Casey Anthony: Just Another Modern American Woman

June 17, 2011

I haven’t been keeping up with all the sordid details of the Casey Anthony murder trial because I know that’s what the Jewish elite want me to do. You can’t avoid hearing bits and pieces here and there, however, and I even watched a little bit of the trial since apparently Nancy DisGrace has dedicated her life to getting Casey the death penalty since she has nothing better to do with her time. I hate to use the C-word folks but Nancy DisGrace is the world’s nastiest, most hate-mongering CUNT that ever walked the earth. If the C-word fits then you must not acquit.

Anyway this not an atypical case of child neglect. Social Services stays busy all over this country because most women don’t plan to have children when it happens. It’s the men’s fault too but we’re not the ones who have to carry it for nine months and then spend most of our time raising him or her. Americans decry governmental intrusion in their lives but what would happen to these children if we just turned a blind eye to the neglectful behavior of their mothers? The problem is the system of course…….the system that turns everyone into an object and fails to nurture our humanity from day one but we will not fix that overnight because we didn’t fall this far overnight either.

The story goes like this. Apparently Casey started longing for her party days after her daughter Caylee had turned two years old or thereabouts, so she started making her own chloroform and dosing Caylee to put her asleep so she could go hang out, get drunk and have sex. One day she overdosed her and killed her. Whoops….then she put the body in a bag in her car and left it there for thirty days. Sounds brutal doesn’t it? Yes but it’s not so different from behavior I see from many women these days who use the kids to snare a man and then when it doesn’t work they wish they could get rid of the child to go try the same lamebrain scheme all over again with another loser in waiting.

I remember the movie “An Officer and a Gentlemen” from when I was a kid. I really didn’t understand at the time how women could use a baby to get a man to commit to them. Richard Gere’s best friend in the movie actually hung himself when he found out he had gotten some stupid whore pregnant. That happens all the time in the military where women stalk enlistees because of their regular paycheck and good benefits. Those benefits run out real quick if they get injured in a real conflict. We all know the story about Walter Reed so I won’t repeat it here.

What astounds me is that the media is going into all of this psychoanalysis of a pretty straightforward issue. Let me say that I do not know who Caylee’s father is or what his role was in all of this if anything but this is just a very selfish chick. Almost all Americans are selfish because we equate humanity with material objects and fame and having a good time. Girls just wanna have fun I guess. Casey would be continuing to get away with this, as no doubt many women in this country are right now, unless she had killed Caylee by mistake as she did and I do believe it was a mistake. Let’s be honest. Casey isn’t very bright. Pretty girls don’t have to be smart in this country. She has concocted all of these ridiculous scenarios about things happening or not happening in her life. She didn’t delete the cache from her browser when she was surfing for digging tools and chloroform components. She even accused her step-dad of molesting her as if that is an excuse to kill a child, even unintentionally.

This case is all about female insecurity. Many women want an insurance policy to guarantee that a man won’t leave them for another woman. It doesn’t matter that it rarely works if ever when women see it as the only option. Oddly what having a baby does to a woman’s body would make one think that it would be the last thing a woman would try if she wanted to keep a man physically attracted but we are all victims of mental abuse in this country. Parents these days just don’t have a fucking clue on how to raise mentally and emotionally healthy kids. The fathers are usually absent, physically, emotionally or both. The mother can’t play both roles and it shows. Take nothing from women. Men can’t play both roles either. The unmitigated and depraved level of selfishness on both sides is what blows my mind.

I’ve seen mother dosing their kids with cough syrup or Nyquil to get them to go to sleep. I probably should have reported them to someone but I didn’t. That was years and years ago and none of my business really. Maybe I should have made it my business but I’m a different person now. I completely understand the mentality of these women and how they underestimate the commitment it takes to be a good mother, despite all of our warnings and admonitions to them. Experience is not only the best teacher. It is really the only teacher but at what cost? A life is a life but let’s admit that we are all forced by law and moral decree to place children above ourselves because of their vulnerability and naivete.

