Why Americans Find Some Indians Irritating

May 23, 2011

My apartment complex is full of Indians. It’s a recent phenomenon too but I don’t mind that. In fact they are pretty quiet and don’t commit a lot of crimes. They’re kids are cute and well-behaved with two-parent households, something now foreign to most Americans. I also daily interact with Indians at my job but mostly over the phone and via email. They’re the developers meaning databases, web and server applications. I’m not sure why they have been typecast into that role. They don’t seem any more suited to it than the people who did it before the advent of the H1B Visa that has them flooding into the country.Β  In fact they do a worse job because their English is generally terrible with a very heavy accent that frustrates Americans beyond belief. I’ve noticed that most IT recruiters are now Indian as well. I just hang out on them and put their emails on a black list. Most of them have no clue what they’re doing. It may sound wrong but I only want white, Asian or Latino IT recruiters finding jobs for me. Blacks and Indians, probably because of white racism, just don’t have the connections needed or industry experience to make things happen smoothly or even at all.

Indians also tend to speak in the imperative form which irks Americans to no end since that is the form used for giving people commands and we don’t take too kindly to that. Regardless, I do have other issues with Indians and it’s not related to their seeking a better life in another country, which is what bothers whites the most as if foreigners are just supposed to turn down a better way of life to keep Americans happy, insulated and isolated while frustrating the New World Order’s plan for one world government. Whites never blame other whites for their problems. They prefer to vent on Indians and Mexicans rather than taking up arms against the Jewish hijacking of their government which is an attempt to dilute the gene pool of every race on the planet and thereby make us all easier to control and cull at their whim.

Indians and whites have a unique historical relationship. Whites claim Indo-European heritage but they generally express that as Aryan. The problem with that is Aryan doesn’t mean white. It is only used by white supremacists when they are referring to oneness as a people. The real definition refers only to the shared language of the Indo-European and Indo-Iranian people. I’m starting to think that whites really have nothing to claim of their own other than hatred and fear of everything that is not white. Well…….not starting perhaps but continuing.

When you take a look at Indians you will see that besides their skin and eye color they look very much like whites. They have dark straight hair. They have similar body builds and facial features. Their noses and lips are relatively thin most of the time. They tend to be hairy. They are probably directly related to whites genetically if you go far enough back in time. Maybe that’s why Indians kiss so much white ass when they come America. I thought Uncle Toms like Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele were bad but Indians take white ass-kissing to a whole…..nubba…….lebba.

What is the converse of an Anglophile? It is hatred of everything black. Most Indians hate blacks but they will not admit it because they are just happy to be in the country. The caste system in India still exists and it is one of the worst apartheid-like systems of oppression in the world. In fact it is so bad that many Hindus choose to convert to Buddhism just rather than live under it. The bottom class, or dalit, have virtually no rights or upward mobility. They are referred to as the untouchables (no not the gangsters) permanently confined to the most menial jobs for their entire lives, including all future generations as well. Anyone from the dalit class attempting to marry up or improve their lot in life is met with extreme resistance up to and including death. Indians bring that attitude to America and apply it to blacks who have been at the bottom since arriving in America as slaves.

Like I said I don’t mind other people’s customs as long as they don’t interfere with mine but the caste system mentality they bring to America interferes with my beliefs. I don’t care if Indians wear traditional garb and eat traditional food but they take it several steps further. Many of them don’t even try to learn English and it is next to impossible to understand them without them repeating what they said several times or rephrasing it altogether. You get better at it with time but the point is they should be trying to get better at speaking it, not Americans getting better at understanding it. If I went to their country I would learn and speak their language as best I could. They are simply not doing that here in America. Most of the time they speak their native Hindi dialect and only speak English when forced to in meetings or group functions where at least one member is not Indian or a Hindi speaker. Needless to say that is not conducive to learning English when you get very little practice because you know they don’t speak English at home. I know for a fact because I can hear them in my apartment building every day. Not one word of English……..ever.

I read an article a few weeks ago about how some Indians are complaining about Americans using yoga simply for the physical benefits because to them those are usually combined with a spiritual and religious aspect. Well pardon me if I didn’t know that Hindus owned downward dog. Give me a break. It’s one thing to introduce your culture to another country. It’s quite another to tell us we’re doing it wrong. I don’t hear any Latinos complaining that Tex Mex is not authentic Mexican food. You have to make compromises when you are new to a country if you want to blend in with other cultures. That doesn’t mean giving up any authentic traditions but it does mean allowing for different views. I do yoga myself. It’s good for my back and stress in general but I would never practice Hinduism. In fact I would never subject myself to any man-made religion because they were all created for control, not spirituality or closeness to God. Besides Hinduism has way too many Gods for me to remember at my age. It’s almost as bad as Judaism’s 613 mitzvoh but nothing could be as bad as Judaism.

I’m not going to go into ad hominem attacks on Indians but we all know there is a very small percentage of them that do not bathe regularly. Maybe it’s their clothes more than them. Maybe it’s all the spices they use in their food. I don’t know but I do know BO when I smell it. Of course Americans tend to assume that it’s the entire group of them that smells rather than one of them which is usually the case. I understand that much of the water in India is not potable so they are not used to having an abundance like we do in America but this is something they need to adapt to as part of our culture. Americans do not like smelly people especially in a business setting. The vast majority of Indians do not behave in this manner but there is that 1% out there that literally could fell an elephant with their pure funk. They are so funky it makes George Clinton sound like Lawrence Welk. Take a damn bath for Pete’s sake. I know there’s fluoride in the water but that’s the least of my concerns when it comes to funk.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Indians are not very friendly people from what I can tell. Why the fuck do so many of the men always stare at you as well? Maybe it’s just me. They seem very introverted in general and prefer to remain isolated in groups with other Indians. That is not abnormal per se since all races behave in the same manner to a degree but with Indians it is grossly exaggerated. Maybe it’s just the fact that most of them don’t like blacks. Maybe they are just shy or intimidated from being in another country. Whatever the case may be if I was in another country I would be trying to each out to the people who have lived there to make connections.Β  I have never seen Indians personally make any such gesture but maybe they do with whites who they apparently worship. They just want to do their job, mostly in their native Hindi language, for a low-ball wage that forces Americans out of work and then go home to an isolated Indian community to continue making babies.

All I see around when I walk around outside is Indian women who stay at home and take care of the kids all day. That is fine. America used to be like that before feminism ruined everything. I actually applaud it although I am sick and tired of seeing preggos walking around everywhere. I don’t see the glow in pregnant women. All I see is a bloated female with a new victim in her belly. I know I know…….I should relocate (working on it) but I’m not sure why Indians have so many kids. Maybe it’s the same reason Latinos do which they say is because they value family or at least large families. Americans also used to do that but feminism destroyed that too, although some credit must be given to the rampant materialism and objectification of everything. Now whenever there is a murder in America the first people the police want to talk to is the family and usually they find the killer right there.

It’s just weird seeing people who have not been infected by American mental illness yet. It makes me a little jealous, not that things were ever perfect in this country because they were far from it but at least things were less contrived and robotic.Β  Now we’re sick and we have to pretend we’re not using political correctness or risk losing our livelihoods. What a crock. We’re all just human capital to corporations now and I can see the transformation already happening to second and third generation Latinos and Asians. They are becoming just as sick or more as white and black Americans already are and in the process of losing all of their humanity, affinity for family and simple living. In fact you can already see it affecting Indian men who are chasing after underage white girls. Chris Hansen from “To Catch a Predator” can probably speak Hindi at this point. America is a disease and it is extremely contagious.


