Why Black Men DO and Black Women DON’T

May 19, 2011

White people don’t know this but black people do or maybe it’s just that whites don’t want to admit it. The scale of interracial dating is tilted far toward the black man and by dating I mean fucking. Black women just tend to feel uncomfortable dating (fucking) men of other races because of vast cultural differences plus most blacks are raised as social conservatives despite what the media portrays and most whites believe. I find this humorous because it means that black men can screw women of any race and we’ll still have black women lined up waiting on us to return. Of course black men don’t say that but we know that is our sexual disposition because most black women only want black men (most black men only want black women too but the media lies about it), even when they DO date (fuck) outside the race. White males made themselves the brains and black males the brawn and now they are pissed that their women want to date (fuck) outside of their own race. They did it to themselves. Race is mostly a social construct to benefit whites and Jews but I do believe that race exists beyond skin color. I believe that it goes much deeper into energy patterns and frequencies. I also believe there are only two races: black and white. If you are not one then you sure as hell are the other.

I’m tired of so-called experts speaking for everyone when they really are speaking for themselves and whatever baggage they bring to the table from their childhood and life experiences. They say things like black women are mean so black men leave them or white women are more understanding. Those are true to an extent but those types of generalities serve to oversimplify what is actually a very complex interaction between sexual attraction and power dynamics. Besides I’ve been ghetto white girls that disgusted me and prissy black girls that turned me on. The physical aspect is just a Krispy Kreme glaze that covers the real issues that America always has been and always will be afraid to tackle. It’s a shame too because more than anything else, racism destroyed this country by fracturing the working class so the elite could pick us off group by group and then eventually one by one. We’re nearly there now.

A lot of times you hear that black men want a trophy wife so when they make a lot of money they immediately want a white woman. That is not generally true. It is absolutely true for highly visible black males but those black men are made visible by the Jewish elite for two reasons: 1) to anger white males and black females and 2) to condition black men to chase white women and vice versa. You can see that it works as most Americans fail to perceive the intent and disarm the social engineering before it acts upon their subconscious. For men or women of a particular race to leave their own flock they not only have to be unattracted to their own race for some reason but also attracted to another race for some reason. Those are not the same thing. They don’t have to be good reasons like loving all people regardless of race. They don’t have to be bad reasons like because they look like a star you want to bang from TV. They just have to be reasons. Black men see the power of the white male in the white woman but in a form they can control and a form that does not question their authority but actually validates our masculinity. It is an aspect of manhood sorely missing from black male-female relationships where black women have assumed the dominant role and now consider blacks men punks and pussies for not being able to handle a “real woman”, a “diva” or a “queen”. Apparently “real” men are just not attracted to “real” women. Simply put black women are too macho because they are programmed by the same ghetto culture and gangsta rap filth that black men are. Being in a relationship with them is akin to being gay, although some black women are learning to fake being feminine to keep black men around for the sake of not being alone or having to date other races.

Whites love to discount the legacy of slavery on America today because slavery was abolished (actually Jews abolished slavery to make sure they could take over the entire country instead of just half of it after financing both sides of the Civil War) 140 years ago. That’s not long ago but anything that didn’t happen in your lifetime seems a long time ago. Americans have short memories anyway, the shortest in the world and an even shorter attention span. The point is that Willie Lynch is real. It happened. Black men were emasculated in front of black women and displaced as the head of the black family. If you think that doesn’t get propagated forward from generation to generation then you do not understand anything about how society functions as a whole. These are culturally transmitted norms that have been passed down to blacks who are largely unaware of the origin of what ails the black community. Blacks usually just blame whites or each other. Sometimes we even blame Latinos like for taking the job we don’t want. No serious person could or would attempt to argue that the past does not effect the present and future. That is how time and casualty function. By socially disempowering and emotionally disarming black men white men were implicitly empowering black women or in effect reversing our gender roles. Needless to say it was very effective and not because there are millions of black men on the down low. There aren’t. There are more bisexual and gay black women now than black men of the same.

