Another Mossad False Flag In Norway? Of Course………

July 24, 2011

Norway already knows this false flag attack was committed by Mossad on 7/22 = 7+2+2 = 11 or death. It’s easy to figure out because it’s always Mossad (and never the fictitious CIA-sponsored Al Qaeda) no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter if the media says it was Muslims or right-wing extremists.  It’s a lie because it’s always Mossad and the Jewish media always lies. No other explanation is even close to plausible. The media is 98% owned by Jews so so you think these professional liars are going to have the truth reported? Please……

Let’s look at some of the peculiarities here. Oslo used to be called Christiania. Sounds like symbolism of destroying Christianity to me, just like the false flag earthquake attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. Yes folks we have scalar and tectonic weaponry that can produce earthquakes on a dime. We are just waiting for the elite to use it on America on either the west coast or the New Madrid faultline. It’s coming and it’s coming before the end of this year. It has to because this is 2011 and 11 is the number of death. Sorry but tens of thousands of Americans, maybe hundreds of thousands, are going to die in this coming ritual sacrifice. Of course you won’t believe it until it happens and then it will be too late, especially if you’re one of those who die. The actual attack method is uncertain of course. It could be an earthquake directed at a major nuclear facility in which case the fallout would kill most people. Why do you think they have been rounding people up into the major cities? We are the cattle and the slaughter is near.

Remember the Munich massacre? If not then remember the movie “Munich”? I didn’t see it because I know it’s mostly propaganda if it came from Spielberg or any other Jewish producer, just like other movies like Platoon, JFK, et al. The massacre happened at the 1972 Summer Olympics and was orchestrated and perpetrated by the Black September group which had been formed in response to King Hussein’s  expulsion of Palestinian extremists from Jordan after a fedayeen had been issued to seize his kingdom. Eleven Israeli athletes and coaches were taken hostage and eventually killed after a lengthy standoff. One German policeman and five of the eight terrorists were also killed, although I prefer to call them freedom fighters myself.

In response to this and in typical fashion Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir authorized Mossad to hunt down the surviving terrorists and assassinate them. They would be this Operation Wrath of God and later Operation Spring of Youth. On July 21 1973, a team of Israeli hitmen shot dead a Moroccan waiter, Ahmed Bouchikhi, as he walked home from the cinema with his pregnant wife in the resort, 110 miles north of Oslo in Norway. He has been mistaken for Ali Hassan Salameh, the chief of operations for Black September. Five suspected Mossad agents – Marianne Gladinkoff, who was born in Sweden; Sylvia Rafael, of South Africa; Israeli Abraham Gehmer; Dan Aerbel, who was born in Denmark; and Brazilian-born Zvi Steinberg – were convicted and jailed in Norway for the killing shortly after it took place. They were later pardoned. This became known as the Lillehammer Affair and is to this day very embarrassing to Israel, much like our own Bay of Pigs. Israel paid several hundred thousand dollars (not nearly enough) in compensation to the victims but never admitted fault or publicly apologized. They aren’t sorry so why would they?

Mike Harari, another Mossad agent, had been in charge of the failed operation. He escaped to Israel after the botched attempt and was later exonerated by a Norwegian court. He returned to service later to continue the carnage for Mossad. Many of the people assassinated in response to the Munich massacre had nothing to do with that event but as we all know Mossad just wants to kill as many Arabs as possible and ideally all of them.

Finally on 1/22/1979 Mossad and Israel got their man. They used a carbomb on Salameh while he was in Beirut heading to a birthday party at his mother’s residence. Salameh lived for a few hours but surgeons were unable to save him as he had several pieces of metal ejected into his body, including his head, from the explosion. His four bodyguards were killed and also four innocent bystanders but of course Mossad doesn’t care. One Israeli death is worth a thousand Gentile deaths in their sick and twisted view of reality.

What does this have to do with the bombing and shooting in Norway? It’s not clear at this point but clearly Israel is still reeling from their past failures. They never managed to kill two of the original Munich terrorists, Jamal Al-Gashey, who is still alive hiding in Syria, and Abu Daoud, who died there on 7/3/2010 from kidney failure. Talk about holding a grudge.

What other reasons are there for Mossad to attack Norway? Here are just a few:

(1) Norway is about to put its support behind the call for Palestinian Independence.
(2) Norway is about to withdraw its forces and its support for the evil IMF led war against Libya
(3) Norwegian businesses have been diverging their support for Israeli stocks, and excluding Israeli investments in Norway especially in Norwegian oil, due to ethical grounds.
(4) And of course, obvious deflection of media attention away from Rupert Murdoch’s crumbling media empire in the United Kingdom. Also the guy that broke this phone hacking story is now dead. I’m sure that it was a complete accident………NOT. Read the story here: http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/news-corp-phone-hacking-whistleblower-found-dead/.

Also note that Ali Hassan Salameh was killed by the carbomb on 1/22/79, 32yrs and six months to the day from the date of the Norway attack on 7/22/2011. That is just six months short of 33 years which we all know is the number of perfection to Freemasons. They’re also big fans of the number six. Just remember though this was all some angry white dude who hates Muslims. Whatever…………….

Here are more articles that prove Israel has mad beef with Norway. You must remember how sensitive the Jews are to everything. They’re big babies with big noses.









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  1. le me give you a little help:

    22.07.1946………….. King David hotel Jerusalem……….

    22.07.11 Oslo

    22+11 = 33 Degrees of Masonry………

    22/11 = 2………. 7+2 = 9…….. 9 and 11 ……….9-11

    now coming back to the 11 number of death……

    yes: 2011 – 1946 = 65……….. 6+5 = 11

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