The Partial Truths of the Matrix

October 29, 2011

The Matrix was by at large a true representation of our present reality. Our five senses lie to us that everything is a solid, gas or liquid. When we look at the atom under electron microscopes we see that it disappears when it is not being perceived. That speaks volumes. Perception then becomes reality in the most literal sense but the true function of our brains remains hidden us. Some posit that our brains contain tiny wormholes that channel information back and forth between worlds. That means this world we live in is not “real” in the sense that we believe it to exist as matter. It could be a hologram or some other sort of complex program but it’s definitely not real. We are jacked in to it whatever it is.

The Matrix is a great example of a partial truth. This is one of the favorite tools of the elite. They tell you 90% truth and then omit or obfuscate the most important 10%. Alex Jones does it too when it comes to Israel but he had to back down on that somewhat in recent years. It works like a charm because the 90% gets you hooked like a drug and then you believe the 10% lie from your addiction to the 90%. Humans are just Pavlovian dogs…….so predictable and so controllable. Sorry but the beings who created us limited our abilities on purpose.

The Matrix would have us believe that humankind was enslaved in a “real” world that has never existed and never will. It asks us to believe that we are plugged into a program at birth and used as fuel for machines but that our bodies really do exist. That is not true. Our bodies exist only to satisfy their enormous megalomaniacal egos. This world has no meaning to the elite unless we are here to be their slaves. It is the only way they define their godlike status, with dominion over others.

However, in the Matrix they were able to enter and leave the programmed false reality at will by hacking into it at vulnerable locations once they took the blue pill. This is not true of this reality. We have no safe havens. We cannot just unplug and go back to the “real” world. There is no real world. We are spiritual beings trapped in a holographic illusion that has programmed our senses to believe it is real. The only way in or out of this hologram is birth or death. We cannot go back to our ships and charge up the EMP to battle the machines. We are stuck here as long as we are alive and then we reincarnate as many times as is necessary to learn what we need to learn before ascending.

Conversely, the elite are stuck here forever because of what they have become over millions of illusory years. They want to create the perfect world for themselves since they cannot leave this one and that will be at our expense. Misery loves company and that includes the likes of people like Jewess Natalie Portman as an example. She knows all of this because she was educated in it, as are all of the elite, but just because she can act and has a nice smile people think she is innocuous and harmless. That bitch would gut your children if she got the chance. You have to see past the fake smiles and phony words folks. Obama is a master of mind control techniques and has fooled almost the entire race of blacks. (I’m black too but I never fell for his ruse.) These demons have been doing this for ages so it should surprise no one that they have developed skill at inducing our credulity. Resist.


  1. vigilant citizen’s website is a gatekeeper. I have experienced the coward censorship for the sake of elite agenda on that website. It is forbiddedn to speak there against the occult hermetic sects, it is forbidden to connect the dots betwen the homosexulaity and peodphilia and it is forbidden to speak about sionism on the “vigilant citizen” website. You can tell the worst insults against God, the saints etc, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if u write about the aforesaid – u will be censored without any explanation, they will just make disappear any ur comment in few seconds. Anybody who wants to try it – just go and make a test, post something on regard of those “vigilant forbidden” issues…don’t beleive the false gurus, they all are sent by the same nwo agenda which treis to keep u under control in this way – this way the sheeple is in fornt of their eyes talking about conspiracies and half tru, half false manipulated information…

  2. here i post the comment which was cnesored by the “vigilant citizen”

