True American Patriots Would Close All Accounts At Major Banks

October 31, 2011

Want to know what you can do to help the Occupy Wall Street movement if you don’t have a local organization or you are just afraid to get involved in the demonstrations? Close all of your bank accounts with any major bank like Chase, JP Morgan, Bank of America, AIG, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo or whichever other criminals I omitted. All of these banks are evil. I won’t cover again how the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air and then charges us interest on that debt that they pocket because if you don’t get that by now you need to watch some documentaries by Aaron Russo or my buddy Lee Roger’s “Power of the Purse”. His show is M-F on Oraclebroadcasting.com from 10pm EST to 1am EST. Sometimes he runs a rebroadcast because he has a corporate IT slave job like me. That shit just drains you.

Anyway I used to work for Bank of America so I can tell you for a fact that the whole shebang is just one con after another. You are literally begging to lose all of your money if you leave it in there or have any investments with them or any other major bank. You have to go local and just find a reputable credit union or small reputable bank. The big banks will go after credit unions and smaller banks once enough people start relocating their assets but this will send a strong signal that people are ready to unplug themselves from this corrupt system. If you leave your money with the big banks……it’s gone. Boom……..it’s that simple. I’m telling you move it and move it NOW!!!!!!

The other thing is that credit unions and smaller banks often benefit the local community. Their rates are generally better and their fees are considerably lower. I know I know…..there’s no ATM on every corner. So what? Take out what you need when you can. Plan ahead. Get free cash advances at the grocery store. There are also fee-free ATMs if you check the their web sites. It takes a little getting used to but in the end you will save money and let the bankster criminal who have commandeered this government that it will not be as easy as they thought.


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