We all know that blacks used to be very spiritual people. Many of us are also religious to the extent of attending church regularly. Back during slavery our spirituality was reinforced by religion. Now our spirituality has been replaced by religion…….prosperity gospel religion to be exact which is nothing but further emasculation of the black male by promoting black female achievement in the Jewish corporate world. Since blacks, for various reasons including incessant white intimidation, have been unable to build and sustain a freedom movement most of us have given up and sold out to Jewish corporations for a buck. I have too physically for eight hours a day but they’ll never get my mind. I have to eat and pay the rent and I ain’t moving back home with mom. That ain’t an option. In effect we are still working for the Jews who started and financed slavery and now own the banks that con America and the world out of nearly every dime we earn. Jews think long term. Americans either don’t think at all or think short term. Now that money is the American God it only follows that blacks would assimilate that behavior of whites as well. We have been doing that for centuries. We had to find a way to merge materialism and religion and prosperity gospel was the answer. Of course all of it neglects spirituality.

Most black people if asked would say that Jesus was black. That is simply born out of the frustration of being black in America where every freedom movement has been violently crushed by the local, state and federal governments by out-rightly or through subversion via infiltration. It is clear that Jesus was not black nor white if he existed at all. This is the same flimsy arguments that blacks and whites make in regard to Egypt. Ancient Egyptians were not black nor white. Egypt is in Africa so they are Africans by the very definition of African. The problem is that Americans think all Africans are dark-skinned brutes who dance naked all day and practice voodoo. Africans are every color of the rainbow and American ignorance has no bounds although largely influenced by the Jewish public miseducation system. In short what blacks says and what they cling to emotionally and psychologically is quite different. We worship the white man. We hate those words because it makes us feel even more powerless but it is true. We rely on the white man for everything so it should come as no surprise that straight black men idolize the white female. White men idolize her too and black men just emulate their abusive father the white man, a metaphor for Jesus. Black success is equated with a high level of assimilation with whites and acceptance by whites. Of course that acceptance is never complete because rich blacks are hated by whites because money is their symbol, not ours just like Jesus is their god and not ours although we continue to attempt to rewrite history so that Christianity accommodates our desires for equality and justice. Christianity wasn’t meant to modify the behavior of people. It was meant to excuse the behavior of whites. No matter what blacks do they will NEVER be able to morph or transform  Christianity into something that benefits us. That was not the intent of it and whites control the intent, not us. You should never accept the religion of your oppressor. That is suicide because it is obvious it was meant to destroy you or keep you in an inferior status. Now the Jewish elite are trying to destroy all religion and bring in a one world Luciferian religion of atheism and self-worship.

Another major factor is single black mothers. Black women have a reputation for being promiscuous. It’s not really true for most. Black women fall in love easily but most of them do not sleep around like white women do. That false stereotype is shaped by the media for a reason. White males love the idea of black women desiring them as a symbol of domination of black men. Black men do the same with white women but white women DO desire black men. Most black women do not desire white men. Interracial couples always claim that their love is real….whatever…..it’s really sex. These racial modalities operate at a subconscious level  and are therefore undetectable by the conscious mind. Regardless, single black mothers cannot imprint proper behavior for black males. They can raise good and decent black men but those men will always be lacking in some way because they never witnessed a healthy interaction between a black man and a black woman. Unfortunately I do not believe that cannot happen en masse until one thing and one thing only happens…….black people separate from whites and obtain our own land. Land is power and everyone respects power. Only then outside the influence of revisionist history and media brainwashing can black men properly imprint to their boys and girls. Yes girls need fathers too, not just the boys. Until that time, if it ever happens, we just have to do the best we can but there can be no real and permanent solution without our own land. That is why it should be of paramount concern to all blacks. Sadly it is not. We continue to till the land for our Jewish plantation slave masters.

I have heretofore discussed mental and psychological factors that affect all black males to some degree and largely determine black male/white female attraction subconsciously but there are also a myriad of more obvious physical factors. I will mention some of them and how they have affected me personally. Clearly I do not speak for the entire black race although most whites believe the black monolith is alive and well. The black monolith died when slavery was abolished and the meta-racism of covert and institutionalized racism was born. Katrina proved that the black monolith is dead. If that did not motivate blacks to unite then nothing will and the Jews that did it know that now. That’s why they did it. It was a test and we failed miserably. Now they will unleash even more death upon us.