  1. You must be the most jobless person on this planet!

    • No I work full time and still manage to stay informed unlike Americans like you who are false patriots. Just go back to doing whatever mindless crap you were doing. You will deal with your bad karma in the afterworld and subsequent reincarnations anyway. If you don’t like my blog then don’t read it. It’s not for people like you. I do it for people who have a clue. You obviously don’t fit into that category.

    • You are so stupid, I am Indian, first generation. You are obviously stereotyping this to an extreme. So many things wrong in this BS you call an article. First of all Indians in America have 2-3 kids? Indians do speak perfect English, you think those crazy accents are real? Hahaha. No. We put that on when we hear an unfamiliar word, which is becoming rare with now-a-day Indians. We are on the developer side because unlike you all Americans we had to work hard to come into this country, and we like to have some money in our bank accounts :). I know that’s a stereotype but how do you fight stereotypes? That’s right. With stereotypes. We speak a ton of English at home. Several Indians hang out with several Indians because we all feel like a family, we don’t like the American way of materialism.

      Caste system. That’s a thing of the past. Barely exists. We don’t hate blacks. The previous generation had some discomfort. It’s completely gone, I don’t know where you got this.

      • I don’t find this offensive in anyway, I’m not mad, just saying my viewpoint of this situation.

      • what these white people don’t know is Indians from india are indigenous to north America as natives and over 500 tribes are from india dalits are 1 tribe for example and we are more indigenous to this land than Europeans are . as I recollect Europeans forced their way into indian land and should all be deported. whites have been illegal in America since 1492 and only a few centuries in KA-NA-TA , KA-NA-DA . whites try stealing our culture because they want to claim lands which are not theirs. that’s the jist of it

      • couldn’t agree more….funny part is the things that whites steal get stolen back from them by european inbred jews.

      • my question is why did hite people change the Christian lords name to jesus Christ when his real name was yeshua messiach and he was never white. true Hebrew Israelites are not white and the jews of today in Israel which are stealing Palestinian lands are colonial unwanted immigrants who are NOT the true descendants of Abraham.pontius pilates and the roman soldiers killed the lord and the romans are white. white people converted to Christianity in 1100bc e and whites like to speak for hindus but the fact is whites are NOT hindus not Aryans and don’t know jack all about our culture and should seriously quit exploiting us and be more self sufficient something they lack as they came from Europe crossed the atlantic illegally on to north American contient and were NOT invited.i seriously think its time for india and china to aid Russia and ethnic cleanse north America from these white bacteria parasites who think they can steal and take anything they want. much deep consideration into this thought .

  2. Hey there , I really liked your blog. I am an Indian too but currently staying in Singapore. I agree to some of the points you said because being an Indian I feel the same that at some places in India their is a lot of development to be done. Actually, the Indians who stay in America are mostly from small towns and they really don’t know how to behave. But let me tell you something all Indians are not like that.We love to interact with different people and make friends.So, on behalf of every Indian I apologize if you guys were offended by something but we are not bad people. We love India and America too..!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks a lot Hetvi. I hope you did not find my article offensive in any way. America used to have a good standard of living but it’s getting lower and lower with each passing day. I know a lot of new immigrants come from very poor countries so think is still a paradise to them but in reality this is the most evil country in the history of the world. Our leaders and military routinely assassinate leaders of other countries and bomb their people whenever they try to do something positive for their people and/or the world. I wish all of us would stop fleeing the problems in our own countries that are created by countries like the US and just come together as a human species to end the suffering of people everywhere instead of just looking out for ourselves and our loved ones.

      • “Our leaders and military routinely assassinate leaders of other countries and bomb their people whenever they try to do something positive for their people and/or the world”
        I will definitely not agree with this.Killing some evil leaders in middle east doesn’t make US evil.If they don’t do that, the whole world should face the wrath of that evil. I am an Indian and I’ll agree a 100% with u r article. Comparatively, I think US and Europe,Australia and New Zealand (Countries ruled by Whites) has better politicians than rest of the world.
        Countries ruled by Whites are developed and will continue to develop!

      • I respectfully disagree. The global elite are just that…….global. Sure there are tinpot banana republic dictators who do anything 1st world countries tell them because they want a better life for themselves only. They take bribes and follow orders. It doesn’t make them worse leaders than Europeans. It makes them greedy, selfish opportunists. The root evil is the people giving the orders under threat. If these evil orders were not coming from countries colonized by Europe then no one would be tempting into following them by taking bribes and hence impoverishing their own people just so we could steal their natural resources. It’s the same as blaming a house fire on the flames itself and excusing the person who set the fire.

  3. Hey Jabari70, I was not at all offended but actually I have now became a fan of your blog. I really loved the way you balanced everything. Well, I do agree with your answer my friend but every country has their own rules and I personally feel that rules should be followed.If the same thing happens in India we will feel the same as you guys are feeling right now.Thank you so much for this with us.:)Even I feel the same that we should just forget from where be belong but just remember one thing that we are human beings.Peace..:)

    • Perhaps you should get a lesson or two in the English language πŸ™‚ You have introduced so much confusion that even Shakespeare would turn in his grave πŸ™‚ RIP English and best of luck to whoever you are. I can’t spell your name though πŸ˜›
      Example :1st line is killer πŸ™‚

      • fuck shakespeare and fuck you. i don’t pay homage to europe for shit.

      • All of these hundreds of articles and all Indians can do is call me a racist instead of waking up to the Jewish elite threat that is killing all of us. Your egos are massive and will keep you reincarnating since you think I have to understand something that I already do.

  4. Be happy.. don’t get frustrate.. if you are unhappy, evade or else educate them.

    From your point of view, you don’t like caste system, Judaism and Hinduism. I am not sure that aren’t you a religious person?

    My perception is caste and religion systems are poisonous tonic and it asserts adverse result on growing world.

    Don’t give intuitive or subjective assessment or granted decisions, Think like a mature global citizen and help human kind. if you think that your surrounded people are uncivilized, educate them. Please don’t impose religious principles like pope or president Jackson did on tribes to compelled tribes from east to west territory.

    Although uncivilized people can find in every race or country, but you can find more people in developing countries. Don’t repeat the history, it tells that how civilized people make dominance on uncivilized people whether it is occupied with country or stereotype or demo gouge.

    Every where hierarchy people show dominance in world or in their own country whether it is USA, India, or china. For example in India higher religion people dominance or higher caste people dominance.


    Bottom Line:There is no perfect meaning or definition for a civilized world. Please revise the history, how USA formed from your brothers (what you think right now England, killing each other citizens). when Britishers came to the continent and how tribes suppressed. If you feel America is yours, it is pity and sad. I just make a laugh……..

    How pity is it, we came from the same human race and fighting each other to make dominance for their survival. Finally, your forefathers came early and work hard for the survival in america and you became lucky today for this lifestyle..

