Toxic Assets: Corporations Making A “Killing” With BPA

August 23, 2011

There are so many things that can kill human being or make us sick. Well I’ve got one more for you. This one is real and not some wives’ tale either. Remember the chemical BPA or bisphenol A? It has been banned overseas and in several US states from being used in baby bottles. Why? Because it causes cancer that’s why. Babies fresh out of the womb and we can’t wait to start poisoning them and dumbing them down. We know BPA causes cancer and corporations still use it to line the inside of canned good that we buy every day at the grocery. Actually I don’t buy them anymore but you get the point.

I recently went to the doctor for a persistent sore throat and his assistant told me the verdict is still out on BPA. Really? When rats die from it that’s the verdict being out? They really brainwash doctors these days to sell whatever bullshit Big Pharma is peddling. Don’t believe a fucking word your doctor says unless they are one of those homeopathic ones. Of course insurance won’t cover any of that because it’s actually healthy. What a fucking country.

Anyway you can read the report for yourself here:


Basically it says that thermal paper is loaded with BPA. What is thermal paper? Every receipt you’ve ever gotten in your life. That’s right. Now these ubiquitous receipts have toxified everything including paper money. BPA has now contaminated almost all of the paper money supply. You think this is an accident. Oh no folks. Money is the religion of America and the dollar is the magical talisman. We worship money and money kills us. We are the sacrifice that gives money its power. Why do you think people kill over money? Because it is God to us……literally. All religions worship money and that was the way this system was purposely designed. There is a better way but we won’t find it before it’s too late.

The irony of this is that you go to the grocery store to find something healthy many times and you end up with BPA in the canned goods, BPA on the money you use to pay for the canned goods and, if that wasn’t enough, they slide you a BPA toxic receipt on your way out the door just in case your metabolism is too cancer-resistant. Just because no one is holding a gun to your head doesn’t mean someone isn’t trying to kill you. Stop being a drone and wake the fuck up.

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