Women Are Outdated and Overrated. Men Need Better Sex Toys.

October 31, 2011

Why do women get such realistic sex toys and men get rubber pelvises and blow-up dolls with the figures of little girls and Chinese women like we’re all pedophiles? It’s like that scene in the Naked Gun 2 1/2 when Frank Drebin was in the sex store trying to deny he had ordered the Portuguese butt blaster. I know white people don’t like to think about that movie since OJ was still free and innocent of anything except being a coon but I will miss Leslie Nielsen even though he had a girl’s first name.

I long for the day when men can go visit the Holodick….I mean Holodeck and live out our fantasies with no commitment or obligation whatsoever to real women who demand that we do whatever they say just to occasionally have empty boring sex where the semen barely makes it out of the tips of our collective dicks before drizzling to a anti-climatic ending of intensely ineffable “DAMN THIS SHIT SUCKS!!!!!!”. Whenever the sex with a woman goes bad I leave. I’m serious. Most women have nothing to offer besides future child support with no visitation so leave before the shit hits the fan and they ruin your finances. That’s why they want to do is ruin you so no other woman wants you but they don’t understand their own wretchedness. Many women love losers. Low self-esteem makes many women believe they only deserve a loser so men really cannot lose either way. If you leave before the boring sex ensures then you win. If you stay eventually women will ruin your life sufficiently so that other women with low self-esteem find you an attractive pet project. Then you can leave them as well at the opportune moment. I guess what I’m saying to men is……….never commit to American women.

I won’t go into what I believe women really are and what they represent in this reality. I’m still putting some of that  together but it will blow your mind since many women refuse to blow anything else these days unless it’s got dollar signs attached to it. Don’t you hate those women who refuse to give you dirty sex because they don’t feel like you deserve it? They label you as a tide-me-over filling in until they find that next more handsome jerk that gives them herpes during an anal all-nighter  or facial marathon that turns her hair into a bust by the next morning.

That’s what most women are guys. We need to stop pretending that it is any different. I won’t waste my time with them anymore. There is nothing worth chasing. Just lie to get laid and leave. That’s my new creed. Most women do whatever feels best to them at the time, regardless of their current situation or commitments made to others including the children. We should do the same but not to the kids. This is not the natural state of women but men are born philanderers. Once women accept that or that fact that is does not make us evil or inferior then men and women can get along with the business of being what God intended. We are meant to be together as long as we both want it. No longer.


  1. Hell thought I was the only one seeing all this

  2. I beileve the same way too. I think men understand women but women seem to refuse the way men are. But then again I think a lot of man refuse to understand what men are either =/

  3. Great comments. I know dozens of decent guys married or living with foul women. What unites all these men is they are pussy whipped beta males. It’s so fucking sad to see talented hard working men throw their lives away.

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