Are Black Women Less Attractive? Question With No Answer.

May 28, 2011

Satoshi Kanazawa, A Japanese evolutionary psychologist, is in a world of hurt after having an article published in “Psychology Today” claiming that black women are less attractive than other women as a result of a collection of surveys that were recently taken and the fact that black people in general have higher testosterone levels, which would cause black women to appear more masculine. The uproar caused the magazine to pull the article almost immediately but it is still posted all over the net on various sites as you can imagine. Here is one of them:


Here’s a pic of the jerk as well:

I have to admit when I first saw this name I thought it was African. That brings me to my first point which is that Asian people are really just a bunch of Africans. They mixed with Mongolians for hundreds of years and now they have yellow skin but they are still genetically African to a large degree. That is why they hate black people so much. Obama was treated like dog shit when he went to China. Asian people know that most of their history and culture is from African people who migrated there. It is thoroughly documented. Read “African Presence In Early Asia” by Runoko Rashidi. Many Chinese are even returning home to South Africa today. Look it up. You can tell by simple observation that most Asian names have African origins. Some of them are indistinguishable from African names. Asian people typically benefit from more positive stereotypes than other races because of the value placed on education in their culture so they consider themselves definitely equal to and many times superior to whites. Mr. Kanazawa is a PhD himself, not that it means anything because he just proved himself to be a pseudo-scientific, eugenicist loser.

This entire article could be dismissed without even reading it with one simple aphorism: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Who is Mr. Kanazawa to claim that black women are less attractive in general even if that was a measurably accurate statement? There is no way to determine the answer to such an unimportant question and so it should never even be asked in the first place. Maybe he finds Japanese women more attractive because he was raised in his native land. It’s no different in any other country but I’m quite sure there are some black women he would love to get into bed with that would never have him because black women just don’t find Asian men attractive. America generally finds white women more attractive because America was conquered by Europeans which them forced everyone here, including those arriving later, to adopt their standard of beauty which we all know is completely arbitrary. Why should everyone on the planet find airhead bleach blondes with long hair, blue eyes, dark tans, flat butts, long legs and big fake boobs attractive? The American standard of beauty hasn’t changed that much in hundreds of years although now there are a few cracks, no pun intended, in the seam thanks to the recent flood of big booty Latinas like Jennifer Lopez, Vida Guerra, Selena and many others. Black women brought the original big booty factor to America but as a darker-skinned people were never able to penetrate the mainstream. Light-skinned Latinas have not found it nearly as difficult to fund such acceptance.

The title of this hogwash article is conspicuous as well because it asks “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?”. That completely reveals the purpose of this article. How could the color of someone’s skin make them unattractive in and of itself? The author even states at the end that perhaps it is because of higher levels of testosterone, which tells you that he doesn’t even believe his own bullshit about skin color. Blacks do have more testosterone on average but not nearly as much as pure blood Africans. Blacks in America have been mixing with Europeans and other for centuries and our blood is quite far from what it used to be. There are very few pure Africans in this country any more unless they have recently immigrated. At any rate if you are conditioned by your public education system and mass media to find lighter skin attractive, as all Americans are, then that is generally what you will seek out but men are not that simple as individuals. I know some guys that prefer overweight women. I know some guys that prefer darker skin women because they are very light-skinned and like the contrast. One size, or color in this case, does NOT fit all. This appears to me to be a shallow attempt to gain media attention or a Jewish-funded scheme to keep black women in a perpetual state of anger and malaise since the media continues to promote interracial relationships to dilute the black male gene within the American population. It’s another form of Willie Lynch but directed at black women this time.

The author, who like I said is probably Jewish-funded, also claims that the surveys reveal that black women perceive themselves as far more attractive than others do. I do not doubt that one bit but what does that have to do with whether or not others find black women attractive? Basically the author is attempting to say that black women are vain and think too highly of themselves. There is a grain of truth in that because unattractive black women DO tend to overcompensate for their physical appearance. It is a defense mechanism. You want people to think you’re proud of how you look even if you are unattractive. Black people as a whole have so many other problems stemming from historical oppression by Europeans that this is merely black women trying to assert themselves in some way since most healthy avenues off doing so have been closed to us or severely blockaded. It is also a reflection of pop culture. Black women love divas. They emulate artists like Rihanna. They love women like Oprah. They desire fame and fortune like many Americans and overcompensating is one way they they make up for the reality versus the fantasy because there will not be many Rihannas nor Oprahs. I’m against anything that gives people a false sense of self-esteem because it does not prepare you to do with failure in healthy ways so you can bounce back and succeed.

