How Overparenting Destroys Society

May 15, 2011

Most people think of over-parenting as a localized phenomenon meaning the damages are isolated to the family in which they occur. That’s absurd of course because any damage done within a family is ultimately propagated to the large society as a whole. Over-parenting is a pathological mental disorder but it is not a crime. Basically what happens  is that parents screw their own lives up beyond repair. When they have children, usually by accident and not planned as it should be, they then attempt to salvage what’s left of their genetic self-esteem by forcing their children to do what they believe they should have done in the first place. Ironically if that had happened then the child would most likely never have been born in the first place.

This is damaging in so many ways. First of all your child is not you. They are not the mother and they are not the father. They are a combination of you both which makes the child completely unique. There is almost no chance they will want to be just like you when they grow up or even as children. Take a look at their DNA. It’s not a copy of yours. They are not your clone.

Secondly parents for some reason believe they own their children like slaves. You cannot own another human being. That is outlawed by the Constitution even when it’s your own child. That means the child has a certain autonomy that is supposed to be guarded by the parent, not suffocated and circumvented. Yes we all know that kids are too young and inexperienced to handle what the real world throws at them so parents must make many decisions for them but here’s a suggestion: Try getting their input once in a while. Try exposing them to different religions. Stop enrolling them in every thing under the planet hoping they’ll discover some prodigy-like talent and make you a millionaire one day.

The problem with kids today is not kids themselves. It’s the parents who parent them although parents tend to behave more like brainwashers and slaveowners than parents who want their children to grow up to be what God intended instead of what they intended. This robs society of so many wonderful would-have-beens. There is no way to estimate how much we have deprived ourselves of our childrens’ greatness by attempting to steer them in directions that we prefer. To make matters even worse parents overprotect their children as well. Toddlers have to be protected from themselves but teenagers do not require that fastidious level of upkeep. They want you to leave them alone while at the same time setting boundaries that show you care.

I’ve always thought that parenting classes should be required for everyone. Having children should not be a right necessarily. It should be thought of as a privilege. We have it backwards though. We are taught that driving is a privilege, not a right, after paying for our own car, our own insurance, all the DMV fees, maintenance, gas and even the taxes for the freaking roads. I think that pretty much makes driving a right. Privilege my ass.

Anyway I digress. If parents would give their kids more time for self-discovery they probably would have already figured out how to save the world. Instead parents have succeeded in propagating their pathologies to each successive generation while the elite continue making progress against freedom all over the world. So you see it’s not just about you and your kids. It’s about society. We need people who grow up to become what society needs, not what parents need to feel better about their squandered lives. Kids have enough to worry about as it is without having to live up to your fucked up standards. They’re already being transformed into robots, fattened up with high fructose corn syrup, chemtrailed and vaccinated to death, desensitized by too much violence and sexuality and on and on. Give the kids a break and let them be. By trying to keep them safe from everything you are basically preparing them for absolutely nothing…..unless you count being the miserable failure that most parents consider themselves to be deep inside.

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