Are Love and Romance Dead? Yes….And Women Killed Them Both.

March 31, 2011

Is love dead? Yes and like Dave Chappelle said about chivalry, feminism killed it…along with media brainwashing. Remember the saying why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Well that definitely applies to modern women. Modern women are beings who are largely influenced by what others tell them who they are. They listen to Oprah. They listen to the magazines. They listen to their girlfriends who also listen to Oprah and magazines. They listen to everyone except the two people they need to listen to: themselves and whoever their mate or potential mate is. Nothing else matters except what two people want between themselves but women refuse to put those boundaries on privacy especially when there is some disagreement about something. Women have to go get advice from someone, and like Dave Chappelle said again, it’s usually someone that don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Women sabotaging relationships with men is one thing but the greater problem is women behaving like sluts. Just take a look on backpage.com and you’ll see sluts countrywide who are proud to be sluts. Some of them have good paying jobs and they just want to be sluts on the side for the extra money, especially when they have kids. How can you expect a man to want to commit to something like that? Women these days go out to party and get plastered on alcohol and drugs and then fuck whoever is alive at the end of the night. They’re skanks. They carry diseases they don’t even know they have and rarely use condoms. They have bad attitudes because they watch so much tv that they feel entitled to act like Kim Kardashian and other model whores. Even unattractive women walk around with this sense of entitlement just from having a vagina and breasts.

Women have inherent psychological tendencies that they refuse to admit are easily exploited and the Jewish media has used these traits to get women to believe that men are the enemy thereby fulfilling a major part of the breakdown of the family and depopulation agenda. Look at how they will not leave Chris Brown alone over that Rihanna incident from years ago. You would think he had sacrificed small children like the elite do. Black male sexuality has always scared whites, and hence Jews as well, but now it’s just fear of male sexuality period. All we hear is how men are all rapists who watch porn and cannot control themselves. We hear NO MEANS NO. Whatever. Almost every guy has been with a chick that says no because she wants you to take it forcefully because she likes rough sex and wants to feel dominated. She wants to feel raped by someone she is attracted to but not some big, fat dumb loser like Jack Black. Women do not appreciate the intellect or romantic nature of any man period. They only pretend to when the guy has a six pack.

Women do not understand how much more vulnerable they are to the brainwashing by the media’s portrayal of them. They don’t understand how the excessive pressure to be attractive 24/7 makes them behave in irrational and counterproductive ways. The elite have been performing psychological experiments and social engineering on women for centuries because they know if you break the women, you break the man and then that breaks the family. Once the family is broken then it’s a free-for-all of everyone looking out for number one or at least who we think number one is. The irony of it all is that the more Americans seek to individuate themselves the more they become just like each other, empty vassals of nothingness. That is what America has become, a bunch of people who are unable to put others above themselves. That is the death-knell of any civilization and it is also the same of ours.

Women no longer nourish what makes women women. They try to outperform men at everything like a little brother emulating his big brother in the hopes of one day surpassing him. This is feminism. Women ignore the things that makes them uniquely women and the things that make men uniquely men. To many women there is one gender and that is why so many women now are bisexual. To them a woman is a man with a vagina and men are women with penises. Maybe they should all just date transsexuals? When there is nothing inside a person worthy of loving or respecting then they become an object. Objects are disposable. They become the scraps of food we throw out everyday or the refrigerator that no one wants to repair anymore because it’s cheaper to buy a new one. Women care only about the shallow and superficial now. In fact most women these days find intelligent men unattractive because since they focus only or largely on the exterior they only appreciate people that do the same. Men have been visual since our creation so it’s nothing new for us. This is media programming of the female mind because the elite understand the sensitivities and insecurities of women better than women do themselves. They mold women into whatever they want them to be. Women refuse to listen to themselves because they don’t trust themselves. They want to fit in and they don’t want to be alone. Being alone is hell on earth for most women, especially those that deny that basic truth.

On the flip-side many women take this the wrong way and end up trying to do the complete opposite instead of what comes naturally. My best and longest relationships have been with women I slept with either on the first night or shortly thereafter. When you give it up doesn’t matter. Women need to stop believing that they are only a piece of ass and start focusing on their inner beauty to rediscover who they truly are. Sex has nothing to do with it. Sex is just a biological desire caused by hormones and emotions. It’s also good for stress relief and exercise. No one dies from not having sex. Feminism was supposed to give women self-esteem to compete with men at the same level, outside of the physical, but all it really did was turn women into vengeful misandrists who lie all the time and use men to get what they want from them with no regard for anyone’s feelings, including the children of married men or even their own children. Most women are not even human by any textbook or humane definition. They may pretend to be nice and sweet on the outside but inside they’re thinking the most heinous thoughts about people who have no idea what the psychos really think of them. The level of absolute paranoia by women is beyond anything measurable by any known psychological classification. Basically women have lost it.

This is no doubt partly due to the fact that we are all being poisoned, not only mentally but physically as well. BPA is turning men into women. The gay agenda is alive and well turning little boys into little sissies. Chemtrails and fluorinated water are almost everywhere. Hormones in our food are giving 13 year olds the bootys of grown women. I used to think that was terrible because young women were not ready to handle what men wanted to do to them. