The Fear-Based Addiction to Disaster Preparedness

August 17, 2011

I complete understand why Americans are nervous right now. We are collectively sensing that the people in power want to kill us. Either that or we’re fearing that God is ready to punish us for our sins because of our childhood indoctrination into organized religion. I’m not saying nothing is going to happen. That would be foolish. Something is going to happen but the odds of it impacting any one particular person is almost nil. Relax.

Now that we got that out of the way, what the hell are people doing buying all of this shit for every type of emergency in the world. I’m not against disaster preparedness. I’d have an earthquake kit if I lived in California or close to the Madrid faultline. You always have to have rations if you live near a coastline, like most humans do, but paranoid schizophrenics across America are loading up on bullets, guns, bunkers, tents, rafts, iodine and all this other unnecessary shit. Why is it unnecessary? Because the federal government will kick your ass and take your shit that’s why. Mossad may even help. If they want to wipe out an area you will not survive I don’t care what you have. They have space-based laser weapons and all kinds of shit that we paid for while they lied about sending monkeys into space.

In short you cannot save yourself or your loved ones. You can only try to save all of us or none of us. Ego is the elixir of the elite. Many people think that by moving far away from the big cities or by growing their own garden that they are safe from catastrophe. You aren’t. In fact that may be even more dangerous. Those remote areas are havens for strange government programs and experiments. The Luciferians/Illuminati are going to do what they are going to do and you cannot stop them. This is their world and we are just squirrels brought here from eternal consciousness to get a nut. Our only strength was in our numbers and non-compliance with their system but we blew it with our massive American egos.

We are not united and we are still complying. The masses will never listen to reason because they only listen to emotion and media suggestion. That means many of us are going to die. Sorry folks. This is the price you pay for not waking others up and for spending too much time with idle distractions like sports, music and entertainment. They’ve been plotting for thousands of years and we’ve been goofing off for the same. They already have their New World Order but the nation-state system is still in place. Don’t you see? We are just waiting on their announcement that we are fucked but we are already fucked. I don’t want to hear any moaning and groaning from all you pussies out there that dispute what I say because you are in denial. When it happens that will be your proof because you will believe nothing else out of cognitive dissonance.

This is why I chose to not have kids at this time. They may die and horribly so. Yours may die. The elite love to sacrifice children, especially male boys, after sodomizing them. They drain the power of their chakras through the anus. Not fighting for freedom makes you a slave. We think freedom is inalienable. No it isn’t. Freedom has to be guarded with vigilance 24/7/365. If you don’t then it’s a pie cooling in a window for a Mexican construction worker. We fucked up. Our parents fucked and their parents fucked up and now we’re all fucked. We’re basically waiting on the symbolic dates like 9/11, 10/23 and 11/11 to see what they are going to do to us. They want to make sure they maximize the carnage and casualties because more sacrifices means more power for them. They have the ancient knowledge and you don’t. They fed you bullshit and you believed it and now you are your family may be killed brutally, mercilessly and painfully. I’m not fearmongering. This is just the cold hard facts.

It’s already illegal in many parts of the country to collect rainwater and they are clamping down on gardens too. Soon they will come in the middle of the night and just rip your shit out of the ground. Why not? You won’t stop them. If you try you die. This is price we pay for squabbling with each other all these centuries over skin color, dick size, whether rap is better than country music and the rest of the dumb shit. I am awake folks. I am not going to perish in this way because karma has my back. Does it have yours? or do you spend most of your life trying to accrue more material possessions so people will think more highly of you? In all honesty there is no point in trying to wake people up. It’s either your time to wake up or it’s not. All the flouridated water in the world cannot stop someone from waking up when it’s their time. Alas America is still asleep and the price we will pay soon is much more than freedom. It will be life itself. Go back to sleep and pray to your phony Jew-created Jesus who will do nothing because he doesn’t exist and never did. The time for our Holocaust is nigh. Don’t worry you’ll be reincarnated most likely so try not to fuck it up when you come back.


  1. I would reaaallly like to pick your brain concerning SOME of your assertions. “Jesus” not that blue-eyed woman hanging from the letter .t. “didn’t exist” ?!?!?! Well, how do we know he didn’t ? what is existance and/or meaning?? Can your speculative assertions be substantiated ? Interesting u spoke about reincarnation after mentioning the white woman “who died for our sin”…it’s that same person from Nazareth who alludes to reincarnation, though its found no where else in the 24 books. Thus making him a reference point to your argument of reincarnation (which CAN NOT be proven…just like his, or anyother figure before 1422).

    You are quite heretical, and un-orthodox; and I like it !!!
    I like this blog because you dear to wag your finger at the sacred cow; But, I’m CERTAIN I can disprove the JESUS never existed thing, with one hand tied behind the back.

  2. Americans are prepping for inflation, plain and simple.
    And those who aren’t will be most devastated when the Ish hits the fan. ….You should get a camcorder and a Youtube channel; it saves you alot of time.

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