    Have fun and help others with the gift of life. I randomly saw your post, It is not my frustration on some country, I am trying to educate you to reach the perpetual human kind. If I offend you beliefs personally, I feel sorry (socialized word) about the discussion

    • caste has nothing to do with anything as a indian I notice that white people cant seem to mind their own business nor respect ones values and cultures. if you white people don’t like it that’s to bad ,we aint going to change who we are just to have our beliefs and cultures faded because your history is looting cultures like you white people tainted christiaity beyond belief that’s why you have no honesty because your race has lied. why is the Christian lords name jesus Christ ? his real name is yeshua messiach and he was never white.i believe Pontius pilates and the roman soldiers killed the lord and the romans ARE white.you people are liars and hypocrites and secondly north America is OUR LAND! aboriginals come from india as well. the dalits are aboriginals from india and india has over 500 tribes. whites are illegal in north America illegal in America since 1492 and only a couple of hundred years in KA-NA-DA you white people are in no position to tell us anything as you got allot of nerve and audacity to be slandering and dehumanizing us when you should look at your own history.the forgotten war korea,qings dynasty in china forcing china to sign an unequal treaty. invading us in 1849 and we got our independence back in 1947 kicking whites out. Portuguese invade us before . white got beaten in pestering vietnam,whites introduced jim crows law in south Africa pestering Africans and enslaving them ,whites genocided our other indian tribes in north America and whites raped and killed Mexicans, maoris, and aborigenese. whites invented classism,colonialsim,imperialism,fascism,sexism, and color bars,whites are the most xenophobic bigots on the planet who caused the most global atrocities and should be deported off north America indian land.whites also near genocided Japanese in nagasaki and Hiroshima ith atomic bombs. whites are not indigenous to any land as eve Europe had moors before whites were there and theword Caucasian hites changed the definition why? caucasian meant bonestructure until whites by a german philosopher named christoph meiner in 1785 made the definition to suit whites exclusively when that term caucasian never meant racial identity as the brown Caucasian wee the first Caucasian and they were not white nor European at all. whites excluded south Asians in northern region of india as well north Africa which are arabs.whites do this for priviledge and use the word caucasian for racist ways for immigration purposes. whites are not Aryans either as that theory fabricated by max Mueller and Nixon got debunked many other non biast scholars disagreed with max Mueller who died in 1899 making that theory up when he wasn’t even born when Aryan culture flourished in india befoe max was even bor. Hinduism is older than judaism,christianity an islam beliefs just to let you know.and ancient india was natives land. whites are a recent race and didn’t ow anything no raw materials no treasury no natural resources and there is no such thing as the proto indo European as there is no proof nor is there any shared linguistics between asia and Europe. the climate theory got debunked as ell as the inuit eskimos have been in cold climate for many many centuries and they still look brown to me.whites are ethno and Eurocentric liars.why did whites mock and stel indias swastika (svastika) which originated in india NOT Europe! whites are culture thieves culture vultures.why couldnt whtes fix their own economy back in Europe and leave everyone of other ethnicities alone.because whites are not self sufficient all whites have done is create a illegal constitution and charter of rights in stolen north America to suit the white peoples agenda and attire we all know that.thye rig-veda Sanskrit is the oldest history of Aryans and mentions nothing of Europe nor Europeans.semites are not white and neither are us hindus.whites cant convert to Hinduism either.now go back to Europe and get off our land!

  5. Give an unbiased answer? Do you never hate a white by his/her attitude? I guess you are a software Engineer or working in a software industry, you never feel anger with your boss attitude and making dominance on you.

    In India Hindu’s think they are well civilized than converted Christians and Muslims because of their dominance. In Hindu sub division or caste basis the hierarchy thinks they are well civilized depends on regions or territories. The whole system becomes complex and running with flaws like with a bug in a program.

    If there is any religion conflict, they divided and fight each other (Hindus, Muslims, Christians). If it is a war on a country like Pakistan or any other country, they got united (most people unified).

    Here in USA, blacks and whites are united when fighting for WW1 and WW11 before that we saw civil war, Spanish war for dominance.

    So, People are having fun daily with these useless cock and bull stories to feel or satisfy for their inner personality.

    War makes unified and makes fun for everyone.

    U mentioned Indian’s are Indo-Europeans or Indo-Iranians, who knows the fact of 12,000 years history, we don’t have Scientific technology to unveil those facts.

    We knew from 5 century BC, how Abraham root origin people have been fighting (Still) each other for their dominance. You said USA has higher standard of living and civilization, I will recent of the first person of USA (BUSH) did so many flaws while his journey. I am talking about his gestures and not the war activities.

    Don’t you know how USA treats President wife or female by his opponents and dead by heart-attack because of his their opponent comments. I know how american citizens or Americans treat their girl friends. I don’t think they are treating well and respecting their views. Please respect on cultures and educate them if you are a mature person. My suggestion, please don’t frustrate by seeing uncivilized or brutal person whether he is Indian, USA, Iran, China.

    Bottom Line: It depends on human mentality, how they are treating or seeing the female or being civilized with others and It doesn’t depends on race or country or region.

    Be flexible and accept my views and I am not imposing on you.

  6. I’m not Indian and I’m not American, but I think you’re really rude and you don’t have anything to do with your life. I’m a black South African and not all Indians are what you say they are. All my friends are of a different race and none of them are racist or as disgusting as you kind of describe them. Shame on you. I won’t blame your race but I’ll blame you. And blacks are not what you say we are. Futsek

    • that’s very true and africans should get their landback and the dutch and british should LEAVE! African are good people you invented piercings and culture of your own. its sad how blacks get discriminated as whites stole africans gold from africa’s mines an me as an indian say you blacks should get reperarations for the grief and bloodshed whites have caused you im with you on this .the whites are full of it. they have no right to tell others how to live their lifestyles when non whites have been on this planet for over 200,000 years.whites only had a 500 year ruling in north america and now times are changing and whites re going to regret what they’ve done as whites commonly state it wasnt them for what their ancestors did but yes whites today are just as responsible s they are governing people of colors lands and haven’t left back to Europe yet,just wait till they save their belated embarrassment for later. its goingtoget bad. white have india’s Kohinoor diamonds ,crystal throne,humabird artifacts and golden crown and its in the queen of englands possessions when it should be returned and Fiji got their independence and have taken the queens face off their currency and circulated new dollar bills for money effective jan 2013 thank god. whites are not the true christians as the jews of today are not real jews they are not the descendants of Abraham and a European colonials who are stealing palestinians lands and building apartment buildings there. if Israel was theirs then how come its not developed? the invaders came and took that land.whites have no credibility nor any vallldity on anything they say as they have brought falsified theories and indoctrinate lies another word for whitemans theorys are LIES!

  7. I’ve worked with and befriended plenty of Indians here in the US, and I have to agree with your blog post. Like other ethnic groups, there are the “good” and “bad” Indians, but the Indian community is unfortunately complicated and plagued by bizarre mannerisms. Some of my closest friends are South Asian and they agree that the “fobbish” Indians have a long way to go in terms of assimilation in American society. What I find disturbing is the younger generations that were born in the US still inherit their parents’ flawed habits (including speaking in an accent) and thus continue to be missing out from the true “American dream.”

    For the record, I am a child of two East African immigrants and I have seen my family go from being on the brink of welfare to owning a home with two stable jobs. I grew up in both immigrant and American communities and I fully understand the difficulties faced by new Americans. Far too many Indians enter this country with a preconcieved notion of their politics and culture, which hinders their ability to open up to new experiences and learn from this country’s diversity. America has its problems, but immigrants leave their countries for a reason. Indian immigrants have lost sight of that reason and will continue to be at a huge disadvantage socially and economically if they insist on closing themselves off to American society.

  8. Interesting enough reading different views on a particular race and deriving from the limited exposure that you came across. There are many more facets to this issue than just what you described above, althought few of them might be true but do not sound bright.

    Assimilation is a must and it should be supported and encouraged not just by the people who arrive to any country but there should be programs and governance in preparing the citizens of the destination country and a good example for that is country like sweden where they have an very efficient program for immigrants as well as the citizens so they can co-exist and better understand.

    Bad and good are very relative and its magnitude changes from individuals perspective. For eg you mentioned that crime among indian people is less when compared to what? Latino’s, Blacks, or Caucasian population? You are discriminating instead of understanding.

