What Is Black Culture Really? (It Ain’t African)

October 9, 2011

What do we mean when we talk about black culture? This is what I bet most people think of.

Eating soul food that kills us from too much salt, sugar and cholesterol.

Practicing a false religion and worshiping Jesus, a man that never existed. Gospel music. Ugh………..

Rapping for Jews to promote mass black incarceration.

Making Jews richer by playing professional sports while we get the crumbs from their table.

Buying more and more stuff so we can be whiter and whiter like snow.

Our vernacular is spectacular but we need to use it more effectively to make positive things happen.

Strip clubs where we throw our money away on skank, overpriced liquor, lesbians and baby mamas.

Smoking weed is fine but selling and getting caught putting more of us into prison.

Single mothers who turn straight little boys into gay men as revenge on the fathers for cheating.

Sports and music for a fraction of a percentage and keep others dreaming they can make it too.

Simulating sex while dancing to the same brainwashing Jew filth mentioned above.

Watching Oprah and Wendy Williams.

Black women wearing weaves to look more like white women.

Black women keeping fathers from seeing their children, even the fathers who are willing to tolerate the mother’s nonstop tirades and outbursts because the man left them during or after the pregnancy.

Celebrating American holidays even though our ancestors were still slaves.

Ignoring Kwanzaa.

Juneteenth. Nuff said.


The word Nigger.

Patron. Nuff said again.

Gangs and carjackings.

Gun obsession as a phallic symbol of power and manhood.

Comedy. Laughing at everything I’ve mentioned so that we can pretend we’re not fucked.

Finally, teaching intelligent blacks like myself that we are nerds, losers or boring and then castigating us for trying to be too “white” when in reality most of us are trying to be white by chasing Jew paper 24/7 to buy some worthless piece of shit.

In other words there is no black culture, at least not a positive one that many people know about. Africans had a culture. We don’t. Black people are the most racist group of people but we usually practice it on ourselves. If you’re going to be a racist at least pick a race outside of your own. Jesus…….I mean not Jesus!!!!!!!!!

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