The Acute Pain of Interracial Rejection

June 6, 2011

It’s peculiar to see racism at work on so many levels of American life. Now that the Jewish media is successfully promoting the mongrelization of all the races so that none of us have a racial or ethnic identity other than biracial you can see the complex dynamics unfolding but no matter what the white racism manages to still survive and surface in almost every scenario. Sometimes it’s so subtle but it’s still there.

The perfect example of this is white women who date (I mean fuck) black men. White women and black men would never interact at all without sex. There are only about 10% percent of black men who are even interested in dating white women but thanks to Jewish lies on TV white women believe we all want to marry them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Almost all black men will have sex with white women just to try it but most of them consider it superficial revenge sex on the white man even if they don’t realize what is happening at a subconscious level. There’s a reason they call it your subconscious. You don’t know it’s happening which is why it’s frustrating unless you’re very in tune with yourself like I am.

If an attractive black man pursues a white woman he is almost sure to get her into bed, especially if he resembles someone famous from the media. Of course black men that date white women have a bad habit of pursuing ugly or fat white chicks who white men don’t even want. Those white women know they have a better chance with black men who prefer thicker women in general. Throw in the white female’s skin as a power dynamic/taboo and some black men cannot resist it. It makes for powerful orgasms, especially if the white woman actually lives up to the billing we see in porn. We know black women won’t go there so we don’t even waste our time. We settle for boring, occasional, missionary or doggie-style sex and cheat on the side. I see no reason to settle for any less. Marriage and long term commitments are a scam that destroy manhood.

If an attractive white woman turns an attractive black man down it’s not because she doesn’t want to have sex with him. It’s because she wants to keep it sex only on the down low. Those white women value their white privilege and don’t want to jeopardize that even for a mind-blowing slavery orgasm. A lot of women these days can actually have an orgasm from money. It makes sense when you think about it. Everything, including people, has become a commodity that can be purchased and dispensed with once it is no longer useful. Some white women are actually just afraid that the myth of the mega-black penis is true and that it will leave them torn asunder, losing their tightness. Please……anyone that huge probably spends more time fighting gravity than getting you off.

On the flip-side if an attractive black man turns a white woman down they become mortally wounded. It’s not the same as an attractive white man turning them down. White men and women do not get along very well in general if you haven’t noticed. They’re families are a hotbed of perverse and aberrant behavior. That’s why I laugh when I see white romance movies. White people don’t love each other. They don’t love anyone including themselves. There’s a lack of spirituality that prevents whites from bonding with anyone or anything except maybe their pets, who are helpless to escape. When white women are rejected by black men they tend to go back into their white shell. White women already feel intimidated by the big booties of black women and other women of color. Getting turned down causes irreparable damage to their self-esteem. They’ll probably never approach a black man again so then pretend that they don’t want one in public while still grabbing that big black dildo as soon as they get home from work.

Since blacks are at the bottom of the socioeconomic order rejection by them is seen as much worse than any other social group. It’s like a homeless person telling you they’re not interested. White women always assume that they are rejected for one of two reasons: 1) Because they’re white and you’re only into black women or 2) Because their body doesn’t measure up. Those are really the same reason but white women see them separately. White women are very insecure about having a flat ass, no curves or being flat-chested. You can fix a flat butt or chest but you just have to be born with curves. You either have them or you don’t. I suppose you could take hormones but not many women do that. Transsexuals do. White women also fear that the cultural differences between whites and blacks will eventually cause black men to return to their racial fold for the sake of familiarity. I’ve seen it happen a million times so it’s true. If you’re black man and you have a choice between an attractive black woman and an attractive white woman almost all black men will take the black woman, even if they hate their own mother. Humans like feeling comfortable, especially when it comes to race.

White women retreat psychologically to where they feel safe once black men reject them. They embrace the racist posture of white men who feel the same way. In their minds they’re saying “How dare that nigger reject this pure snow-white pussy?!?!?”. Whatever. Ugly is its own race. Advice: Get over it. Very few black men even want white women for anything other than sex. We know how loose white women are. Everyone does. White women are 95% of the porn performers. Black women have a lot of sex with a few people. White women have a little sex with almost everyone. That’s a huge difference. Whites in general are unable to bond with other humans in meaningful ways. They usually mistake good sex as a deep connection. Even though black men and white women continue to be abused at the hands of white male patriarchy in this country and world that is no reason to believe that great, porn sex can lead to anything meaningful. Most of us just don’t get Coldplay or Glee. Let’s keep it simple, safe and sexual.


  1. You have no idea how refreshing it is to finally see a BLACK man who GETS it…everything I’ve been noticing and saying for years…like you, I’ve just about given up because it’s so frustrating seeing the truth and living in this insane world…

    Anyway, keep writing the truth no matter what the haters say because (ignorant) people will always prefer an convenient lie to an inconvenient truth.

