Why Average Looks Are Worse Than Beauty and Ugliness

August 15, 2011

A lot of people think that the better you look the easier your life is. That’s true if you’re already attractive and you want to become more attractive. Attractive people almost always get hired because people want to be around them all day at their boring jobs. They also know that the more time you spend around the greater their chance is for you having a weak moment and accidentally having sex with someone who doesn’t deserve you based on looks alone.

Ugly is ugly. At least when you’re ugly you know where you stand with people. If they don’t talk to you it’s probably because you’re ugly. If they are your friend then you know they really appreciate your inner qualities. If you’re attractive you never really know someone’s true motivations. Most of the time if you’re straight and they’re of the opposite sex they just want to fuck your brains out, males and females.

Men usually come up on the short end of the stick because women rarely live up to what you thought the sex would be like. On the other hand attractive men aren’t really even expected to be great in bed becausewomen just want to keep you around as their man trophy so they don’t have to be alone and s o they can go out and public and be proud of what they snared, usually temporarily. If I was attractive I wouldn’t care if women wanted to just fuck my brains out. That’s what I want and then I don’t have to pick up the tab. It’s utopia for males. The problem is that women bond with every man they have sex with no matter what they actually say so then you have to either pretend it mattered to you somewhat to string them along or just be blunt about wanting only friends with benefits and then risk them exercising some semblance of self-esteem and rejecting you until they get home from the club drunk one night.

People with average looks, myself included, have a more difficult task. Some people will actually find you very attractive and others will find you extremely unattractive. Yes I have met women who thought I was a zero all the way up to ten. When you’re stuck in the middle you end up being judged by people’s personal tastes more so than the media depiction of beauty or ugly. Ugly people will try for an average person to upgrade their physical genetic pool but few ugly people have the balls to go for someone attractive although I know people who just go for all hot chicks as a numbers game. It works but they experience a heap of rejection in the process. Not cool.

Ugly people know they’re out of their league with attractive people so if they can act outrageous enough it can occasionally break down the physical barrier but most women these days are just as shallow as men have always been when it comes to looks. Now we’re at a crossroads standoff with each other. Sometimes attractive people will actually trade down because your personality hooks them and then your looks don’t matter as much. So you see with average looking people we have ugly people trying to trade up physically and then attractive people trading down physically but trading up on your personality. Hell maybe it’s even your sex.

For me ugly is not feasible so it warrants no further discussion and when I say ugly I mean butt ass ugly, someone who really has nothing physically redeeming about them at all. I pass out from drinking before I actually have sex with those people even though people that ugly are fairly rare. Usually unattractive people are not completely ugly. They normally have at least one physically redeeming quality about them, although it’s never enough for me to bed them. It’s like I tell women all the time there are only three types of women to any straight man on this planet: 1) Women he refuses to fuck and therefore has no interest in at all, 2) Women he wants to fuck and won’t marry because they’re missing a physically personality requirement and 3) Women he wants to fuck and will marry. There are NO other groups……..period. And you cannot transition between groups either, at least not without a makeover, working out consistently and a shitload of plastic surgery.

For me as long as a woman has a nice ass and carries herself well I’ll go ahead and bang regardless of her personality. There are NO women I would marry in America that I know of. No not one and I’ve met plenty. Women have so many psychoses and neuroses these days from being ignored or abandoned by their father and the resulting pile of father figure boyfriends and baby daddies that there is no way in hell I’m cleaning up that mess full time. Fuck and leave……….and before the post-coital crying starts too.

Average looking people are sort of the middle-class of physical attraction. We’re trying to avoid becoming poor like the ugly people and we’re trying to move up into the upper class with the babes and studs. Unfortunately just like with your economic status the physical caste you’re born into is usually the same one you die in. It’s not that attractive people are all assholes. It’s that we’re assholes for treating them so special. They’re just taking advantage of our stupidity. Damn us.

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