    Smell, body odour and behaviour have got nothing to do with culture or ethnicity its more related to individuals hygiene(Btw I not sure that Indians dont take bath due to water scarcity reference- NGC – Explore india available both in books and videos) and If we go by that kind of categorization then all black people have terrible breath and all white ppl have horrible body hygiene and all indians have horrendous body odour.. which are all untrue. This would be as dumb as calling every muslim a terrorist every black a murderer and every latino ganster or gardner.

    Being myself from Britain ( living in USA now) we have many cultures that co exist and more so in a wonderful way. We are not perfect but we are still on track, so stop stereo typing and help where you can and if you mean well then make friends and let them know they are invited into our countries and show them how beautiful we are regardless of how much you dislike your or any country.

    The tough part is to learn and easy part is to comment. There is not right or wrong way of life style, but there is certainly a smart way and that is adapting to your surroundings and this goes for both immigrants and natives( americans a.k.a white/blacks etc.).

    I have to mention my recent visit to an indian family and their son of 7 is genrally very warm and friendly and as I walked into his living room he immediately shut one of the door that leads to their prayer room where they have the gods lined ( yes there were a lot of gods..lolz) and I wasnt sure what made him close the door and I couldnt resist so I asked my mate(kids father)what is in that room to which he replied its our prayer/pooja room. Then after a little while I asked the kid why he closed the door to which he replied I dont want to be made fun of as none of friends home have any thing like that in their homes. It touched my heart to see what a 7yo mind goes through and how much he must be struggling to be the same as his friends a.k.a white/black etc kids.

    Children learn from Parents follow and when a family moves to a new country parents are in a learning process themselves some sooner than others so for them to teach their kids is not easy as they are trying to figure it out themselves.

    So be nice and treat others the way you want to be treated.

    If you cant help dont hurt. I am not apologizing or expecting anyone to do so for what they have said or believe, but definitely can urge them to think twice as in what they done on their part to help the neighbour indian/latino/chinese/black to be welcomed.

    You were thought and brought up well by your parents so share the same and help your new friends to adapt and adjust.

    Same goes to immigrants stop being in the spit of the country you brought along with you and your groups. Try understand and respect the cultures and traditions of the country you move to without leaving your culture behind but there is no need to rub it in anyones face. Do it for your good and leave it at home. Just because you eat meat it aint fair to hang those bones around your neck.

    Immigration to a new country is a two way street.


    • I totally agree with Battine. Being human is respecting each others views/culture etc, while following yours.

    • funny you whites say assimilation Is a must when you whites never assimilated to the aboriginals you are one to talk and should leave !

      • I’m not white you dumb ass. I’m black.

  9. First, as you said Indians are poor in English the reason is that they prefer giving more importance to their language and are proud of their mother tongue they feel it is better to communicate in their own language as it feels “closer” not only Indians but even people from other countries like Kenya. The hygiene depends on each person, if you see me I am hygienic, so does that mean that I am not an Indian? It just depends they area you are raised in and what values your family has given you. Indians mostly talk to their races is just because when they meet someone, like you guys or read something like this what you have written they get discouraged, so please instead of DISCOURAGING, please ENCOURAGE! And one more thing you got wrong, caste-system is very ;less to be seen, people are marrying not only different castes but even people of different religions. And please, as I said, stop discouraging..if you give time to Indians they are friendly! And most of my friends are mostly 3 in the family…..and that thing about Indians having many children was there when the kings were present. And yes, Indians don’t know English as well as Americans because it is not their first language, you said if you were in India you would not speak the Hindi so well so that’s how Indians don’t speak English so well.

    • what world do you live in? east indians are rich and used to be a rich monarchy before whites came and ruined the infrastructure and left the country through deceit with the british east india company and left the country in political instability through treachery. whites did that with natives too in north America. you whites can NEVER be trusted.yt you have the nerve to call those places third world sh holes when the place you lived in befor you came to indian land had no agricultural skills no nothing.it is fitting whites need to LEAVE!india is ding better now and soon will become a superpower despite what whites stole and now everyones got weapons . whites stole gunpowder from china .hites won be abl to invade anymore as indi ot strong in 1947 now it will be whites decimated if they ever try to invade india again. wont happen and whites are running out of wealth fast whites try pushing feminism in india and yet whites have infidels ad non monogamous gold digging couples who are destined for divorce and alimony. whites are crooked and thieves amongst themselves as well.compare whites divorce rates to india and there is no comparison as whites are mental nutjobs and jealous as well envious of ethnic minorities succeeding that’s why whites complain about foreigners working twice as hard for cheaper wages. yet whites wont do those jobs but yada yada whine whine whine and complain you spoiled brats.whites only culture is gays and lesbians with false patriotism as they lost their patriotism because everyone foundout it was all BS!.

      • yes I know I have spelling errors I know how to spell because I am mentioning it now my computer has virus. speaking of virus why did whites create mutated h5n1 airborne disease it was floutchier a dutch scientist from netherlands experimenting on ferrets. why did whites invent aids?robert gallo should be in jail

      • india is smart as india created the first university in the whole world named takshashila university located northwest region of india and also 1200 years before Isaac newton REDISCOVERED the laws of gravity was bhaskaracharya .also Copernicus published his theory of the revoluton o earth in 1543 a thousand years before him was aryabhatta in 5th century (400-500 ce) stated the earth revolves around the sun. whites cant name one thing they invented without stealing aw materials off non white. im sorry but going to someone’s home stealing their assets and taking credit for something you change byentrepreneuring doesn’t make you have any merritt in the get go that just doesn’t work that way.

  10. Hi,
    I couldnt read the whole article , but as far as i have read is really true.But you need to dig deeper into India as India consists of many different states and they used to be ruled by different Kings before British cam in.So basically the people whom you are seeing in IT jobs are from south India.India has so many different cultures and regions that you cannot put them in same basket.But you are absolutely right that , those who come in to work in IT , need to learn a lot .I have many times felt ashamed of people when they behave like that , but any way dont worry they are not aggressive and the day the govt changes yur policies , they will go back so its just matter of time.

    • I completely agree with you Gurvi. They do not represent all Indian people as a whole. India is the home of Hinduism the oldest known religion to mankind. That in and of itself makes its history and culture indispensable. Also the world would be close to spiceless without India πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading.

    • India and Indians at their peak of being discriminative among themselves quite interesting. I couldnt stop laughing at these sentences ” the people whom you are seeing in IT jobs are from south India” and ” those who come in to work in IT , need to learn a lot “….Rofl.

  11. I appreciate you.
    I heard, Indians are racist, they’re stinky.
    Agree with you.

  12. I am a carpet cleaner by trade and what I don’t like about Indians is that they constantly want to haggle and get special deals and yet their carpet is the worst kept and stained and look like animals live in their home. They are also somewhat dishonest to do business with. You could tell them that it costs a dollar to clean their house and they still would haggle you down to fifty cents.
    I still treat them as well as I would any customer but if I never heard from another one in my business I would not miss them.
    They make appointments and don’t respect you as a worker.

    • bargaining is not dishonesty …hahahaha..!!

