Are Gays Naturally More Promiscuous?

October 2, 2011

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while because I’m tired of how everyone assumes it is true without having any real evidence one way or the other. That’s Americans though ain’t it? They’ll believe all the Jews that worked in the Twin Towers got called out of work the day before 9/11 but they don’t believe Israel had anything to do with the attacks. Exactly how does that work mentally? Al Qaeda was trying to save the Jews? Anyway the entire LBGT community is always characterized as slut puppies who will have sex with anything that moves but is that because they’re gay? Does being gay make you promiscuous? Probably not. What most straight people believe is not that marriage is between a man and a woman. They believe that love is between a man and a woman and that gays are not capable of loving each other, hence their relationships are purely sexual in nature.

The slut stereotype has traditionally been reserved for women who are comfortable and open about their sexuality. Women who don’t want children and have multiple sex partners are labeled as sluts and hoes. I’ve never had a problem with promiscuous women. My problem is the people who talk about them because they wish they had the balls to be that overtly and honestly sexual. People fear people who don’t fear people. The other issue is of course STDs. While AIDS may be an invention which is really nothing but a condition of poverty and malnutrition there are plenty of real diseases out there: hepatitis, herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. Those are not made-up diseases. They are real but none of them is necessarily fatal and most of them are publicly curable. The rest are also curable but Big Pharma (yes it’s Jewish elite run) refuses to release them to the public because of the profits they make from treating symptoms. Anyone who has lots of unprotected sex with multiple partners is just asking for it.

So how did gays come to be labeled as oversexed? Well gays are a fusion of the sexuality of several different groups. They inherited the sexuality of blacks which overlaps with gays. If you don’t believe that then take a look at all the cross-dressing black men in Hollywood movies and pimps in the black pulpit that get reported in the Jewish media. I know being a transvestite doesn’t make you gay but straight people put all non-straight behavior into the same category. It’s just like people that hate every race except their own. They refuse to spend the time to individuate others so they apply a broad brush generic label to everyone they fear and it is fear. Fear and hate are different expressions of the same emotion. Gays also inherited the reputation of promiscuous women since gay men are viewed as feminine by most heterosexuals. Then the Jewish media announced AIDS was spreading so rapidly (it really wasn’t) because gays were having unprotected sex after sharing needles. Almost everyone gets horny when they drink or do drugs. That’s not specific to gay people. When you lower anyone’s inhibitions they will do what comes naturally and that means sex and much of it unprotected. We roll the dice and hope it doesn’t come up snake eyes.

There is nothing innately sexual about being gay. Being gay is about being able to fall in love with someone of the same gender or mixed gender. We don’t say that straight people get married just to have sex so why would gay people? I honestly don’t give a shit about gay marriage or gays in the military but by saying that gays should not be allowed to get married straight people are saying two things: 1) marriage is not about sex and 2) gays are not capable of love. Both are ridiculous. Humans have incredible egos and will defend the dumb shit our ancestors did until the grave to fit in with the rest of the herd. If man made it up, and man did invent marriage, then there is nothing holy about it. We should actually want gays in the military because many of them are in great shape. I’d rather have them fighting against a real enemy (not al CIA-da) than a beer guzzling moron who couldn’t find a job in his hometown and joined the military to make himself feel like a man. Those guys are more gay than the gays.

The fact of the matter is that society does ostracize gays but not as badly as blacks and other darker-skinned races or even fat and unattractive people. Being black is obvious to anyone with a working set of eyes. So is being fat and unattractive. You cannot always identify gays by looking at them, especially those intentionally in the closet who fear reprisal from heteros, and flamers don’t care if you know they’re gay. They’re acting out to get your attention because they didn’t get it at home. Many gays are now comfortably out of the closet because it’s part of the larger Jewish gay agenda. That means gayness is becoming normalized so gays are beginning to look for enemies where there are none because they are used to getting the attention. The Jewish elite (most of whom are gay themselves) always promote methods that keep groups at each others’ throats while they make off with the money. They’re done it over 100 times in the past few centuries. Of course they don’t teach that part of history in public schools and so Americans consider the truth anti-Semitism because of their miseducation. We are taught that anti-Semitism is real and wrong and the worst thing a person can do. We are taught to destroy ourselves or allow the elite to do it for us. We are taught that no one suffered as much as the Jews so Jews are actually worth more than other people because God said so. That means when 100 Palestinians dies and one Jew then we’re ok with it. Wrong. God didn’t say shit. The Jewish elite purposefully created the Jewish victim mentality from childhood in their own and then they spread the same filth to the Gentiles so they could rise to power in the background. I’m not saying Jews run everything but they run a lot. They admit it so why deny facts? I don’t really care about the few hundred assholes at the tip top who remain in the shadows like the Jesuits, the Pope, the Rothschilds and others yet unnamed. Last time I checked they have to die like everyone else. They will and someone will replace them who is part of their bloodline.

Being ostracized as a group can and usually does lead to some segment of that group adopting negative behavior. Do gays ALL do ecstasy and have orgies of unprotected sex after sharing needles? No but some do. Guess what? Some heteros do that too. We all have our drug of choice whether it’s real drugs or food or working out too much or video games or whatever. Heteros are comfortable with their psychoses though because at least in their minds they are not sexual deviants even if they have sex with animals or children of the opposite sex. One of Christianity’s main purposes was to create hatred of groups like blacks and gays and women who love sex and are proud of it. That pressure that those groups receive from those who consider themselves normal leads to negative behavior by those groups because they are seen as the out-group. Fitting in is one of the most important things to humans. When we don’t then it result in low self-esteem which leads to stress which can lead to negative behavior. Humans are social and emotional creatures by nature. We hate being alone or feeling alone, women even more so than men in my opinion. When you are separated from the rest of mankind, either by discrimination or by choice or both, it inevitably leads to psychological problems because we need to feel connected. It’s just how we were made. There is no way around it even if you’re a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

So are gays more promiscuous than straights? Hell I don’t know. Maybe. I would have to know how much casual sex every straight and gay person in the country was having and then compare the numbers. Clearly that would be an exercise in futility. What I can say is that if gays are not having more sex, then they probably should be because it’s stressful dealing with a bunch of straight assholes. I’m no champion of gay rights. The only rights are human rights.

BTW gay is NOT the new black and never will be. The most victimized group in society is, always has been and always will be physically unattractive people. Now that I can say for a fact.

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