    “i see that somebody is very quick to delete some inconvenient messages while they are not so quick in answering to the question “why”…however i put here my deleted comment which was an answer to the user Osiris – his comment is also deleted, he was claiming that he had gay tendencies, in the same time he said that for him it was a demon possession…he had very valid points and i ask once more his comment to be restored here…i think the moderators may label our comments as “off topic” and delete them by this excuse, but i’m sure these are not of topic, this is connecting dots around the occult powers which are the same for promoting moral degradation and making sacrifices such as Whitney Houston’s. And one more thing: i feel offended when i hear some jewish person defining jewish as “elected, superior people of God”. I don’t agree with it and i don’t consider any nation as superior than others – it is a nazi dcotrine, nazis also considered themselves superior arian race…By paradox the same jewish massacred by nazis for not being “arian” or for simply being “jewish” now promote the same discriminative idea? it is discriminating and offending towards all other nations of the world. I’m sure in front of God we all are equal – God has no discrimination for the people living on earth. So talking by name of God is very popular last times, i know, but it is ridiculous anyway, it doesn’t mean that God really elected some nation. Defining some nation as “superior” or “elected” makes all other nations automatically “inferior” or “second category”. This is simply a sick discrimination with self adoration syndrome. I do respect every nation equally, so the jewish are no exception, i respect the jewish people equally along with all other nations on the same line – no superior and no inferior. For me they r not elected or “superior” than others, i would hate myself if i would think this way…will VC website censor also this comment, i wonder? i find it ridiculous, really:-)…it would be a strange behavior while VC seems criticizing the same stereotypes…
    here below my deleted message
    “Osiris, i read ur message…u say very right things. All u say about the black and white, magics numbers, the jewish etc – sound reasonable. You said that being gay is a demon possession even if urself u had gay tendencies, but in the same time feeling that it was a wrong thing to do no matter ur parents push u to accept it as a normal thing. I just wanna say that don’t worry – this is a frequent dilemma of gay people, u r not the only one which feel uncomfortable even if everybody around tell u that it is normal to be gay, nobody care baout what do the gay feel actually out of those false gay happiness promoting slogans…i was thinking with horror how the parents would give their little children to pedophiles if one day the pedophilia would be legalised as the “right of chidlren to ex” – this is what the monsters r preparing now, they have infiltrated also the science world of psichiatry, there are lot of monster docs financed by the hidden hand of evil power which are preparing the theory about normality of that disgusting thing….The tragedy of our society is the evil brainwashing machine…unfortunately that machine works hardly and gets the brain of people. Now it is enough that the propaganda machine of elite would repeat something using mind control techniques after some while the people will accept it…many of people accepting homosexuality as something normal, don’t know actually why they do it. Most of them even don’t know how actually feel the gays inside…i had a friend, work mate, he was gay … he had some sincere conversations with me during lunch times and he was admitting that he couldn’t feel happy of being gay, that he felt it was not normal no matter the tv, radio, people around tell him that it is normal. My friend was not discriminated, he was openly gay, with a good job, with plenty of gay lovers – but he was unhappy. He said me about the cruel gay world inside that we the common people can’t know – there is a discrimination among the gays themselves he said… he said that he was feeling frustrated for his situation – he wanted to be hetero with a girl or family with children born by them. I saw how sometimes he was trying to flirt with some female clients at work- it was strange to me as i thought that a gay shouldn’t have such attraction, at least so was told by the propaganda machine, but my gay work mate said that he tried with some women also and he found out that was wonderful, but he couldn’t fight against that “thing” inside him which was taking him always to gay relations – it was something dark and oppressing on his free will – he couldn’t explain it better unfortunately …he said that usually gays are cruel, envious, and foxy – it is because they feel in some instinctive way that their situation is not ok, it makes them angry and cruel. My gay work mate said that himself tried to seduce a lot of heterosexual men in order to make them become as him, so just like for envy or revenge as he couldn’t be as them, it was exciting him and he confessed that he knew this exciting was not sane…unfortunately the gay lobbies block such confessions, they don’t let the unhappy gays tell about their spiritual suffering at public – it would damage the normalization process of homosexuality which might serve as a trampoline for the normalisation of pedophilia…
    some examples:
    “In 1995 the homosexual magazine “Guide” said, “We can be proud that the gay movement has been home to the few voices who have had the courage to say out loud that children are naturally sexual” and “deserve the right to sexual expression with whoever they choose. …” The article went on to say: “Instead of fearing being labeled pedophiles, we must proudly proclaim that sex is good, including children’s sexuality … we must do it for the children’s sake.”
    Larry Kramer, the founder of ACT-UP, a noted homosexual activist group, wrote in his book, “Report from the Holocaust: The Making of an AIDS Activist”: “In those instances where children do have sex with their homosexual elders, be they teachers or anyone else, I submit that often, very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it.””
    now as u see thos who stay behind the gay lobbies actually don’t care about the gays “rights”, but they want to achieve the moral degradation of the society, to make the society accept gradually all the disgusting things as “normal”…most of the so called gay leaders are actually hidden pedophiles which fake of promoting homosexuality, i’m not going to say any names, cause some of them are even politicians with powerful position…but for example in europe there is an organisation lobbying for pedophiles – there are some apparently gay, but actually pedophile members in that lobby…one of them is the governor of a region in a european country…he declares of being a gay – proudly “one of the first gay on power” , but he was exposed by some insider journalists participating in a pedophile organisation hidden meeting where he was telling that they should make the society believe thet the children are ok while being raped – he wants to make us believe that the children want to do it with adults….disgusting ain’t it?….
    once i have read the confession of a gay on the web, it was a little article on some newspaper – unfortunately i don’t remember the name of newspaper exactly. The article was old, it was a gay of the end of 70′s. He was saying that the distance between homosexuality and pedophilia is very short – it is veri easy that the gay would become also pedophile. He was telling about his “love” stories at seaside on summer time where he was looking always for more and more younger guys – in the beginning he was doing it with 17-18 old ones, then it was not any more so much exciting – he calls it “desire of fresh meat”, so he started to find always more younger one- At the end he had it with 8 years old boy:-((( he was describing how that little boy was suffering during the act, but for him it was exciting and he described it as a “torturous pleasure” for that little boy…i feel vomiting while remembering that article…
    another thing that makes me feel disgusted and not only me – i guess it is the opinion of many other people – is the behaviour of participants at gay parades…those parades are a kind of clear provocation towards the common people passing by or observing them – the participants do a lot of disgusting acts in front of everybody in the streets by the excuse of manifesting their “identity” while there are also children passing by…i question is the gay identity equal to the prostitute identity or perversion? if not so, why then they manifest themselves in this way? just imagine if colored people demanding their rights with Martin Luther King would do obscene, perverted actions in the streets of Manhattan – how it would sound to you? wouldn’t u simply ask “what the hell does it matter to ur rights?” nobody care or stop the gays from their private sexual life – they can do whatever they want at their home with their partners, it is their own life. I just don’t get the relation between the perverted provocative acts in public places and their rights…i know that by law if some heterosexual would do at least one third of those perverted actions in public place would be arrested for “obscene behavior at public”. It is almost a discrimination against the heterosexual people than the gays – the gays are privileged on work interviews, especially if it is about the fashion world – the hidden hand of propaganda tries to make people think that “it is better to be gay than heterosexual – it is more fashion and prospective way of life”. It becomes no more a simple “sexual orientation” but the question of convenience, being obliged to become gay in order to get a job, position, consideration and etc. the gay pride has nothing to do with the “demanding rights”. It is just an obscene disrespect to the people passing by. How would i explain to my little kid asking what that 2 misters are doing on the car? that they are doing sex or licking each other with their nude backs to air or sadomas dresses on them??? is that the image of gay? is that meaning of gay???? are they all prostitutes?? cause what they put on them during the gay prides r actually the “work dress” of prostitutes – if u look at gay pride it seems that they all are came from the hell – bizard black and red colored fetish, sodomas dresses, androgenic images, the faces made up like devil or mad people…this way they get more hate than respect
    how and why i should respect such persons while they demonstratively show disrespect to me???
    in some european country parliaments some lobbyst wanted to grant a law about the special rights and protection of gays incolumnity which until now is refused by the parliaments as it would sound as discrimination of heterosexual which have no special protection from aggression – they said thar there r already existing the rules rotecting people from agression and offence which is equally considered for any citizen… “