  13. Hi I am from India and I have spent 3 years in Singapore and my both parents live in New Jersey and half of my family is in New York or New Jersey. I agree to many points you highlighted and I really like that you were prudent and not biased. But I strongly disagree to many points you pointed out above.
    1)You said: Indian are not socially active with Black or Mexican or etc but likes to kiss ass of White person -> With all due respect Sir. We normally came US at the age of 21 to 30 with skilled VISA like H1B or L1 or Student VISA and by that time we are so use to our own culture… and getting transfered from one to other country does not mean we change our mind data…it takes time. If American….goes to India or China then you will find your way of life… Cube, party, Holiday, 5 days work style etc …Isn’t is? I have personally seen it in Singapore who Caucasian or white in an all want these thingies. AND most imp point we come to earn that is top on our head. We don’t want money for purchasing Lamborghini or Toyota (which ever is famous in US) we earn for our family. I earn for my parents, wife, married sisters [even though they are living lavish life], etc WHY? bcos I love them and want to contribute to their happiness before I die. That is important to us. Thats why we kiss ass of White people. And yes my family told me that we can TRUST white people, they are good. When they talk with Black they get sense of insecurity. Dont know why?? 😦

    2) I Strongly dont like when you guys or any people around world pointing Indians or Chinese that they are all around us with pregoss or etc.
    a)Did we drop in your country without authentic VISA?,
    b)Are we were as war victims with refugee status?
    No but with Legal status and contributing heavily to US economy with very less crime rate.

    3) Yoga thing…! Can you say any India up front what ever you discuss here on blog? NO you are sacred ..what they will thing? will Indian neighbor/colleagues will take me wrong ? At least we clarify the actually meaning of it. Or else one day a American will say… even though there are so many Indians around no one pointed out Yoga is just not exercise but spiritual practice to be union with GOD …haa they are dumb aas.

    English …we dont speak English…yes we dont. You know languages knowledge per Indian? It is minimum 3 languages a Indian can communicate and you guys at most 2 ..right?
    Somebody said it right American just want their way of life.

  14. I found your article very insightful, but i do not believe it applies to all Indians. I am Indian myself, but i speak perfect English and bathe daily. This article didn’t offend me in any way, and the generations of my family are usually quite small. A lot of people are too poor to afford education in India, as there is no ‘free’ schooling, only a small program introduced in villages. I support the abolishment of the caste system, and I dont hate black people. I get along with everyone just fine. Unfortunately some Indians are helping build a negative reputation of immigrants from India, and I am saddened being one myself, as i face the predujices being reinforced by a lot of fellow immigrants. I have friends of many backgrounds – white, black, Pakistani, and Indian, and this article has opened my eyes. The fundamental problem is that INDIANS are biased, and north-Indians take priority, and they get more money, and can therefore fund an education. If South Indians are not educated, they cannot be qualified.

  15. the thing actually happened was most people with not so great jobs and education were told they would get better wages in the US and they ended up coming there in huge numbers πŸ˜› that was all during the IT Boom that lasted for only a few years. now indians are not just allowed to settle in america for no reason. there are a good number of rules and restrictions so i guess you wont find people without proper grip on language anymore

    i completely agree when you say that people in india have to change in the way they think about caste and religion ( ive grown up in a family with tons of such crap ) but one thing my parents taught me is individuality and i dont blindly follow them. i think on my own and i have many friends who do. i believe that in due time people will break free of such beliefs one day πŸ™‚

    though my native language is telugu and i can speak hindi because its my national language i have trouble getting into very close relations with people from other parts of my country, its normal that they feel more comfortable around people from their place so this isnt just the case with indians in usa

    and i really mean it when i say english is given a lot of importance here πŸ™‚ most of our education and work cannot exist without that
    i really like the way youve pointed out the problems and i agree ive seen them too but trust me when i say 80% of indians receiving proper education will never do any of those πŸ™‚

  16. well I am an Indian and I don’t hate black. they are cool people. we love them.

    • me too I like black over white anyday at least blacks never invaded us and minded their own business.

  17. I like Americans especially those who I see on TV programs such as Jerry Springer, Jackass, Manswers, Jersey Shore, Honey Boo boo and Duck Dynasty. They are the real Americans!

  18. whites have been illegal in America since 1492′ and only 200 years in ka-na-da OUR LAND!you white people are the illegal Europeans we should DEPORT YOU OFF OUR SOIL!

    • This is about people from India not native Americans. I’m black so naturally I agree wholeheartedly that Europeans do not belong in America since they slaughtered the indigenous and stole the land but whites will never give up America without a violent bloody war. They don’t believe it’s their fault since they didn’t do it even though they continue to benefit from the crimes of their ancestors. Then there is the issue of what to do with us blacks. We don’t belong here either but we were forced here through slavery. Do we get to stay? Or do we have to return to Africa? There are many questions but the driving agenda of the elite is to meld the races into one to destroy ALL racial identity to make us all easier to control. That means no one is going anywhere. Any attempt at uprising or rebellion against this government (run and owned by British elites) would be met with swift and harsh annihilation. Be reasonable and do not get yourself killed over things that either cannot be changed at all or cannot be changed overnight. Anger makes us do things we later regret. Killing whites would not make your pain go away, even if it would be cosmic karmic justice.

  19. Some facts on indians
    Q. Who is the GM of Hewlett Packard (hp) ?
    A. Rajiv Gupta

    Q. Who is the creator of Pentium chip (needs no introduction as 90% of the today’s computers run on it)?
    A. Vinod Dahm

    Q. Who is the third richest man on the world?
    A. According to the latest report on Fortune Magazine, it is Azim Premji, who is the CEO of Wipro Industries. The Sultan of Brunei is at 6 th position now.

    Q. Who is the founder and creator of Hotmail (Hotmail is world’s No.1 web based email program)?
    A. Sabeer Bhatia

    Q. Who is the president of AT & T-Bell Labs (AT & T-Bell Labs is the creator of program languages such as C, C++, Unix to name a few)?
    A. Arun Netravalli

    Q. Who is the new MTD (Microsoft Testing Director) of Windows 2000, responsible to iron out all initial problems?
    A. Sanjay Tejwrika

    Q. Who are the Chief Executives of CitiBank, Mckensey & Stanchart?
    A. Victor Menezes, Rajat Gupta, and Rana Talwar.

    Q. We Indians are the wealthiest among all ethnic groups in America , even faring better than the whites and the natives.
    There are 3.22 millions of Indians in USA (1.5% of population) . YET,
    38% of doctors in USA are Indians.
    12% scientists in USA are Indians.
    36% of NASA scientists are Indians.
    34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
    28% of IBM employees are Indians.
    17% of INTEL scientists are Indians.
    13% of XEROX employees are! Indians.

    Some of the following facts may be known to you. These facts were recently published in a German magazine, which deals with WORLD HISTORY FACTS ABOUT INDIA .
    1. India never invaded any country in her last 1000 years of history.

    2. India invented the Number system. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.

    3. The world’s first University was established in Takshila in 700BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The University of Nalanda built in the 4 th century BC was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

    4. According to the Forbes magazine, Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software.

    5. Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans.

    6. Although western media portray modern images of India as poverty striken and underdeveloped through political corruption, India was once the richest empire on earth.

    7. The art of navigation was born in the river Sindh 5000 years ago. The very word “Navigation” is derived from the Sanskrit word NAVGATIH.

    8. The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is now k! nown as the Pythagorean Theorem. British scholars have last year (1999) officially published that Budhayan’s works dates to the 6 th Century which is long before the European mathematicians.

    9. Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India . Quadratic equations were by Sridharacharya in the 11 th Century; the largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were 106 whereas Indians used numbers as big as 10 53.

    10. According to the Gemmological Institute of America, up until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds to the world.

    11. USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century-old suspicion amongst academics that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.

    12. The earliest reservoir and dam for irrigation was built in Saurashtra.

    13. Chess was invented in India .

    14. Sushruta is the father of surgery. 2600 years ago he and health scientists of his time conducted surgeries like cesareans, cataract, fractures and urinary stones. Usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient India .

    15. When many cultures in the world were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley ( Indus Valley Civilisation).

    16. The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC.

    Quotes about India .
    We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.
    Albert Einstein.

    India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.
    Mark Twain.

    If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India .
    French scholar Romain Rolland.

