Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate Deconstructed!!!

May 7, 2011


  1. There has already been an explanation for the layers.

    Is everyone forgetting the Hawaii Health Department has already come out publicly and verified the certificate was valid? Or is this conspiracy about corruption in Hawaii too?

    How about the interviews with parents who had babies born that day, who remembered the black baby (which was rare for the era)…or the interview of the doctor’s daughter, who verified the signature? Or is everyone in on it??

    Birthers are making themselves look very very silly.

    Although, I do wonder if Obama’s people are messing with the birthers, and scanned the document so that the layers would show up, thus feeding the birthers, which makes the far right look goofier and goofier…

    • Of course the Hawaii Health Department can be bought off. I understand why Americans, particularly whites, have such a hard time believing that the government is so evil because whites were told this country was created of them, by them and for them but that was a lie. This country was created for Jews………period. Jews hate Gentiles. That means everyone who is not Jewish. Obama is Jewish because his white grandmother is half-Jewish. I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to understand these things. It must be denial. The New World Order is already here. It’s just a matter of it being overt vs covert. Everything you think you know for sure is a lie. The Revolutionary War is a lie. The Civil War is a lie. Both World Wars are lies. Hitler isn’t who you thought. The Bible is a lie. Jews have created this false reality using secrets they learned from King Solomon who never intended for them to fall into evil hands. We are at the mercy of the cosmos now.

      Whites and Americans in general just have to get used to not being important to anyone. That is how we have been treating the the world for centuries. There are people in power who are so evil that they would kill 80% of the world’s population and delight in it. You can’t be a sissy about these things. Evil must be confronted and stopped at all costs. You can’t hope the government is doing the right thing. They never will and never have. It’s time to grow up.

      Why are you so accepting of what the government says when they continually lie? A black baby was born in Hawaii on that day? So what? There were probably several at least. Maybe the story was concocted? No one will probably ever check it out. If they do then they’ll just blackmail or bribe the relevant personnel. Don’t you get it? It’s money. There are no morals anymore. Money is the God of America. It’s our Monad. As above so below. Until you understand some of the occult you cannot understand current events. Our so-called leaders are Luciferians. Are they aliens? Who cares? Doesn’t matter. They are not here to serve us.

      Please provide a link to the story where the layers are explained. It will be another lie but an interesting read nevertheless

      • ^ Someone knows what they’re talking about and the right perspective in which to look at things.

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