NBA 2011 Playoff Symbolism

May 8, 2011

The NBA playoffs are always rigged but this year they are chocked full of occult symbolism as well.


Dwayne Wade is a flood reference.

LeBron James is a biblical reference. They even call him King James, the man who had sex with his mother and now blacks use his version of the Bible.


Paul Pierce as in Paul/Saul from the Bible and the piercing of Jesus’ wrists during the crucifixion

Celtic green symbol for the mythological green man of nature, death, re-birth and fertility.


Derrick Rose is another Christ reference. He won the MVP Award this year.

Joakim Noah is two Biblical references, one to Noah of the flood and the other to one of Solomon’s temples.

Rahm Emanuel just bought the mayorship in Chicago as well. Silverstein is clearing out the Willis Tower as well


Atlanta is a reference to the ancient lost city of Atlantis, now believed to be submerged somewhere from an earthquake long ago or perhaps represents the entire Earth.


Grizzly is a reference to a bear or the constellation Ursa Major.

Memphis just recently flooded.


Thunder is a reference to Zeus and Thor. Oklahoma was the site of the Mossad trial run for 9/11 at the bombing of the federal building which was blamed on Timothy McVeigh. He was executed on 6/11/2011, three months before 9/11 happened. Not a coincidence, just a blood sacrifice.


Another water reference. All star weekend was held here as well. LA is the home of the Hollywood stars. These are all celestial references. Lakers are being swept right now vs Dallas for the first time under Phil Jackson. The fan mantra is BEAT LA which is nothing but a sacrifice chant of BE A SACRIFICE LA!!! They’re figuratively drowning and soon to be literally.


Texas is the Lone Star state. JFK was killed in Dallas. The elite are currently searching for ancient relics in the Dallas area. Dirk (another name for Derek) Nowitzi first European to receive MVP award in 2006-2007. Dallas sits on Trinity River. Dirk may be German but his name is Norse, another reference that mythology, including the recently released “Thor” movie.

There are many more so keep an open mind if at all possible. Remember the elite are guilty until proven innocent.

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