    India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.
    Hu Shih
    (former Chinese ambassador to USA )

    BUT, if we don’t see even a glimpse of that great India in the India that we see today, it clearly means that we are not working up to our potential; and that if we do, we could once again be an ever shining and inspiring country setting a bright path for rest of the world to follow.

    I Say proudly that, I AM AN INDIAN.

    I dont know what all shit u have written on your blog , and who the hell are you to say that u don’t like us , who wants your likeness. Its the indians who are building your country’s economy, we dont depend on you , you depend on us ,
    When we greet one another,
    we foId our hands in namastey…

    because we beIieve…

    that God resides in the heart
    of every human being.

    We come from a nation where we aIIow
    a Iady of CathoIic origin…

    to step aside for a Sikh
    to be sworn in as Prime Minister…

    to a MusIim President to govern
    a nation of over 80 percent Hindus.

    It may aIso interest you
    to know that…

    many of the origins to your words
    come from Sanskrit.

    For exampIe,
    maatr becomes mother…

    bhratr becomes brother,
    giamiti becomes geometry

    trikonniti becomes trigonometry.

    We have 5600 newspapers…

    magazines in over twenty-one
    different Languages…

    with a combined readership
    of over 120 miIIion.

    We have reached the moon and back,
    but yet…

    you people still feel that we’ve onIy
    reached as far as the Indian rope trick

    We are the third largest pool in the word
    of doctors, engineers
    and scientists.
    we have the third Iargest army
    in the worId.

    And even then, I foId my hands
    in humiIity before you…

    because we don’t beIieve we are
    above or beneath any individuaI.



    • Who said that Indians haven’t made positive contributions to America and the world? Not me. You completely misread my article. I merely brought up why some Indians have a hard time assimilating into American “culture”. What I said is true and what you’ve stated is no doubt true. They are not mutually exclusive so I’m not following your line of logic or lack thereof. This is another issue I have with some Indians. You have a huge problem with passive-aggressiveness. Basically you saw my article saying something you considered negative about Indians so you extrapolated that into me saying that Indians make no contributions to America. You’re wrong. I’m right. Hopefully you can deal with that one day.

      • and pls enlighten me what is America culture ? thieving? lying? truth is YOU didn’t assimilate to american culture because American culture was aborigjnal culture you white people are illegal unwanted immigrants on OUR land GET OUT!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      You hit the nail on the head. Bravo.

      Sure, India definitely has problems that need to be dealt with, but what country doesn’t?

      I’ve been to India, and people there, while a little blunt, are actually pretty awesome once you get to know them.

      Alvida πŸ™‚

    • @indianguy

      I am so sorry! My comment was directed towards you, not that jabari70 guy.

      Anyway, you are absolutely right. Alvida, have a nice day πŸ™‚

      • That jabari guy?!?!? Whateva……..The truth doesn’t need anyone to agree with it.

  20. doesn’t make sense why would indians hate Indians? hope this article isnt referring whites as americans because the truth is whites are illegal unwanted immigrants on indian land.

  21. I came across this blog. Myself being an Indian IT professional and having lived in America, I can truly connect with the blogger.

    First of all, the author is racist and basically stems from a American/White prejudice that they are superior.

    Now comes point by point rebuttal

    1) Disdain about India IT prof and recruiter:
    Mam, it is pure business . Even we in India do not like your pepsi coke

    2) Aryan Indians: It is white race theory that a white Aryan race came to India . Indians always believed that it was otherway. Indian Aryan migrated to Europe and elsewhere.

    3) Hinduism Yoga: Yoga is not Mexican food you eat anyway you like. If you want to practice Yoga , do it the right way

    4) Indian Caste System: Well you are racist that cannot tolerate any difference . Look at the way you decimated American Indians from America, or Non whites from Europe or Aboringal from Ausralia.
    You practie ethnic cleansing and basically racist and n rights to preach us

    5) Indian English: Not sure which kind of people you met, But Indians definetely have better English writing skill than yours. And we cannot borrow your accent..Sorry excuse us.

    And why not. English/Latin are derived from Sanskrit , so we find it pretty easy to comprehend.

    6) About hygeine: We always thougt that you are uncivilized , unhygenic and smelly as you had a culure of vagabond until only some 400-500 years when you looted and colonized Asian countries.
    We have a cvilization running since 12000 years and you cannot preach us.

    7) About India:

    We produced Sanskrit which is the mother of all European Languags
    We produced Vedic Civilization which is the mother of all religion
    We produced Aryans who moved out to All over world

    • First of all you’re assuming I’m white because that because I’m intelligent. I’m black. I didn’t legitimize anything that Europeans have done to the indigenous of America and others but it is clear that they have no intentions of leaving stolen lands any time soon so let’s deal with that regrettable reality as adults instead of as pouting, spoiled brats. God will always be vindicated but on his time table, not man’s. I have very much respect for Vedic culture, the mother of all religions, but you did not invent them. Your ancestors did all the work and now you want to take credit for it since they have been well preserved. White supremacy is real….so is Jewish supremacy but Indians that migrate to America always become sycophants of the white man to make more and more money. Many Indians and Asians are not changing their first (and sometimes last) names to sound more European. As far as yoga the teachings have been made available to the world so you cannot control the Western bastardization of them, although I agree with your assertion. America is not a spiritual land. The God here is money so how could most Americans ever do yoga properly? Aryan has nothing to do with race at all. It was co-opted by the madman Hitler. It refers to Aries the sign for the planet Mars. The Age of Aries began long ago and was marked by man’s senseless and brutal violence all over the planet. All of mankind is the Aryan race with some overlap from the previous root race and from the ensuing one. Life is a continuum. There are two more human races before this planet is destroyed. We are the fifth. Three is the number of creation and seven of manifestation.

      In the end I was merely making the point that certain personal habits of Indians are out of sync with those of most Americans. You don’t have to 100% assimilate with anyone but the more you try to maintain that distinction outside of your home the more you are going to draw the ire of white power which will end up affecting your income negatively. Most Indians have a passive-aggressive nature where they seem to want to insult you but end up trying to say it in a nice way. Ultimately this is an Indo-European conflict and blacks would prefer to stay out of it, just like the tribal conflict between Jews and whites that continues in various forms today. Whites and Jews in power are not willing to do the right thing and we cannot force them because they control most of the bullets, bombs, tanks, planes and ships. Trying to overthrow them in this current state would be suicide. Karma never forgets so be patient and grow up.

  22. Whoever you are, you have just published your ignorance and really of how well you know the world. You seem to be an isolated person and I don’t think you have even traveled around America. Please know the world and travel it before writing such naive articles as this.
    People have different cultures, it for you take the good and leave the bad. White Race is neither the best nor the perfect one, no race is! And don’t forget, it was White people who conquered so many countries in Asia and Africa and stole resources back home. Now you complain when those people come to America to seek for a better standard of living! How Pathetic can it get.

    • I really do not care what you think of me. It matters not one iota to me or God.

  23. Do you think African- American accent is good? Sometimes I cannot understand a single word, and it sounds so funny (same as southern accent). All countries have different accent, respect that. At least Indian know English, and speak in a way so that everyone can understand, even Americans. I don’t think there is much Americans in India or anywhere else who can speak anything other than English. And Indians don’t mix them with peoples possessed by rubbish ideas, so isolation is sometimes better than ruining their mentality with f******* ideas. Give a damn about the blog.
    And by the way which religion is created by GOD? Did you see GOD? This is a belief, not truth. Hinduism is much older than any “GOD”‘s religion. Try to read some books before making any comments.

