Are Blacks Natural Athletes? Or Just Tired Of Being Broke?

October 9, 2011

Most people including blacks buy into the stereotype, for better or worse, that blacks (or Africans) are better athletes than all other races on the planet. The reason this belief is held is because blacks outperform all other races in almost every sport except the expensive ones like rugby and water polo where we don’t even know how to play. Clearly blacks do excel at football, basketball, boxing, baseball and sports in general but is it genetic? Is there something about the black physique that gives us an advantage? Well it depends on the sport first of all. Blacks do generally have more muscle mass than whites and other races. The muscle fibers are also more striated giving blacks more flexibility and endurance. Surely this alone could not account for level of black dominance that we see in college and professional sports.

I believe there is a mental component of black athletic dominance that is ignored by most people. It has two components. One is the fact that many blacks feel oppressed and come from a poor upbringing so they want to desperately escape that because they get hooked on money just like the rest of Americans from watching MTV cribs and other such crap. Two, the myth that blacks are dominant makes other races under-perform our of their fear of genetic inferiority. Of course it isn’t’ true but the media makes us all believe blacks are good at three things: sports, music and fucking. No more. No less. It doesn’t matter if we actually get jobs like Obama. Most whites will never believe we can do as good as a job in non-entertainment fields as they can.

As usual the truth is probably somewhere in between. Black poverty no doubt does serve as a motivating factor. The black physique also probably helps, at least in certain sports where track and field skills are valued. I’m tired of the media pretending that it’s all genetic though. Black athletes are highly motivated to not only get the hell out of the ghetto but to get out of the middle class as well. The materialistic brainwashing affects all levels of society. It makes the lower and middle class do anything they can to “come up” and that includes black over-performance in most sports.

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