The Single Man’s Choiceless Choice: Dating, Escorts and Strippers

October 8, 2011

Men these days really have no options when it comes to dating. Some of us think we do because we are good looking or have a good job or both which makes us a rare commodity. Actually those guys have even less choice than the rest of us. There used to be many different kinds of women in America. You had housewives. You had career women. You had the party chicks. You had the homebodies. You had the smart women. Now there’s one type and one type only: hoes.

There is a pecking order though (maybe that should be pecker order?). Everyone used to assume dating women was the best way to go about finding a mate. Well that era is over. There are almost no women worth marrying anymore so where does that leave men? (We know where it leaves women: swinging around a pol at a strip club). You can try the traditional approach and then come home from work and find your wife being gang-banged by the Mexican gardeners. She’ll then promptly blame it all on you for ignoring her or not performing cunnilingus properly, then take all of your shit, including the kids, and leave. Then the state will allow her to rape you financially even to the point in incarceration where you may literally be raped. Don’t think it could happen to you? Why not? It’s happening to millions of men right now.

You can go to the strip club and stake out the girls selling pussy after the club closes and hope they don’t rob you or set you up for someone else to do it. Most strippers, and women under 30 period, are hooked on some type of drug so if you can supply them with their drug of choice reliably you can bang them whenever you want until you get tired of it and then find another. Of course most strippers are compulsive liars so they may say they’re down with the program to get your money or drugs  and then just go home and bang Mr. Thug that reminds them of the latest asshole from Jersey Shore or wherever. I actually prefer this approach because there are always new girls plus you can see the girl before you fuck her but you have to be able to use the father figure complex against strippers effectively or they will simply play you instead of you playing them. They’re simple creatures.

Lastly you can prevent getting in trouble with the cops, wasted cab fare, overpriced drinks and stripper tips by staying at home and ordering ass off the internet. The problem with this approach is threefold: 1) Many of the girls post fake photos or old photos from when they were hot but now are not, 2) They may have just finished banging a guy and not be in the mood at all meaning they rush you to climax and run out the door leaving you unsatisfied and 3) you can still get a disease from them even with a condom on. That’s how bad a lot of pussy is these days, not that regular chicks and strippers are any better. They aren’t. There are just hoes of a different color. This approach has a few drawbacks: You usually can only come once and the girl may con you leaving before her hour is up. It’s a sure thing but not much of one. I prefer the chase rather than a human trampoline even if it means I spend a little more money. Besides if you can mentally manipulate the girls they’ll give you ass without you spending a dime or many of them.

What do all three of these have in common? Simple my dear Watson. Money. Any way you slice it women are going to get your money if you get some pussy. Even if they give it you free in the beginning it’s going to cost you later. (Hint: Get rid of her before then.) They think their pussy is money and it is. Perception is reality. Money is nothing but mono eye or one eye. That’s a vagina folks in case you haven’t seen one recently. Money has actually replaced manhood for women. Breast implants have become larger form of testicles for women. They don’t want our balls anymore. They want to play with their own fake tits.

Now one must be careful about the women who claim to not want your money. They’re lying. They just don’t want you to think they want your money. They ALL want your money. Somehow they think that by making that bullshit statement that it will make them stand out from the herd. Wrong. It really just put you back in the the herd with a different brand. Men must realize that women do not care that feminism has destroyed our lives. Most women do not care about the New World Order ruining society. They care about themselves and their stupid imaginary feelings. That’s all. They don’t want to save the country or you or your children. They really just want to have fun. They’re a bunch of fun addicts.

Women need a hobby and shopping is not a hobby. They spend too much time each and every day pining away for the guy who has treated them the worst the most recently. They make let you fuck them but they are saving their kisses for the guy who doesn’t even know they exist. Fucking isn’t intimate anymore. Only kissing is. Huh? Women have to be the most programmable life forms on the planet. You’re going to let someone put their dick inside you and possibly give you a fatal disease or impregnate you and you have a problem swapping spit? Am I the only one not getting this? Women are fucking insane. What exactly are you saving for some imaginary soul mate by not kissing when your body is completely used up? I guess they want at least one hole that has not been completely desecrated. Some women will even give you a bareback blowjob but still refuse to french kiss. Once again………huh?

Emotion should never become so powerful that it completely overrides logic. Men provided that balance for women in the past. It’s gone now. It’s sad but these are facts we’re not going back to the olden times any time soon. If you’ve seen any hardcore porn recently involving double penetrations or gangbangs then you know it is now possible to hermetically seal a woman with enough simultaneous penises. They would suffocate if it weren’t for their nostrils. Pretty soon men are going to try to fuck those too.


  1. What an amazing, well-written article. Everything was dead on, I applaud you sir…

  2. You nailed it! Incredible.

  3. Awesome Truth dont get any better!!!

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