Whites Did Not Evolve In Glacial Climates

April 3, 2011

There is a book called the “Iceman Inheritance” by Michael Bradley that claims that white people evolved in colder glacial climates. As a result of this harsh environment whites developed resentment toward nature and general over-aggression as a race that we see today in their plundering and pilfering of the nonwhite portions of the planet. To whites everything material or otherwise is something to be exploited. That is without question. The first thing the government does when it discovers something new is determine if and how it can be crafted into a weapon against people of color.

Although white overaggression is beyond dispute I do, however, dispute the origin of it. It is impossible, given the length of time it would take to lose one’s skin color via dietary and climactic changes for white, or what would eventually become whites, for whites to survive in those harsh and virtually lifeless climates unable to grow their own food. We’re not talking Antarctica here but we’re still talking pretty cold all year long. Any race of humans would have died out before evolution altered their physical appearance any appreciable amount. Evolution takes much longer than what we have been taught and told. It takes hundreds of thousands of years in the same or similar environment for the human body to adapt to it, not a mere ten thousand years or some other such nonsense.

So the question then begs from whence did whites originate? I don’t know. The only possible answers in my opinion are 1) Someone created them separately from the indigenous people and took care of them until they learned enough to take of care themselves and 2) They were brought to Earth by an alien race of beings. Nothing else could have possibly happened. They couldn’t have just sprouted out of the ground. They had to have been created using the DNA of indigenous people and then re-introduced to the planet to unleash their hell. I’m not a religious person but the story of Yakub put forth by Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam sounds like something that is plausible. That story also got the NOI listed as a hate group and that alone. Whenever you piss off white people it’s usually because you’re telling the truth. Whites do not like the truth because they know it does not favor them. Why else spread the lie of white supremacy all over the planet unless you are actually inferior? Whites operate largely out of their subconscious, much more so than other races. It is their subconscious that holds the truth of their origin.


  1. I believe black people are not as inteligent as a whole when compared to other races. The only biological reason for this is the fact that Blacks did not move out of africa. As a result of this stationary existance they did not change and have to adapt to their enviorment. The people who originally moved out of africa started as black but as they moved north into the ice that was there from the last ice age they had to live in caves and as a result there skin turned white. Along with the pigment adaptation the white people had to think of ways to keep themselves warm, how to hunt and overcome thier climate. Everything biological in this world can be attributed to evolution and In my opinion this is why white people are significantly smarter as a whole than Blacks.

    • Whites cannot be smarter than blacks because whites evolved from blacks. Whites definitely honed a different set of skills for survival. That doesn’t make them smarter. It just makes them more violent because they perceive nature as something to be controlled at all costs. Nature consists of all life. Whites also practice self-worship and obsession with material possessions. Whites may have learned some technological tricks out of necessity for survival (many of which were stolen from Africa and Asa) but they used that knowledge to kill and destroy and conquer. How does that make them smarter than blacks and other people of color? That makes them much less intelligent because they are still operating our of the lower reptilian brain. Whites value the wrong things because they lack spirituality. There is clearer something genetic about whites that precludes them from being able to make real connections with higher level beings. Whites just don’t get it because they physically and biologically cannot get it. Whites are designed for this world of 3D materialism. They were created here and they will always remain here because this world belongs to Lucifer. Other races, if they wake up from this material slumber, will be able to transcend to higher planes of existence. Whites rule this world because they belong here under the eternal control of Lucifer.

      I do not believe whites would have had time to evolve in colder climates because we are lied to by the media about how long evolution takes. Whites would have perished if they did not have help surviving. They have been given 6000 years to rule and now that time is almost up. Sucks to be them.

  2. Feeling like a Neanderthal? Here’s why
    (CNN) – Apparently, there’s a bit of Neanderthal in many of us, according to a newly released study.

    Research says modern humans of non-African heritage have distant genetic ties to Neanderthals – cousins of modern humans who went extinct 30,000 years ago.

    Published in Oxford Journals’ “Molecular Biology and Evolution,” the study backs up previous theories that humans and Neanderthals mated and had offspring.

    The research is based on analysis of more than 6,000 DNA samples gathered from all populated continents.

    In most of the samples, part of the human X chromosome called the haplotype shared a DNA sequence with the Neanderthal genome, said University of Montreal Professor Damian Labuta, who lead the study for CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center. But the Neanderthal sequence was not present in haplotype taken from people with sub-Saharan African heritage.

    Neanderthals lived in what is now western Eur-Asia including parts of Germany, France, Spain, Russia and Croatia. Their ancestors left Africa at least 400,000 years ago, which likely explains why humans with African heritage don’t have Neanderthal-linked chromosomes.

  3. africa is a continent not a race how can they say we all came form
    one people when they cant even link everyone with dna… half ass ploy to end racism

  4. We were told we all came from monkeys now we learn from far left Historians …the monkeys can talk LOL

    Darwin is a joke

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