Patricia McAllister Fired and Labeled Anti-Semite by ADL

October 22, 2011

Elite Jews and their overpaid Gentile minions cannot tell Americans what to think and say. Who the fuck do they think they are? This is our country, not theirs. They have Israel, even though many of them running our government are illegal dual citizens who bribe and blackmail our politicians to have their way. Real patriots like Patrice speak out and do not fear financial reprisal or even physical assault. It’s time to be brave folks. They are few but we are many. If you want a better world for your children then resist. If not then I guess you don’t care about your kids or you are just too lazy to give a damn. The problem won’t go away on its own by hoping someone else will solve it for us. We have to do it ourselves. Jesus is not going to help. These people killed Jesus. They hate what he stood for. They are NOT the chosen people. The only chosen people are the ones who follow God’s commandments and the elite Jews violate them on a daily non-stop basis. They are of their father the devil. They are the Synagogue of Satan. The holocaust has been proven time and time again to be an overblown and exaggerated fraud. Hitler killed all races. He didn’t specifically target the Jews. His solution for them was relocation, not genocide. There is nothing wrong a people wanting to preserve their race. Every race has that right. The elite Jews killed their own people to make it look like Germany was the bad guy and receive global sympathy and reparations for ages to come. The gig is up. It’s time to make the elite Jews pay back what they have taken from all of us. Do it now!!!!!!!!!!

Help Patrice get her job back, get the jerk fired who her or both by signing the petition at the link below:


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  1. Agree with everything you have said – Jews are dangerous – end of story.I have lost count of the number of people who have lost careers, jobs and livelihoods because of these people.
    At the end of the day, Jews know full well that Patricia McAllister only said what millions of us believe. She simply had the balls to say it and stand by her words. Truth is always antisemitic to a Jew.

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