    • There is no African American accent. You’re a racist. I speak perfect English. If you’re talking about slang or ghetto that is their vernacular and nothing is wrong with it. That is the way they communicate with “soul” which apparently you have none of. What are you talking about that Americans understand Indian accent? You are out of your mind. We cannot understand a word most of the time, which is why major companies have to retrain your voices in IT so we can get anything done. Speaking of rubbish ideas how about the idea of wearing thick clothes when it’s 100 degrees outside and dying of a heat stroke. All I did was point out some things that SOME Indians do that Americans find irritating. I know white people wrongly and illegally stole this country and it does not belong to us but it does not belong to you either. It still belongs to the native Americans who have been largely decimated. None of us belong here. We are intruders and interlopers on their land. YOU have land but you rejected it and left it to pursue more materialism for your family. You are against God. There are NO African Americans. We are all Africans, including Indians, if you go back far enough. That has already been proven tens of times by scientists worldwide. You want credit for Hinduism and the wisdom of the Vedas? Why? You did not write them. You have contributed nothing to them. Your people preserved them and nothing more. What is that to be proud of? Your people do nothing but kiss white ass to make money when they come to America. I read plenty of books but most books are inaccurate. You have to have knowledge of God before you can know the ultimate truth which obviously you do not. Hold your tongue……neophyte. Blacks have suffered here for hundreds of years since Europeans colonized Americans using African slaves. We have persevered. We have died. We have been tortured and are still being tortured under the global yoke of white supremacy. God is our refuge. Of whom shall we be afraid? Know this. I am on the side of Pakistan.

    • why should it matter you have no right to condemn Africans if you white trash didn’t like them why did you come to their land and cause problems to begin with? take a hike loser!same goes for what whites did to east Indians native Indians Chinese Koreans mauris and aboriginese why are whites there? GET LOST!

  24. Well my friend it doesn’t really matter what race u belong to. Every country has business with the other.matters such as these are least important. America is a great country so is India Africa Australia and so on.. To cricriticize one only on the knowledge u are limited to does not make sense. It is only based on ur perception that u have made these conclusions.
    Step out of ur world, get to know more about the diverse cultures of the world u will surely change ur perception.
    We probably would have been jobless today if we consider small aspects like accents and color come in way of our business.
    Population of America is 300 million out of 7000 million world population. So if america sat mum and declines to do business with the rest of the world considering factors like color , accent and smell or did not adapt to the world it surely wudn’t have been a rich country like it is.
    So kindly do not stand as a misrepresentation of ur country which I believe is a wonderful one.
    Let’s make the world a better place to live by giving importance to those matters which require at most attention.

    • We’re not going to make this a better place. That’s just a bunch of feelgood crap that people say to ignore the real issues. There is a race war coming. In fact it’s really already here. Mankind cannot stop himself from heading straight into the abyss. There will be no redemption and there is no hope. Mankind is lost. Race DOES matter. It may not matter to God but we are talking about insecure humanity here, not the Creator.

    • uh NO! whites have no business in anyone of colors lands especially if you want to change the lifestyle and the way they live you whites should f off!

  25. I clearly see that u dislike Indians… If u have been criticized only bcz u are black then u probably feel low about itself.
    If some indians and their behavior towards blacks as u call urself have surprised u its only bcz of the way u have portrayed urself.
    Crimes by blacks are on a rise in India. May be that is d reason for the behavior..
    I do have fellow students who r black studying in my class here in India and dey also are d kiss ass Africans. But that didn’t mean we hate them.

    • Whatever. All I did was point out why some Indians don’t assimilate well in America. I didn’t say anything about hating anyone. Your English must not be very good or either you don’t understand it very well. Show me one time where I said that I didn’t like Indians. You can’t because I didn’t. I merely pointed out some cultural differences that some Americans find annoying. That is not hatred. It is truth. I think you are the one with low self-esteem.

      • you didn’t assimilate to natives so shut up and get off OUR LAND!

  26. Hey, I am 17,

    So, I just read your article and found many of things true, yes some Indians are utterly manner less, but not all, speaking of IT sectors, I find your point completely wrong, well some might suck, but you can’t ignore there are many who rule.

    One thing I would like to hear from you is your point of view about Americans, since everyone has flaws, and who would know better than an American.

    Moreover, if I should convey my point, well I was having a conversation with an American of age 13 on OMEGLE, well he kinda abused my of being Indian and made fun of my and what he told me was “WE AMERICAN ARE FREE, WE DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY,I CAN LIVE MY ENTIRE LIFE WITHOUT EARNING MONEY”. That’s kinda sad, even 13 years old kids discriminate in America, does your schools teach them to do so? I don’t think so.

    Well, each and everyone has flaws, and if I had to convey my point, some Americans are just rude, fat-boys, have no *manners to talk*.

    And yeah, sorry if my English is not as that good, I am just 17. O:)


    • Americans are worse than everyone else all over the planet. Notice the article is called “Why Americans find SOME Indians irritating”. I have no hope of fixing America. We are a lost cause because we are more mentally controlled and brainwashed using technology than other countries. The fate of the world rests in the hands of non-Americans. We are done.

      • I hope that wasn’t sarcasm, and speaking of technology everyone is controlled by it today.And I just wanted to convey that there are manner less people everywhere INDIA, US, UK, everywhere.

  27. Well u are right man, i am Indian student but i never liked Indian culture, i hate those orthodox peoples and specially bollywood movis and songs. i will go to usa after one year but i am different than all of those AIndians i am more western person than Indian person, i watch only English movis, heard only English songs infect i am die hard fan of Michael Jackson. i hate all of Indians and specially i never liked Indian food and Indian girls, i love white girls not as s**ts or b*tches but as love u know i will only marry white girls coz they are beautiful and they can manage homes in stylish way. and who wants to eat curry ? in short i am western person who want to leave India.(who hates India)

    • haha….thanks…….didn’t expect that response.

  28. I guessed you were black the second I read the phrase “patronizing the whites”. THE SPICES? You think Indian curry leaks out of our arm pits? Every single human being with a nose can smell body odor, you needn’t be too intelligent for that. And any human being on the earth can smell bad, even you. You know, you have tried to be confident in your article, but every word of you shows that you have a inferiority complex deep down. You would learn the Indian language? Are you fucking kidding me? We have thousands of languages and no tourist can ever learn a language well, unless he or she wishes to live there for a long time. But even then, they use English mostly. I am an Indian and like people of all other countries, we have flaws. Most Asians cannot speak English because their medium of instruction in school is usually their mother tongue. But in India, we have thousands of English medium schools. I have talked to a lot of white people and your English is nothing like theirs. I have a lot of “Black” friends and they are all open minded, nothing like you. And why does Pakistan come in this? See? This shows your hatred for Indians. For your information, India belongs to Asia. We are also Asians. Don’t tell me you have not heard other Asian people or Latinos talking to their family in their native languages. If we come to your country in large numbers, it can mean only two things. America provides good education in the field of computer science and Indians are interested in computer science. Throughout your article, you have insulted Indians and in the next few sentences, you have tried to balance it by saying that you aren’t too bothered about those things. The caste system does exist, but those coming to the USA are usually the broader minded people who wish to live in the presence of a lot of races and culture. And dalits convert to Christianity, not Buddhism. God, you really need to stop pretending you know everything. You should travel to know more. And if you dare, come to India like a man and learn and go back. I’ve never heard any other American I talk to (white or black or any other race) talk about Indians as if they know anything. Racists in India are like racists in America or like the racists in south Africa(black people) who discriminate the white people. Anyone, anywhere can be racist.

