Weiner Is A Real Dick. He’s Also A Whiner.

June 8, 2011

You literally cannot make this up. A Jewish Congressman married to a half-Indian, half-Pakistani woman gets caught tweeting dick picks over the internet. What are they not reporting is the real question? Nothing but a distraction here folks. The funny part is how he keeps asking for forgiveness. Didn’t God forgive the Jews a million times and yet they still keep returning to pagan deities like the dollar? Isn’t the porn industry run by Jews? Maybe Weiner chose the wrong line of work? There is no more forgiveness for elite Jews. They slaughtered millions and millions of men, women and children all over the planet in the past centuries.They wrote the Bible which is why it’s full of mistranslations to mislead Christians who are simply feeding their energies into the black magick used by the elite to maintain power and control. This is all unbeknownst to Christians. They are literally being used as batteries to fuel their own destruction. Jews are NOT God’s chosen people and the Holocaust never happened. It’s a holohoax. Were Jews killed? Yes…..so were blacks, whites and every other so-called race of people. There weren’t even six million Jews living in Germany so how could six million have died? Now they say it’s one and a half million but that’s still way overboard. What they don’t tell you is that all the Jews that died were poor Jews. None of the elite Jews lost anything or shed a tear because they actually foment and fund all major wars, including WWII. It’s time to wake up to this folks. We are nearing their end-game for humanity. Fuck Alex Jones!!!!!

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