The Class Warfare of European and African Slavery

April 7, 2011

White men love to use the fact that whites were also enslaved as evidence that blacks don’t deserve reparations or as proof that blacks don’t deserve any special recompense for this white and Jewish elite historical atrocity. Let me demonstrate why, although all slavery was wrong, African and working white class slavery continues unabated today. White males want to vent their anger on the culprits, which are Jews, but Jews are untouchable politically because of Hitler-ish Big Lies they have told to create an edifice of anti-Semitism against all who dare oppose them. Blacks are very much touchable so whites wrongly project this frustration at Jewish power onto helpless blacks who cannot take advantage of white privilege, as they can, without becoming a coon like Clarence Thomas, John McWhorter or Michael Steele et al.

Many blacks do not know this but there are many similarities between white and African slavery:

During the Middle Passage voyage to America whites were confined under deck in chains just like Africans resulting in disease and death. Many whites were thrown overboard. White women were routinely raped and killed.

Whites slaves were worked literally to death. They were separated from their families and their children were also condemned to a life of slavery. White slavery in the US occurred principally in the 17th and 18th centuries. Of course the global African slave trade started in the 15th century and continued into the 19th century. That’s 400 years compared to around 200 years for whites.

There are also major differences between the white and black slave trades:

Whites were never major targets of lynching. It did happen of course to sympathizers but the vast majority happened to blacks.

The most important factor about white slavery is that skin-based racism never happened to them. It was all economic. Whites get skin privilege now at the expense of non-whites. There is still class warfare of course because that never goes away.  Economic discrimination against whites is based upon being white trash living in a trailer park fucking your sister. If you move into a decent neighborhood out of the trailer park, put on a shirt,  stop bringing retarded in-bred children into the world and speak proper English then rich whites will believe you are one of them or at least accept you into their dwindling middle class fold. Blacks cannot hide their blackness and it is used to this day to disproportionately incarcerate, abuse and execute black males.

White males claim that whites were sometimes treated worse than blacks. I’m sure that’s true compared to some but so what? Blacks were sometimes treated worse than blacks. I bet whites never got their dicks cut off and put on the family mantle as a trophy of victory over the savage niggers. There are no statistics on what percentage of whites vs blacks suffered the most brutal oppression and it’s not a god-damned contest either.

What’s the point of making this argument? Should blacks pay poor whites reparations now? This is merely a feeble attempt to minimize the impact of African slavery on blacks today. Whites can change themselves externally and receive white privilege. Under skin-based racism blacks do not have that advantage. Are white men saying that black slavery was ok or somehow justified just because poor whites were also enslaved? That is another form of white racism. Some white males claim they deserve reparations too. I would not disagree with that. Descendants of white slaves deserve reparations from descendants of the white elite just like descendants of African slaves do. White males are jealous of the attention that blacks get and hate white liberals for feeling guilty for a past that the white working class did not cause but actually shared with blacks. That is not in dispute but it was also the white working class that treated blacks the worst once skin-based racism took hold of economically disadvantaged whites who refused to hold the white elite accountable for anything but sat in sheer admiration of their genius at becoming rich as if ordained by God. White males are in no position of moral high ground on this issue. Poor whites used to lynch the hell out of slaves and former slaves. African slaves and free blacks never lynched former white slaves or their descendants.

The major point here is that rich whites were lazy and could not wait for the arrival of African free labor so they used their own people. That just means they cared more about money than skin color when it was useful to do soi, the same as rich whites and Jews today. Race is a fictitious tool to divide the masses so the elite of all races, although mostly white, can remain in power. But if whites were so lazy and greedy they would enslave their own people imagine what they would do and did do to blacks? This is just class warfare as stated earlier but poor whites hear words like communism and socialism and freak out refusing to engage the real perpetrators of the crimes against them: their own greedy elite and European Jews.

White guilt was created by Jews after slavery ended so they could piggyback on it as God’s chosen people and gain privilege and power. The Holocaust lie after WWII intensified the effect even more. If rich whites hate poor whites, as they clearly do, then why do poor whites project that anger onto defenseless blacks? They should hate rich whites and Jews. This is a problem of white projection. Whites refuse to own their pathological behavior. Instead they attack the defenseless black male who commits petty crimes trying to survive while the white elite and Jews steal billions from them right under their ignorant noses. The Jewish media uses mental slight of hand by pairing black males with white females to vent the violent and vitriolic hate of disadvantaged white males onto the helpless black masses. The result is that the Jews get a pass and blacks get a bullet in the ass.

Poor whites want to reverse the situation so that blacks get no sympathy or recompense for our suffering and they get to share the throne with the white and Jewish elite. That will never happen. Descendants of white slaves exacting revenge on descendants of African slaves is an infinite loop of futility and wasted energy. Black leaders take the same approach to solving discrimination by attempting to exact revenge on working class whites. It is a Jewish psyop to keep the masses of all races fighting and squabbling with each other while Jews continue getting paid and planning our mass extermination in preparation for their New World Order  global communist government.

Whites are still enslaved but mostly in their minds. The barriers to the economic ascension of the white working class have largely been removed but the white working class sees any gains of nonwhites as an affront to white supremacy, even though they do not share in its bounty. The prison industrial complex has replaced slavery for blacks and disproportionately affects us but facts do not matter to angry whites. All that matters is revenge and justification of wrongdoing. The Jews have won but those who awaken can transcend this world and let Lucifer deal with these morons incapable of seeing the truth of out of arrogance, stubbornness and a false sense of superiority and entitlement. This has all been foretold by countless prophets so it must and will come to pass.

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