But to the point, are black women unattractive than other races? Hell yes….some of them. There are mostly unattractive women and men of all races if we are judging by the European standard, including many whites. Ask the same question to only Africans. I used to believe white women were more attractive than other races when I was very young up until my mid-twenties because I was in all advanced classes in public school and hence exposed mostly to white women except in my local neighborhood while I was growing up. Hating one’s own people was a terrible price to pay for a better education which turned out to be nothing but indoctrination and conformism. My parents were wrong but I forgive them. Now after clearing the lies out of my head the European standard does not appeal to me that much because I like curvy women and those are usually women of color. Will a black man turn down a porn star bimbo if she pursues him? Probably not but it’s nothing he would chase or respect or even call back the next day. Every now and then you can find a white woman with curves like women of color but it’s probably because some of her ancestors were people of color and she was lucky enough to get that gene from them. Even when white women have curves though they are not as sexy and accentuated as the curves of women of color, not including Japanese and Chinese women who tend to be very svelte. Curves are genetically unnatural on white women and I find that extremely unattractive. In fact I would put white women at the very bottom of when it comes to physical attractiveness because of this fact alone. Maybe the author of this tripe should take some surveys of all nonwhite races and see what those results say.  I guarantee you it would be different. America is still over half-white so of course the results would favor the European-imposed standard.

I do believe that many black women could do more to improve their physical appearance. A lot of Black women destroy their hair with chemicals and poison themselves trying to look white, then replace it with weaves that look positively stupid. Unless you’re Lil’ Kim or Foxy Brown or Nicki Minaj just give it a rest. You are not a Hollywood star or a famous musical artist so stop watching so much TV thinking you can be like them by dressing like them. Famous people are famous for a reason. They represent an image and a brand for selling merchandise. They get paid to do that. Black women are wasting hundreds of millions of dollars every year on emulating a phony beauty standard and making themselves and black men sick at the same time. Real black men hate weaves. If you want a real black man then try growing some real black hair.

Another issue with black women is that most of them, including many black men, eat like crap. We are undergoing nutricide of our race by unscrupulous, greedy corporations that put profits before people. Why are there so many fast food outlets in black neighborhoods? Because we keep buying their toxic shit. I’m tiring if hearing black people say that they eat fast food because it is cheap. First of all it isn’t cheap. You can eat much healthier if you shop around and use coupons. Second of all it makes you sick which means you will be spending the rest of your money on doctor bills. Heart disease and related complications are still the number one killer of black people. You get out what you put in folks and you are what you eat. Don’t expect great things in life when you put terrible things in your body. Garbage in = garbage out. Now that bigger butts have become mainstream and more acceptable amongst whites black women have taken that as license to maintain their uniqueness by gaining even more weight and still calling it “thick”. If you are two hundred pounds, a female and not a bodybuilder then you are most like overweight, obese or whatever the politically correct term is these days. If that is “thick” then “thick” is “sick” and that is exactly what you will be very soon at that weight. If I see one more woman period who thinks having cellulite all over her thighs and butt is “thick” then I’m going to put in an application to become officially gay.

Black people, especially black women, do not exercise enough either. My family is a prime example of this. The average weight in my family is at least fifty to a hundred pounds overweight. I am the only one I know of that even tries to stay in shape and eat healthy. They even get mad at me because I don’t partake in their death syndrome of eating traditional “soul food” full of swine and grease. The reason that more blacks don’t work out is that we don’t vary our routine. Variety is the spice of life and exercise is no exception. You can’t do the same exercise every and not expect to tire of it and give up. I like to do yoga, jog, play basketball and tennis, swim when possible, lift weights, practice martial arts, do cardio, etc. That way I have something different to do every day so it never gets boring or monotonous. You also have to take days off because sometimes you need a break when you’re just too tired from your job and other activities. Black people have the most stress of all races thanks for centuries of white racism so we need exercise more than everyone else as well to burn off that negative energy and keep cortisol from building up in our systems. It just cleans our your body period. I see Indian women walking around in my neighborhood all the time. They may not do much else besides raising the kids but Indian women will hit the block and walk a few miles but they don’t tire of it because they have a deeper appreciation of nature than most Americans. Black women need to develop such an appreciation and get out of the house. Staying inside the house all day watching TV, drinking soda and eating crap will kill you. It’s bad enough that the water is fluorinated. I literally go insane if I don’t go outside at least a few times each day and I make it a point to do so. I don’t have to remind myself. I just feel nature calling (not for the bathroom) so it is a joy to me, not something I view as work or tedium.

