Will Blacks and Whites Ever Stop Bickering Over Race?

September 20, 2011

It’s becoming more and more irritating each day to see whites continuing to blame blacks and other people of color for not only the problems of this country but also for being anti-white and pro-whatever-race-you-are. It’s even more irritating because a lot of this is coming from the alternative movement who are supposedly further left than even progressives. When I say left I don’t mean Communist but the alternative movements are quickly becoming a bastion and safe-haven of clandestine white racism and supremacy.

Most of these alternative white groups  don’t really disagree with the Tea Party movement that much. They worship the Founding Fathers who owned African slaves. They know that whites were the majority of slaves until Africans starting arriving in America. They understand that the country has been ransacked by the the corporate elite via Jewish propaganda. They understand that most of the front men are Jewish and/or Zionist while the real power remains hidden in the papacy and British royalty. They also understand the Tea Party like much of the alternative movement has been compromised via infiltration and bribery. Folks you cannot run a country based upon morality when everyone is beholden to the religion of money and materialism. Money trumps morality for most people who want to live the high life and retire in style. It really is that simple. Most people will do anything and I mean ANYTHING for enough money so they can elevate their lifestyles to those of the people in charge who are the same people at the root of America’s and the world’s problems.

Americans never see themselves are one. We’re not a melting pot. We’re a smelting pot. We fall for the divide and conquer tactics every time. We actually promote the fact that the races are different and therefore deserve different privileges based upon skin color when the real differences actually lie deep within our genetic code. Each race was created for a different purpose and that knowledge has been hidden from us. We lie to our children telling them that whites have contributed everything and that blacks and other nonwhites have done nothing but practice voodoo, have sex and dance naked in the bushes after roasting a wild boar they caught that day. As long as whites cling to the false belief that technology makes a race superior then we will never unite as anything. Technology is great as long as it is combined with civilization. America has no civilization because we do not adhere to natural law. In addition as long as whites refuse to admit that this land is not their land and this country is not tis of thee America can never be what it claims it is on paper.  Am I saying that we should all leave and turn all land back over to the native Americans? No but we should make that offer to the ones who remain and await their decision. It is their decision to make and only theirs. We are nothing but the descendants of invaders, interlopers and slaves of the same.

These same alternative white groups know for a fact that the issues that divide whites and blacks and contrived and construed by the Jewish media elite so why are they allowing the division to win? That division leads to conquest of all Gentiles and non-Zionists. They know the trick but they still let it trick them because they are so frustrated with being unable to redress the grievances created by Jewish consolidation of power that they end up venting on phony enemies like blacks, Mexicans, Indians and other Asians as well. Do many black people hate whites? Yes. Why? Because our bullshit public education system teaches blacks that whites created all of our problems. It’s the same system that tells whites they have done everything useful and nonwhites have done nothing. It’s all lies but kids are impressionable so they buy the bullshit and grow up perpetuating it because their parents didn’t know any fucking better either.

The fact is that blacks and whites are both pawns in the global elitist game. It makes no sense for either one of us to keep throwing rhetoric and vitriol back and forth while the elite make off with everything. Why can white people just not let it go and point the finger at the real enemy and pin the tail on the real donkey? Blacks have no power to transform this corrupt system. It’s basically rich whites selling out middle and lower class whites. Why do whites have to vent their anger on the powerless and defenseless like cowards? They should be attacking the Jews, the corporations, the Rothschilds, the Pope, the Council for National Policy, the Jesuits, et al. Whites are wasting their time and energy bickering with blacks over who is the greatest race or whom owes what to whom? That bullshit doesn’t matter folks. The races are very different from each other in ways that we have been lied to about but we are not so different that cannot see our common enemies. Are our egos so massive that we cannot put them aside long enough to address this planetary crisis. Alas I think not and so we die.


  1. OVERALL VIEW FROM THE B.C.s to the A.D.s

    The ugly fights between Children of Pangea and Outcasts of Europe (which would include ALL DNA from Europe, not just Faux Jews) have been going on, as far back, as ANYONE can remember. Even though, politics, economics, etc…play a part in racial disagreements, It seems to boil down to RELIGION…which is so misconstrued, jumbled up and lied on…NO ONE seems to be able to get the truth or the beginning from it. My short version: Some people believe in a good force, some believe in what’s called a “bad or evil” force. Everything in our lives fall under one of these categories. And though the two paths should never cross, we KEEP insisting that they do.

    The trading of God-given riches (such as precious metals, FOOD, music and animals) to receive man-made materials (such as jazzy clothes, guns and electronics) with this group, who don’t share our same beliefs, have been/is another great downfall of “Brown People”. What occurs when we trade with and/or trust this SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE? GREED, LIES and CONFLICT, of the worse kind: Slavery, murder, and even, stupid, soulless entertainment, like Sexual R n B or Gangsta rap! (which I won’t lie, I still embrace on some level). But, most importantly, it breeds…a load of mixed up people who don’t know their beginning, less known, how to maintain their present, or, direct their future. I find we only SURVIVE when we put God and his suggestions, FIRST! My short version: BROWN Men and Women, LOVE one another, ALWAYS apply the 10 commandments and take care of our children. Anytime we’ve done that in our HISTORY..we’ve SHINED!
    Peace, Bro:)

  2. Great post. The race bait began early with masonic kkk to divide the free blacks from protestantism for the pope in Rome!

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