    Hit me up sometime…would love to chat with a kindred soul! =)

  2. Many of my White people are weakened but the strong and healthy Whites still love each-other. To this White man, White women are the only women and I love them with all my heart.
    You don’t understand that jews in Hollywood, porn, ect. hate and exploit White women more than any other group. Only the weakest men blame, exploit, ect. women and children. Honor often comes with strength.

    • I agree with you sir or ma’am. They call your women “shiksas” or “sluts” in Yiddish. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiksa). I’m just saying that as blacks we are low man on the totem pole because of centuries of jewish, asian and arabic exploitation that no one has any real respect for us, even if they are physically attracted to us from the jewish media-induced sexual taboos. I see interracial relationships between blacks and whites where they treat each other with respect until it goes bad and then they start hurling racial epithets like “cracker” or “nigger” at each other. That means that was inside of them the whole time but their libido was overriding it temporarily. The media has women’s minds controlled almost 100% and that was the jewish gameplan from the outset. They knew that by destroying the women first that the men would follow suit because we are only strongest when we fight as one. It explains the gay agenda, feminism, porn and everything else. Women have effectively monetized and itemized men. It is reverse objectification. Men are being turned into women and vice versa. Eventually they will even control reproduction entirely once all Gentiles have been sterilized. It sounds like something out of a movie because it is something out of a movie. They tell us what they are going to do to us in Hollywood and on TV but Americans think it’s just entertainment and nothing else.

      Going back to interracial rejection, white women usually only turn to black men (or some other non-white race) when 1) the media tells them to do it, 2) they are overweight and rejected by white men (including their father as rebellion or revenge) or 3) experimentation with the huge black male phallus myth. Ironically slavery actually branded black men as beasts and now the jewish media uses that carryover to brainwash white women into sleeping with the super-masculine black male thug. It’s all psychological but I see and hear many white men projecting their anger on black males. These are your women, not ours. The Jews did this to your women. You cannot expect the average dumbed-down black male to know any better than the average American. White men don’t turn down sexual advances from gorgeous black women so why should black males turn down sexual advances from white women? We don’t even get the attractive ones most of the time unless we are rich which is very very few of us now that the Jews have stolen almost everything. I don’t care what color people are but I understand that skin color is a HUGE deal for many people because of how it is used to stratify society.

      I am all for white racial preservation, especially since you can only make a white baby from two white people but the Jews are practicing eugenics and genocide against non-Jewish whites, Gentiles or goy. They hate you because you are the only remaining threat to their world hegemony. Whites have to stop them because no other race has the power to do it in this current world and geopolitical construct. I seriously doubt though that anyone is going to give up their money and power without a serious fight. The people are truly sheeple. Their brains no longer function properly from all the physical and mental toxins from jewish filth. That makes this a very high hill to climb for the masses. My only hope is that was get some help from the cosmos in some form. I will continue to do whatever I can to assist and awaken others but some whites say they don’t want any help from a “nigger” or they either marginalize us so much that we have no input into creative process that can lead to a peaceful solution.

      This article was just to point out that when white women or men get rejected by a member of another race it is more painful because they have probably in some way already been rejected by their own. I am no misogynist. I love what women naturally are. I just hate what Jews have brainwashed them into becoming.

  3. “If an attractive white woman turns an attractive black man down it’s not because she doesn’t want to have sex with him.”

    Yes, it is.
    Just look at :
    If an attractive white woman turns an attractive white man down it’s not because she doesn’t want to have sex with him.

    Are we suppose to have sex with anyone who is attractive?
    We are in mortal pain if we have already developed some feelings
    to whom we got rejected not because that one is hot!
    Black man does not understand both concept of love and attraction.
    Why should every hot white woman be attracted to attractive black man? She may like, for example, nice looking asian guy!
    She may not be interest in mind-blowing orgasm that only black guy can give to her 🙂

    Your theory is not correct. Most fat and ugly women who are rejected from
    white men are in primary pain because of “white rejection” not because “black rejection”. The later one is just additional pain nothing else. They already know that black guys may not like them
    except for the sex, and having sex or babies with black guy is revenge to white men.

    How often do you see a single beautiful white woman with biracial kid(s) in comparison to number of single fat white woman with biracial children?

    “White women are very insecure about having a flat ass, no curves or being flat-chested”

    What nonsense? White women know that 90% of white men like
    tall skinny long legged beautiful women with medium size boobs.
    All or 99% of the women(even white) have some curves.
    I am white man and am not attracted to black women curves. If i find black women is hot she most likely look similar to what I already find is attractive at white one. She may be a very black (skin) but she may not have big ass, big boobs, wide lips and nose.

    And to the end, I am not sure most black men would take hot black woman over hot white women. Black man does not want to be white,however he does not want to be black either. White women in his hand is some kind of partial solution to him.

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