurative dog for the literal version. Ladies, you brought this shit on yourselves. Now women will do anything to attract a man, ironically even pretending to be gay or bisexual. I don’t care if chicks make out. I think it’s dumb and nasty to be honest. Is it as nasty as two guys making out? Nope but it’s still fucking disgusting to me as a straight man. The social engineering doesn’t work on me, not anymore. Try unplugging yourself for a while and you might just discover a whole new you that THEY never wanted you to reveal to anyone, especially yourself.

Now for a little of the subliminalism. Dog is God backwards. Clearly God is man’s best friend but not externally, internally. Religion makes the masses externalize God. You can’t find it there (God is neither male nor female). So now that men are being turned in females women are also being conditioned to be attracted to these metrosexuals and latent homosexuals. That’s sad because those relationships will never last with reversed gender roles. God didn’t make us that way so we are actually playing God by reversing its divine plan for us. That spells big trouble.

The other female substitute for men is money. If you reverse money it really looks like venom. That’s what it is because it poisons the minds of women and men alike. It also breaks down into “mono eye” or “one eye”. We know what that is. It’s the all seeing eye. It’s the vagina. It’s the asshole. It’s the zero which is the nothing from which all creation originates. It’s the stargate, probably the only way off this planet in this realm because the Van Allen radiation belts won’t allow human flesh to go any further. The same imagery is all over Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and other twisted freaks and sluts. How about we go for a slutwalk?

It’s all ancient Egyptian religion that the Jewish elite have stolen and perverted toward their own goal of becoming gods in this realm. How insecure can a life form be? They know they cannot leave this place and they don’t want to because they find the idea of being part of a collective consciousness repugnant and abhorrent because of their massive egos and genetic diseases from inbreeding. I don’t want them part of us either. Let them stay here in misery and let us ascend. Fight conformism. It’s hard for this short life of illusory time but all good things come to those who wait. There is a much better place in the higher realms than you can possibly imagine with your limited brain. It is calling us back to where we belong. Welcome back Kotter! If you’re too young to know what that means then go ask your parents.



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