There are many obvious physical differences between white and black women but thanks to technology many of those have been eliminated or marginalized now. For instance full lips used to be a black only feature and now whites have collagen injections. They have saline breast implants. They have butt implants like Kim Kardashian, although she isn’t white. White women are trying to look black because they want to attract nonwhite men. Most white men still desire the blonde, blue-eyed, tan, skinny chick with no butt and big fake boobs. However black women these days are looking more and more white. They are wearing hideous looking weaves of all colors including blonde. They are learning to talk and act like white girls because they think, falsely because of the Jewish media, that ALL black men want ANY white women. Most black men are like most white women…….just curious. Most races prefer their own people unless they get traumatized or raised that way. The interaction between black men and white women, regardless of how the exceptions declare to the contrary, are largely sexual. It’s a turn-on to do what our collective white fathers have forbidden. I am no exception to the effects of this taboo and I was born in 1970 long after the taboo had been established.

I used to only like white women and I used to hang around black guys that only liked white women. I thought I wanted a relationship with one until I saw how it worked out horribly for all of my friends that went that route. I ended up changing that preference to just having sex with white women and then later and still today to sex only with women of any race because of what feminism has done to American women. I will admit though I do have huge mother issues and you would too if my mother was your mother. We truly hate each other. She won’t admit she hates me because a mother isn’t supposed to say that but she does. It’s ok. I’m over it now but the damage is done no matter how much I try to pretend the wounds have healed. Those type of wounds never heal so you just move on and don’t look back. Most people carry baggage for life anyway. It’s just a matter of how heavy it is. Mine extends beyond the norm and I realize that but that does not mean that my views are distorted. On the contrary it clarifies them because of my simple and blatant honesty with myself and what I see happening around us.

The media is in overdrive portraying black males with white females. I won’t even mention the barrage of them because I’m sure most are familiar with them, many of them reality tv shows. I don’t watch any of them. I admit that I do still find some white women attractive but I am over the “white women only” syndrome that paralyzed me and caused me to hate black women and myself for so long. I was the smart black guy in high school so all I knew was white women. My parents (a preacher and a federal probation officer) thought they were doing me a favor but they didn’t know any better. They actually were turning me against black women unintentionally. I remember the first white girl that infatuated me. Her name was Tammy Exum. This was in the 3rd grade mind you. She had long dark hair and pale clear skin with rosy lips. She was my Valentine that year and I worshiped the sight of her. My mom never knew anything about my affection for white women because there were black girls in my neighborhood that I liked as well, just not as much as those white girls.

The problem for white men is that they made black men the mandingo symbol of sex when they turned us into brain-dead idiots. Once again whites were thinking short term and Jews were thinking long term. Now black and white women both want non-white men, minus the redneck chicks who fantasize about it but never live it out. White men literally screwed themselves out of their own women. Jews knew this would happen because they’ve done it hundreds of times before in other countries. They just needed control of the media to make it happen and now they have it. Music and tv has turned white women against white men. Jews want one mongrel race of humans, not distinct races of people trying to protect their pure blood. That’s why they infiltrated the KKK. If Americans only knew.

Black guys have that swag. White guys are goofy. Women want swag, not goofy. That about sums it up. Black guys have the deep voice. We have the mega-penises. We have the athletic bodies. We have the bomb ass sex. We have the real affection and real love that women crave. White guys have nothing. All they do is control people using whatever methods are at their disposal out of fear. That is why white men are in this position and it is only going to get worse while they continue blaming blacks for stealing their women when in fact it’s the Jewish elite who have used to media to brainwash their women into assisting with the creation of a one world mongrel race of biracial and mixed people. We’re doomed for one reason and one reason only. White men cannot see past their own sexual insecurities long enough to address the Jewish problem. The Jewish elite know this and take every advantage to keep white males in a state of outrage and anger at the wrong group.

When I was in my “white woman only” mode long ago though several things dominated my frame of mind. I believed that white women were all very freaky in bed. I found out that was not true. Many I’ve dated (fucked) were boring as hell. I used to love the way white women talked, how they dressed, how they laughed, how they walked, their hair and their eyes. I loved their tans and even the pale ones with dark hair like Tammy. They seemed pure as if they never needed another shower or bath in their lives to be eternally clean. It didn’t take long for reality to kick in. White women in general are the nastiest race of women on the planet. I figured out that they are portrayed as pure because they are the exact opposite. Some of my discoveries were from actual experience. Some was from porn. Black women never did or would do the superfreaknasty things that white women do but at that point I really didn’t care anymore because I was in it for the sex regardless of race because all women had ceased to interest me beyond the physical. I’ll never “turn” gay. I love sex with only women but I’ll also never commit to any American woman I don’t care who she is. They’re all confused, deluded and polluted. On top of that I do not believe whites are capable of loving blacks because they do not even love themselves. I do believe that blacks and whites are both capable of thinking they are in love with each other but it is only a mirage of centuries of abuse that all of us have suffered at the hands of white male patriarchy and supremacy.

