Take Responsibility!!!! Americans Are Socially Engineering Themselves.

October 23, 2011

We all know that Ashkhenzai Jews own and control nearly 100% of the mass media in America. If you don’t then you’re an idiot so go back to watching reality TV and football. Elite Jews literally bought our media after stealing money from us via the Federal Reserve by printing money out of thin air and then charging interest on the phony debt. Now they enjoy unprecedented influence in the minds of most of us, but especially women and children who are more vulnerable to their social engineering ploys. Some people want to argue that the Jews take orders from some non-Jewish higher authority like the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, the Council for National Policy or whatever. Who cares if they do? That’s a red herring of the worst kind and it doesn’t change the fact that elite Jews are front and center in almost every influential facet of American life. It is undeniable that they made and are still making many of the decisions that ultimately will lead to the destruction of America. Clearly we wouldn’t be in nearly as bad a mess if these elite Jews would stop peddling filth and distraction on TV but ultimately the blame does not lie with them. You can lead a horse to water but they can also make them drink.

The second group of people responsible for the media-induced brain damaged of American are the Hollywood pawns and dupes that we call musicians, athletes, actors/actresses and celebrities in general. They take money from elite Jews to live the high life while destroying the country. Do they know they are destroying the country? Some do. Some don’t but none of them give a shit because they get paid to do it. Money is the final religion folks. Get used to it because it ain’t changing no time soon. Americans will do anything for fancy cars, houses, drugs, whores galores, big screen TVs, clothes, personal tailors and chefs, private jets and the whole she-bang. We’re mostly shallow, empty creatures who do not acknowledge the higher power or connection to the source within each of us. How very sad but even these celebrity pawns and puppets are not the primary culprits of the psychological damage to Americans.

The people who are causing our society to rot from the core are YOU!!! You are the people who watch this filth. You are the people who let your kids watch Southpark while you’re off worrying about something else that doesn’t matter. You are the people who cannot wait to get home from work to watch Dancing with the Stars or from church to watch NFL football. What good is your religion? What good is the money you make on your job when it’s nearly worthless overseas and 1/3 of it goes to big government so Obama can take orders from the elite to have our military go slaughter innocent men, women and children in countries like Libya and install puppet governments after wards? You people make me sick. You think poisoning your mind and your children’s minds a few hours a day doesn’t do any real harm. You’re wrong. Look at the country. How the fuck do you think it got like this? It’s YOU!!! YOU are the cause of this decline and destruction. You are the reason the rich can do whatever they want while we bitch and moan in the streets of America to no avail. Your television tells-a-vision and it’s a vision of a future where you are a slave. It’s here already so it’s not even about preventing it anymore. Americans just live in denial about everything including the train at the end of the tunnel that has already hit us.

There are a small group of people who can consume this media filth to some degree without it becoming integrated into their psyche and subconscious. They have extraordinary powers of perception and mental prowess to decipher this shit on the fly as it is consumed. I am one of them. You are not. The numbers of us are only a fraction of a percentage and even some of us can’t block all of it out, although sometimes the filter doesn’t happen until later while your mind is still working in the background. My point is that if you consume it then it will consume you until you have developed and conditioned your mind to stop the absorption of it at the door so that is loses most of its power. 99.9% and more of Americans do not have this skill. If you watch it then it has you because your minds are like empty computers with no passwords waiting to be filled with crap and programmed with lies and false history. How many of you reading this right now think Adolph Hitler was the worst man who ever lived and that no one has suffered more than the Jews? You see? They got you. If you think you are one of the few who can watch TV without it becoming part of you then that is proof it is working. Vigilance and arrogance do not go hand in hand. You do not control your subconscious. They do. They live. They live to kill and control you and you’re allowing it with every second you spend in front of the thought box programming yourself and your family for our final day of destruction. Just go to the mall mother fuckers.

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