2011 is the Year of Death….not 2012

August 28, 2011

The Jewish-owned media (six Zionist Jewish-run corporations control 96% of the media See http://www.pakalertpress.com/2009/03/16/six-jewish-companies-own-96-of-the-worlds-media) basically controls the thoughts of most Americans. They either tell us outright lies or partial truths so that we never really know how to discern delusion from reality. The 2012 meme is no different. It has taken on a life of its own from all the Hollywood crap about aliens and doomsday Mayan prophecies, none of which is true to any large extent. At the end of 2012 we are moving into the 14th Baktun of the Mayan calendar. The calendar is not ending because there are 20 baktuns in it meaning we have seven to go. The end of the world scenario is simply complete misinformation. Besides if the world had completely ended before how could we still be here today unless someone created another one and planted human life on it? Do people even try to think anymore? Guess not.

Regardless of whether anything happens in 2012 or not our immediate concern should be what happens in 2011. Eleven is the occult number of death. It represents coming up one short of perfection or twelve. Twenty-three is also another form of eleven if you think in military time. Michael Jordan wore number twenty-three remember? I’m sure he didn’t know about this but it had an effect nonetheless. You don’t have to believe everything for it to be true. MJ tried to change his number to forty-five after returning from retirement and everyone went crazy. Forty-five doesn’t have nearly the occult significance. People need to understand that we are being controlled using various tried and true manipulation techniques at a subconscious level. English is the main venue of this control system. The letters themselves and the words they form can and are being used to control human thought and behavior. This it not science fiction. It’s science non-fiction. The problem is that humans have such bloated egos that we think only the conscious can actually affect us because we are always in control. Wrong. They’ve been using these techniques on humanity for thousands of years with huge success and now you think that you’re special and that somehow don’t work on your brain? They do work on you because they work on everyone to some extent lesser or greater. They want to think they don’t work because then you have just opened the door to them.

So will there be another Jewish false flag attack on America on 9/11/11 that gets blamed on the phony Al Qaeda organization run by the CIA? Maybe. Perhaps they will wait until 11/11/11. You cannot get any more deadly than three elevens. That happens once in a lifetime literally. Of course there are plenty of Comet Elenin/Nibiru dates in October as well. I’ve seen some of the evidence about the effects that Comet Elenin (think eleven nine or nine eleven) may have but I’m not convinced by a bunch of Jewtube videos probably put out there by Israel itself to keep people pointlessly guessing at the endless number of potential scenarios while AIPAC et al continue draining the American coffers. I don’t think a comet could cause a planetary disaster unless it actually hit us. If there is a brown dwarf out there that we are calling Nibiru or Planet X and it is swinging by us then that definitely will cause enough magnetic disruption to destroy most or all life on Earth. It’s just a fact. Whatever the truth is I do firmly believe that something terrible is going to happen between now and 11/23/11. There will be great loss of life. Once we get past that date I’m not worried that much. I doubt if the elite want to destroy all of the occult significance they’re built up around the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London.

Now the question becomes is this going to be a natural disaster or a man-made disaster causing most of us to go even more batshit crazy and adopt Luciferianism as the new global religion under fascist martial law? Who the hell knows? We know the elite have technology far ahead of what they release to the general public. Where did they get it? We don’t know. We know they have used it against us in the past and are probably using it now. Evil doesn’t rest. We know there are cosmic events unfolding right now that could permanently alter life as we know it on planet Earth. It could even be a combination of a natural and man-made disaster. It really doesn’t matter to be honest. All of these New Age people believe that some type of ascension is about to occur like a rapture where people in the right frame of mind and resonate energetic frequency will move to higher dimensions of existence. Who the fuck knows? They’re kooks. It may have happened already for all we know. Every earthquake that happens is not necessarily a scalar tectonic weapon or HAARP being used against us. Maybe they wait for real earthquakes to happen and then use those weapons to make them worse? We don’t know. We can’t know and we will never know. Just buckle your fucking seat belt folks because this is the result of us sitting on our asses doing absolutely nothing but consuming shit for the past few hundreds years.

I do believe that a potential 9.0 earthquake is going to destroy some of the west coast before 11/23/11. I believe Los Angeles is doomed. The whole area is just one huge basin near sea level with faults all around it. There is so much symbolism around LA as well which makes me think that it will be the next 9/11 whether it happens on that date or not. None of this can be proven but I would be shocked if tens of thousands of people did not die from whatever happens out there before 11/23. It may be a natural or manmade earthquake. It may be the resultant tsunami if the quake is offshore. It may be a suitcase nuke by Mossad. Does it really matter how they die? I’m somewhat clairvoyant being a Piscean with my moon in Aquarius and my ascendant sign Gemini. People born under those signs can feel these things and that’s all there is to it. I have already predicted several disasters this year already based simply on my gut feeling, numerology and Jewish holidays. There is a method to the madness but nothing is 100% certain. Since we’ve already put ourselves in the position where we are just waiting for the elite to kill us there really is nothing else we can do at this point. We are under the talismanic spell of money and false religion. The TV and media give us our thoughts. We would have a better chance escaping from a black hole.

What I do know for certain is that humans are the only species that cannot live in harmony with nature on this planet. Just like Agent Smith said in “The Matrix”, “Human beings are a disease”. Maybe Nibiru is the cure. We consume every natural resources in an area and then spread to another until nothing is left or until we toxified everything so badly that the planet can no longer sustain our very lives. That can mean one thing and one thing only: We are not originally from this planet. If we were then we would be living in harmony with it. The planets are actually alive folks. No they don’t speak English. No they don’t eat McDonald’s. No they don’t watch TV or laugh. It doesn’t mean things are not alive when they don’t mimic carbon-based life forms. We are literally living inside of a living organism and we have given it cancer. The Earth is responding to us like a human body forming antibodies in an attempt to free itself from the human parasite so we will see what happens. Ultimately we all lose, not because we cannot prevent this but because we choose not to prevent it, hoping someone else will save us or denying that it really is as bad as it is. We don’t need TV to lie to us. We lie to ourselves and then return to killing.

The Earth has remarkable resiliency and ability to self-repair and heal itself but not when we are constantly pouring more toxins down its throat just so stockholders of major corporations can buy more shit they don’t need while the rest of us sit back envious of their extravagant, decadent and destructive lifestyle. We should worry less about what may happen in the future and start doing something about what is happening now. I’m not a big fan of these people who say we all need to join hands and love each other. Whatever. I’m sure positive energy won’t hurt us but positive is just the opposite of negative in this world of duality. There is no good and evil in any cosmic sense. We know all religion is the invention of man, even though billions refuse to accept it. Feel whatever you want to feel but DO something. Stop talking and DO something. Turn off the fucking thought box and DO something. They’ve been doing something to you since birth. Don’t you think it’s time we return the favor?

I know what you’re thinking. What about the alien invasion? Get a life…..and then let me know what it’s like.

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