I’m simple. I like “thick” chicks and “shorties”. I love a big ass, optional big tits and a small waist, pardon my English. I like full lips and small feet. I love girls who show their bodies off but don’t sleep around with everyone, if that’s even possible. I love girls who experiment sexually, who drink and do recreational drugs. Many black women simply do not fit the bill because I am a very sexually open person and black women have a hard time being themselves and letting loose because they always fear being rejected and abandoned. Once they let loose though get out of the way!!! I’ve always wanted a thick redbone chick who would do the things that many white women do in bed but I never found any willing without serious compensation. They put a high price tag on their light skin but I find thick darker-skinned women equally attractive. The good ones are always hard to find and impossible to keep because women these days do not appreciate or find attractive the things they claim they want in a man. It’s just some mantra they parrot from Oprah and magazines. I did find Asians and Latinas that fit the bill though. Too bad I didn’t keep them around or either they didn’t want to be kept around. Women these days are as casual and cavalier about sex as men are except women repress their true feelings when they feel a sexual connection so they don’t lose the sexual upper hand and hence the man.

To each his own and there are certain things about women that simply turn me off and many times black women mistake that as me being unattracted to ALL black women. That is so ridiculous it deserves no defense. I am all about curves, cleanliness and freakiness….period. A lot of black woman from my experience simply have bad hygiene. I now realize the same is true of white women and women in general but the point is that it turns me off regardless of race. I also hate weaves whether donned by black women or white women. If the woman has a killer body I will overlook it for the sex but I would never seriously date a woman with a weave. They’re hard and wiry like a damn Brillo pad. I don’t like loud and obnoxious women and the loudest and most obnoxious women out there are usually black women and white women pretending to be black. It’s not a stereotype. It’s true.

Like I said black woman are generally reserved in bed. I’ll be blunt. That means you cannot perform Greek, Russian, facials or anything except what she likes which is usually missionary and doggy style only. Boring………My turnoffs exist across racial boundaries but black women are so insecure they almost always take it personally. That is their problem, not mine. At some point maybe you do have to go for self since people these days are so self-obsessed, although that makes the situation worse for everyone by giving in to it. We are not making any real progress toward self-determination as a people in this country. In fact we are moving as fast and far away from it as possible as more and more college educated blacks sell their talents for a check taxed at 28% so they can buy more and nicer things than their friends have. It’s the Joneses syndrome 2011. We have become part and parcel of this decadent culture although referring to it as a culture is more than generous.

I feel comfortable with where I am at this point because I know I could never settle for someone that I wasn’t comfortable with just hanging out with indefinitely without wondering when they were leaving. Those type of people are rare regardless of race or gender. The so-called holy institution of marriage is now a joke because it has become a legal institution managed by the state instead of a love institution governed by the heart. I probably would not have children either, not because I’m selfish, but because they are too expensive and I want to live for me instead of someone else. Plus I want the woman to stay home and raise them the way God intended before Jewish feminism fucked up everything. In other words women have become optional at this point. I rarely even have sex anymore and I don’t really miss it that much because 99% percent of the hundreds of women I’ve slept with were terrible in bed. I wish I could undo all of those, not to purge or purify my soul, but just so I hadn’t wasted all that time trying to have an orgasm with someone who didn’t know how to make it happen. American men literally have NO good options right now as far as women go. We can take a psycho femi-nazi with severe penis envy who makes our lives a living and dying hell, buy skanky prostitutes hooked on prescription drugs or go without. I choose number three.

My interest in American women is dead. Both white and black women killed it so in the end race doesn’t even matter as it shouldn’t. If there is any hope for women it lies with Asians and Latinas who still appreciate being a woman instead of trying to be more of a man than the men themselves.

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