Who Controls The Federal Reserve? (take a look for yourself)

November 1, 2011

Mostly Ashkhenazi Jews aka Khazars and a few sellout white European Gentiles/Goyim.




But no it’s not the Jewish elite!!! They suffered more than anyone during the Holohoax and they are God’s chosen people.!!! The Bible they altered via the Masoretic text cannot lie!!!

They may be some god’s chosen people but they are not THE God’s chosen people. The god of the Old Testament is Lucifer aka Moloch aka Yahweh. You’ve been had and now we’ll see how bad.


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  1. I watched this documentary and was amazed at what our government is pulling off. I know you can’t believe everything that’s on the internet, but this is a credible producer and a convincing film.

    My thoughts:

    It is amazing what the Federal Reserve is pulling off. I think our last chance to get out of this hole is to climb out now. Period. If we wait any longer we are trapped. The people behind the Federal Reserve control laws, money, media, and in essence our future. Its amazing that so many people are in favor of Ron Paul for president, but he’s dropped out of the race because the reserve controls who’s President, not the people.

    I think the IRS tax also has to be stopped. Think about it…there is no law. Organized civil disobedience is the only solution and we need a leader to put us on track.

    I also think technology is too far ahead of us for our own good. It made complete sense that we don’t know if votes are getting rigged. Paper ballots are the only way to be sure there is no scam.

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