    • Why are Indians so angry about this article? I get comments every week and they are always on this article and this article only. Why don’t you talk about how Mossad did 9/11? Why don’t you talk about the Jewish elite who are destroying the planet and raping little boys and girls? Why don’t you talk about what NASA is really doing and chemtrails. Instead your massive egos pull you to my one article about Indian people, a subset of Asians as you correctly noted. I would travel more if I had the money so I think the Travel Channel is a decent substitute. Americans are broke because of the Jewish Federal Reserve system that is plaguing the planet. I am just one insignificant person but you have demonstrated your massive insecurity by your angry responses. If you were really a devout Hindu following the Vedas then you would forgive me (not that I did or said anything wrong) and then have compassion on me for generating bad karma for myself. But what do you do instead? Berate me. Insult me. I am one of the most open-minded people in the world. Americans don’t know or care that India has thousands of dialects because English is a programming language created by demonic entities to keep the world enslaved. Africans don’t speak African either. We have over 300 different languages and dialects. I don’t care if people want to point out the accomplishments of their so-called “race” but you did nothing to earn it or brag about it. Many Indians have a massive passive-aggressive complex. I don’t know why. Maybe you are angry with Europeans but you like to take it out on blacks because you are too cowardly to face your true oppressor controlling the purse strings. Maybe it’s the strict upbringing that many of you have. I find it hard to believe that you have a lot of black friends. How many? Three? Maybe you just think they are your friends and they really aren’t. I already know English, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. I don’t need to know any other languages, no offense of course. Most Indians are just frustrated because to whites you are just a different type of “nigger”. Of course you hate to identify with the struggle of blacks since most of you think we are subhuman, just like whites do. In the end white supremacy will destroy you too. Its only allegiance is to the American dollar with their dead presidents plastered all over them with demonic symbols. Your soul is far better off in India that in America. The karma you create by living here will do nothing but prolong your reunion with the divine, if it happens at all. At least you have a country. Blacks have nothing. Africa won’t give us land and America won’t give us land either. Be content with what you have. I do not pretend to know everything. That would mean I was pretending to be God, which is impossible. You are offended because the things I say are true and you have not eliminated the egos attached to your personality, particularly pride. Meditate, meditate, meditate is my only advice. The only reason I brought up Pakistan was to demonstrate the polarity that exists everywhere on the planet. India does what America wants so our government loves you. Pakistan does what Pakistan wants to do and America hates them for it. This has nothing to do with blacks or me in particular. It has to do with people of all races who slavishly adhere to these rules white men write on paper, as if they have the authority of God. God’s law cannot be broken. Man’s can and will whenever they are not in sync with the divine. So what if Indians like curry? Americans like garlic. That is not an insult. Body odor is just simple hygiene. In America it is considered rude to make people around you smell your odor. I don’t care if Indians blend in with Americans or not. The division will continue because it is useful to the global power elite. The average person is unaware of the grand scheme of things, as perhaps I am as well but at least I try. Since you think I am so evil why then do Indians move into poor black neighborhoods, buy up all the property and open stores where they charge exorbitant prices? Do you think that is good? Blacks are 150 years out of slavery. We are still in the process of healing and repairing done to us. You know nothing of it, nor do you care. You have no idea that the same Jewish families that started the Federal Reserve Bank also started slavery. It gets blamed on non-Jewish Europeans but they didn’t even own that many slaves. I know far more about Indian culture than most Americans or most people period so I am happy with that. I am not going to spend my entire life memorizing your culture when I can be studying the greatness of my own, the mother of ALL civilizations.

  29. Okay so first of all, Indians in general are definitely going to be angry with this article because it’s a very hateful one. Even if you have written it for some Indians who you think don’t’ bathe, or get pregnant , or have too many kids- then you’re either u got your facts wrong or you’re too narrow minded in your outlook with indians.
    Before starting up i’d like to tell you that your thoughts gross me out.
    You need to travel and see the world with an open mind. People like you have no race or origin so stop being so insecure and telling everyone that you’re a black and you speak perfect english it doesn’t matter. Every country is proud of their origin and roots and they like to keep it that way.
    Many french people don’t speak english and they are perfectly okay with that. Also if you come to India people aren’t going to treat you like shit cuz you’re black, if you read that in a magazine or saw it in a movie then i’d ask you to go and get a better taste.
    Please be polite when you talk about women of my country or in fact in any country.
    Also be careful when you write an article like this cuz it might just happen to make people think that there others out there like you who hate indians for stupid reasons like this.
    I’m not going to sit and justify why Indians are not like or like that because the wise ones not it, all I might say is don’t hate the race hate the person if you want. At the end of the day we are all humans inside

    Have you heard the song from Beatles called Imagine. Think about it!

    Please have an open mind and God bless you

    • Some Indians have applauded my article. I’m from America but I’m not proud of it. Our government rapes and murders the entire planet stealing natural resources every day after making up phony enemies so the people believe they are doing good. I hate America. It represents materialism and worship of money, the very thing that separates us from the Divine. We do have free speech in this country and apparently Indians don’t respect that right. You want me to say things that I do not believe. That is fascism. I don’t hate any race but there are plenty of races that hate blacks because they think Africans are savages and that blacks are oversexed, criminal and only athletic with no mental capacity. I’m not going to travel that much because it is expensive and I don’t like flying or get bombarded with radiation going through TSA scanners. I don’t remember saying anything negative about Indian women and I don’t have time to re-read the article right now. Lighten up. It’s a blog I do for fun.

      • While we quibble the elite jews steal and destroy everything…..what a huge waste of time……

  30. Okay, here’s the deal. Your “article”, and I’m being polite when I describe this as such, is exceedingly stereotypical. Next you’ll say that all Indians eat curry all day long. I’m British Indian myself: I don’t speak with an Indian accent and I can speak fluent English. That contradicts what you’re saying in itself. Secondly, it isn’t the only language I can speak. How many people in America can say that they’re bilingual? The birth rate per woman of American birth is 2.01 while the birth rate for a women of Indian Nationality is 2.5. That isn’t considerably much more then what your piece of writing states. I’m very friendly and my parents probably earn more than what you make in a year in a month as doctors. Please educate yourself about discrimination and stereotyping.

    • Just my 2 cents as a 14 year old.

  31. Okay, I am not going to harangue you about your article as I have not been to the USA and am not aware of the situation there, but however, I have learnt enough to know that this article of yours is your personal opinion and you are -by all means- entitled to it. However, you have to realize that an opinion like this, as personal as it may be, can cause conflicts between the two parties mentioned in your article. Now unless that is what you were aiming for while writing this, it is not a wise thing to publicly express these opinions.
    Naturally, when you tend to generalize a group of people, a very large group in this case, there will be some kind of retort. I strongly disagree that ‘race rules’ as your blog’s address suggests. I presume you were trying not to be harsh in your article but some phrases were very provocative.
    “All I see is a bloated female with a new victim in her belly.”
    I mean, really? After such statements, you expect not to get a strong opposition?
    I also don’t get why everyone who enters another country ( in this case America) has to “assimilate” to their culture and mannerisms. Why can’t they be who they are. Isn’t variety the spice of life? How would the world be if every singe person looked, spoke, acted and thought alike?
    You have also expressed your hatred towards your country so I don’t find it surprising that a person who loathes his/her country, hates others’ too.
    Live and let live.

    • There is something that Indian people obviously do not understand about America. Despite the recent surge in political correctness to protect Jews and gays we STILL have free speech here. I can say anything I want in this country as long as it is not a threat to a person or their livelihood. I expressed my opinion which is my right. How many people believe the same thing but keep it inside and just pretend to be your friend when they have reservations about you? I am being honest. Clearly your people do not appreciate honesty and bluntness. You are hypersensitive.

Comments are closed.

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