What The Bible Really Is

April 18, 2011

99.9% of Christians have no idea what the Bible is really all about. You don’t need a PhD in religion or theology to understand what is going in here. You just need to understand how evil works. Human beings are by their very nature selfish beings. We want what we want, when we want it and for as long as we want it. Our bodies were not created by an omniscient, omnipotent God. If they were we would also be perfect in this world. Our souls were created perfectly but souls are infinite. They have always existed and always will. They cannot be created nor destroyed. Lucifer created this world and our bodies within it. When we are born our souls are channeled into these physical bodies through the electrical process of conception. It’s Lucifer’s finest design. Then the clock starts because our bodies are not strong enough to contain our souls for very long so Lucifer invented time to measure it. We are born in blood and die in blood. The sacrifice is where Lucifer gets his power. The woman is the electron that charges the embryo for nine months before it is released into this 3D realm. That is why babies have to learn how to walk and talk and everything else. They are used to existing in other realms and when you are re-born into this one most (except the enlightened) have no memory of previous lives. Animals do not suffer from this and are born with instincts already in place but their existence is a lower realm of suffering.

Genesis tells us exactly how Lucifer created this three-dimensional world. It took six days and then he rested on the seventh or Sabbath. Lucifer means “light bearer”. It’s not a benevolent God who loves us but will still judge us at the end of time or when we die. That’s a lie. The Jewish elite are frauds. They have concocted or infiltrated every major religion and changed the story lines to suit their political agenda of domination and control of mankind. Any cursory observation of recent history will demonstrate this but Americans don’t read. They don’t know about the Key of Solomon or the secrets of Egypt that Jews stole and now use for their grotesque rituals of power whereby they  summon demons to do their will. Instead Americans watch CNN which is owned and controlled by the same Jews trying to kill and control you and your loved ones. They also own the porn industry. They started feminism. They started the NAACP. They will never tell you the truth. They are of their father the devil and we all know the devil is, was and always will be a liar. This is his world and to get there you probably did something pretty bad in another life.

The Old Testament God is full of hate, vengeance, fear-mongering, homophobia, anal retention and sadism. Does that sound like a good God to you? Why do people think that suffering always leads to salvation? You don’t have to suffer to be saved. Lucifer just wants you to think that so his servants can make you suffer without you resisting that but there is no salvation at the end of the road because you will have spent all of your life serving Lucifer at that point. That’s a lot of bad karma to deal with so who knows what may happen but I’m guessing a good God would not be pleased with a servant of his greatest enemy. It may turn out that religious people are actually the condemned ones because, even though some of their hearts are in the right place, their energies are being channeled and focused to promote the Luciferian agenda, unbeknownst to them.

Enter the New Testament. All of a sudden God is not angry anymore and all you have to do is believe in Jesus Christ to be forgiven for your sins and you will go to heaven when you die. Sounds too easy doesn’t it? It is. It’s another lie. How could believing in something that isn’t real send you somewhere that doesn’t exist except in the imagination you retained from childhood parental brainwashing? Even if Jesus was a real man we have no other independents accounts of his divinity or miracles performed from anyone or anywhere else except the Bible. That’s a lie folks pure and simple.  There would be countless accounts of something that miraculous plus Jesus did a lot of traveling. When you sue someone or get sued and it’s your word against theirs you have a much lesser chance of winning than if you bring a witness. Where are all the witnesses of Jesus outside of the Bible? If we can find the Dead Sea Scrolls then we should have found other accounts if they existed. That means they don’t exist because Jews made it up. Jews have been tampering with the Bible for thousands of years via the Masoretic text and other mistranslations. They altered it when they translated it and not by mistake. They did it on purpose just like they did 9/11 on purpose because they hate Gentiles. They created the Curse of Ham to justify slavery that made them so rich to this day and yet Germany is still paying them reparations for a Holocaust that didn’t happen. Do you see how sick and manipulative these people are? They cannot be arrested or given a slap on the wrist. These people have to be taken out of power and isolated somewhere on the planet where the rest of mankind can ensure they spend the rest of their lives there where they cannot parasite off of humanity. If even one Jew or crypto-Jew were to escape the whole process would start over again.

Most Christians believe that the first five books of the Bible are literal. In fact some believe all of the Bible is literal. The Bible is a code folks and only people who study Qabbalah know what it really means. Christians and Buddhist and Muslims and Hindus and Catholics and everyone else are just pawns in the Jewish game. If you don’t believe it now that’s fine. You will before you ascend from this earthly realm because there is no other way out. You will continue being reincarnated here until you realize the truth. Don’t worry because you won’t remember your previous life when you return  so you will be free to make the same idiotic mistakes all over again. I wonder how many times I screwed up. This is my last one.

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  1. I found your write up browsing and I’m trying to figure out the truth about the bible and found it to be very interesting so I shared it on facebook. Would like to learn more need to know the facts. Thanks.

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