    • Dude I’m straight so I don’t worry about gay rights per se. There are only so many hours in the day. I worry about human rights period. Gays are humans so they are included in my struggle automatically. MLK (not a huge fan of him because of peacenik, turn the other cheek, Jesus crap) said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. That is true but Americans love to dice themselves up into little groups so they can lobby our corrupt government for special rights and privileges. That is an abrogation of justice. The gay agenda is real and I oppose it just like I oppose special rights for people with white skin or Jews. It is almost as offensive to offend gays now as Jews, although the Jewish elite are all pederasts anyway so it’s really redundant.

      Being gay just means you have sex with people of the same gender or possibly transgendered. In all other aspects you are humans like everyone else. You deserve no special rights just because you are gay. You are born that way. Blacks don’t deserve special rights for being blacks but descendants of African slaves do deserve reparations, just like the white descendants of white slaves who labored before Africans arrived in America. That is not making anyone special. It is paying a debt that was never paid and leveling the playing field for a group of people who are ostracized on sight in the Jewish media for having dark skin or the white lower class for being rednecks.

      Gay is NOT the new black!!!!!!! And never will be until you suffer 400 years of chattel slavery. Get a grip on reality and embrace the human race. Stop chasing special rights for yourselves. The pederast Jewish elite are just using you to promote their lifestyle because they know stupid Americans, especially Christians, conflate adult gay consensual sex with pedophilia and pederasty.

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