The Polytheism of the Christian Trinity

April 23, 2011

The very first commandment of the Ten Commandments says that “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Ok now how can Christians turn right back around and employ the Trinity. It is explained away by saying that the Trinity is just three different ways of saying the same thing. Well if it’s the same thing then why are three different ways necessary to explain it. Hinduism is admittedly a polytheistic religion and they use the same logic to explain their Gods. Egyptology was polytheistic and it was similar. All religions really come from Egyptian religion anyway, including Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and Christianity. All of them.

This just points out the hypocrisy of all religion, especially those claiming to be monotheistic that really are not. Why can’t God just be the father? Why do we need a Holy Ghost? Ghost sounds like a Hollywood movie or Casper. God is in every one of us and it’s not a ghost. Why do we need the son? Christians believe we have to be forgiven for our sins because of original sin of Adam and Eve. Fine. Why didn’t God take care of that in the Old Testament? Why not just forgive us? Why create a human form of yourself and then allow it to be killed even though Jesus really could not die anyway? How can you sacrifice something that is eternal and cannot be killed? That is no sacrifice at all. What a gyp.

Christianity is a Jewish scam and a sham. There are literally hundreds of inconsistencies like this in the Bible. Talmudic Jews worship Lucifer and they are the ones who created Christianity. Take a wild guess who Christians are really worshiping if Luciferians created your religion? Good guess. Lucifer. Christians don’t understand the coding in the Bible and therefore will continue giving power to Lucifer until it has enough to enslave all of mankind or what is left of it. Thanks a lot morons.  Your stupidity equates to death and suffering for all of humanity.


  1. The trinity is not three ways of saying the same thing. It is 3 persons, one God. Not sure where you get your info, maybe read some Christian apologetics sites and get a handle on the views before arguing against strawmen.

    • You don’t need three persons for one God. One God is sufficient. Just because you casually dismiss my argument doesn’t make you right. It makes you a neophyte. Christians are practicing heresy and refuse to admit they’re wrong because they’ve been brainwashed and are no longer capable of reason or rational thinking.

  2. But you didn’t really offer an argument. You kind of just a lot of questions. It’s not about what is sufficient, it’s about what actually is. like your response: “we don’t need 3 persons…”. It’s not about what we need.

    Do you have an argument which refutes the trinity? Perhaps you have elsewhere provided arguments and not just assertions elsewhere on your blog. I’d be happy to take a look. But you have only asserted things here, not actually offering arguments.

  3. The argument is that it is not necessary and God does not do unnecessary things. No proof is required of that.

    • That is a very weak argument. I don’t run into many people who just make assertions and then claim they don’t need any proof for it.

  4. Really??? You don’t run into people the claim things to be true that don’t require proof? Have you tried Christians and organized religion in general? That will provide you with all the proofless proclamations that your heart desires.

    My claim is based upon the assertion of Christianity that God is perfect but Christians assume, without knowing, that God’s decisions are not based upon logic but omniscience. I do not agree with the new atheists on many points but they do make one good point and that is that secular people do not have to prove the existence or omnipresence or omnipotence or any aspect of an extant supreme being. That is your claim. You cannot prove a negative but you can refute the claims of those who are brainwashed by their parents from childhood but for personal reasons never were able to let go of the Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy myths. Religion is just a little older than most but it is equally untrue.

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