When it comes down to it black people as a whole are still victimized by negative stereotypes and almost zero positive stereotypes unless you count big butts and penises as positive or being athletic and musically gifted. Those can be positive in their own ways but blacks are too often typecast into those shallow roles of sex and entertainment and not allowed to be the brains of the operation, except for a few tokens who usually have turned their backs of black freedom. I’ll bet even Oprah has white masters that she must appease with blood sacrifice from time to time. The larger point is that blacks DO in fact worship whites because we have been brainwashed to do so and to believe, via the public mis-education system, that we have never contributed anything positive to the world or civilization. The opposite is true of course but our behavior clearly demonstrates that we don’t believe it. Whites worship us too in the aforementioned shallow and co-dependent manners but we allow our love of whiteness to penetrate so deeply into our psyches from all of the Jewish media propaganda and filth that by the time we reach the teenage years it is really too late for most of us to develop a positive self-image that is conducive to freeing not only ourselves but assisting with the struggle of the entire African diaspora. We have a black Jesus on the wall but he’s still white in our minds and actions. Blacks lack unity because we are always competing with each other to see who can be the whitest and because of that we suffer a terrible price on the global stage, namely having no real voice at all in global affairs and no respect from any group of people. As soon as blacks gain a profitable position they turn on their own and sign on the Jewish Euro-dotted line. Whites do it too but we should not use whites as our standard for anything. That is setting our sights too low for a real God. It is this mental dependency that we still cannot shake after all these years, largely because we do not believe we can do anything meaningful or on a large scale without assistance from whites. How sad that we were here for so many thousands of years before whites even arrived and now we depend on them for our basic needs. I hate to even think about it because they could literally wipe us off the planet whenever they feel like it.

This rubbish non-science was only intended to evoke a harsh reaction from black women to substantiate the stereotype that ALL black women are mean, hostile and violent, like the angry black male (as if blacks don’t have a reason to be angry), when in fact it’s just the loudest black women who get all the attention in the media and elsewhere. Most black women do not behave in this manner just like most black men do not date white women. The Jewish media is lying to us and we are internalizing their lies. Let me be as blunt as humanly possible for a second. Jews hate black people……plain and simple. They financed the enslavement of our ancestors and then used that capital to build their central banking empire in this country and worldwide.  They call us “schvartze” whichs literally means “black” in Yiddish but the true meaning is pejorative and a synonym for “nigger”. Jews, especially those in power, are a very sick people, not only spiritually but physically and genetically. They cannot and will not be dissuaded from their current course of action which is to destroy this planet, take everyone’s land and money and then kill as many people as possible out of fear of retribution. The only way to stop them is for Americans to wake up and realize that these subhuman creatures are not God’s chosen people and that the Holocaust was one huge fucking hoax. Americans have to leave their guilt at the altar and do some real research. The answers are all over the internet as long as you carefully filter your sources.

The Jews are liars. They have always been liars and there is no doubt in my mind that they were behind this article. They are of their father the devil…..the synagogue of Satan. Christianity is their tool of guilt to keep you passive and under control while they silently slaughter you. They sow the seeds of discord to divide people based on gender, religion, race, sexuality and anything else they can think of. Once the people are divided they are easily conquered. They do the same thing with their phony wars going back thousands of years up to today with their phony War on Terror, instigated by their Mossad false flag attack on the Twin Towers and WTC7 on 9/11/2001. Be ready for another attack on the tenth anniversary of that date in just a few months. I’m sure they will not disappoint. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the playbook that details how the Jewish elite destabilize societies before taking them over. It is NOT a phony document. It is their actual plans that were leaked long ago by mistake and once you read them you will see that almost all of them have been fulfilled at this point. Wherever whites go on this planet they always take their Jewish parasites with them and hence none of us can be free. As soon as a profitable enterprise is developed by any people the Jews will always position themselves for infiltration and ultimately domination. I guarantee you that Mr. Kanawaza got paid handsomely by the Jews to spout this filth. That’s why Jews do. They buy our loyalty and then get us to perform heinous and despicable deeds against our very own interests, the same way Congress is bought and paid for today.

Ultimately the responsibility for this articles making it into print comes back to Psychology Today. How could the editor not realize how insensitive this was and also what pseudo-scientific garbage it was? A collection of surveys? Come on…..Someone got paid to do this and probably more people than just the author himself. You can see on the web site that he has two other books one entitled “Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters?”. Who does this guy think he is? Bruce Lee or something? Why does he feel entitled to judge and categorize everyone physically like some Hitler wannabee? This goes back to what I said earlier that blacks not getting respect from any race, including our own, because we demonstrate no unity nor self-determination and no economic backbone. There is no penalty we can inflict on “Psychology Today” without help from whites. Black Americans say it is impossible for us to get our own land and have our own country. It is exactly that attitude of self-defeat before even imaging the possibilities that has us still serving the white man and waiting for his table scraps unless we are in prison working for free and become sexually confused on the modern day plantation of the prison industrial complex. We can do better. Will we? I doubt it.

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