Women are by their very nature more emotional than men are, at least externally, and they hate being alone more than anything else in the world. Many women intentionally get pregnant just to have a kid to keep them company. They know the guy isn’t gonna hang around and don’t even try to keep him there. I find that utterly repulsive and sickening but poor and lonely black women are notorious for exhibiting that behavior. I think almost all women have considered getting pregnant by a guy they don’t want to lose to see if that makes him commit. Of course it almost always has the opposite effect and women continue to try it anyway. Treating human life like a disposable prop is no less than murder in my opinion. That child will most certainly grow up with all kinds of emotional problems and  spend most of their teenage years in juvie and then their adulthood in jail or prison all thanks to a mom that gave more of a shit about not being alone or having a man or a good time than protecting an innocent life that didn’t ask to be born.

These psycho bitches are everywhere, as are damaged men. Just because more of them are not being caught doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. They are. Women all over this country are using children to try to control or hurt men as revenge for abandoning them. Women are routinely denying visitation to the fathers and ruining the children in the process, but as long as they get their revenge nothing else matters to them. The states and courts have stepped in, all according to the Jewish Protocols of Zion, and all but replaced the parents. Daycare centers abound in this country because the dollar is damn near worthless and everyone, mothers included, have to work one, two or three jobs to make ends meet. This is all by design.

So how did we come to devalue life so much? Well the media desensitization started decades ago and proceeded methodically to the present. Now it’s all we know. Once the Jewish elite had commandeered our media we were but a stepping stone away from this complete madness. Hollywood  and the media basically define who we are now and Americans believe it. It’s that simple. They have us trapped in this infantilistic mindset of hyper-individualism, self-aggrandizement and immediate gratification. They tell us to destroy ourselves and each other and we do it willingly. We don’t even ask to be paid for it, which a Jew would never do. You just can’t bat an eye or take a vacation when your entire existence is at stake folks. These people plot our death and demise night and day. They will kill you whether you believe it or not. I know a lot of Americans have phony Holocaust guilt or believe Europeans Jews are God’ chosen people but they aren’t. Get over it and let’s stop this insanity.

When I look at Casey Anthony, and I think she’s pretty hot in a Liv Tyler sort of way, I just see an empty shell. She doesn’t realize or care about the seriousness of what she has done. She just wants to spend as little time as possible in prison so she can get out and start partying again. There’s nothing wrong with her brain. She’s just immoral as hell. She’s a typical American. She cares only about herself to the exclusion of the rights and privileges of anyone else. Caylee’s in a much better place without her hopefully to be reincarnated in a much better family. I just wish we could round up every single mother in this country who is using life to promote their own personal agenda, and then dumping it emotionally and physically when it doesn’t serve their purpose, and throw them all into a huge rubber room forcing them to listen to repeats of Dr. Phil for the rest of their lives. That’s worse than Abu Ghraib.

I cannot imagine how angry a just God would be to see this type of behavior. We are a seriously fucked up society of individuals. Praise yourself if you want to and laud yourself as the exception but we are all in this madness together. There can be no justice for Caylee. There can be no justice for Casey. There is no justice for any of us because we are a bunch of sick, twisted fucks who allowed the Jewish elite to do this to us and then had to nerve to call people like me an anti-Semite for suggesting the fact that Israel did 9/11, which they did.

Women have to get over the bullshit fairytale they are told as children that Prince Charming or some knight in shining armor will come along one day and fulfill all of their silly Harlequinesque fantasies. Hollywood has successfully overlaid our former reality with infantile tripe that bears no resemblance to the real world. We have to break the Jewish cycle of influence or things will worsen as they have planned for all of us. Make a choice. Making no choice at all means they win.


  1. You have hit the head right on the nail…..

  2. What casey did, to her child, is not uncommon, amongst, zionist (impostor) jews, since their goddless religion, forgives them after, 24 hours, of whatever atrocities,they commit,specially if the child’s father was a non-zionist,however, she may escape, the punishment she deserves, on this life , she will never escape, what awaits for her, once the true JUDGE OF THE UNIVERSE, GIVES HIS OWN VEREDICT. not only her but also all, that get involved, on braking the spiritual laws, that participate, on the destruction of GOD’S creation, specially children.

    • It is true but there is the problem of Gentile bad karma from taking evil order from Jews. If Jews bribe or blackmail our leaders to invade a country they don’t receive the bad karma. It is only transmitted to the ones who commit the act. Jews can draw up whatever atrocity they want but as long as they don’t actually do it themselves there is no bad karma for them. That is the power of the money talisman. People think money is just paper. It is NOT. It is a magical talisman for transferring negative karma. Once you take the money you get the bad karma and that is one of many thing that has destroyed this country.

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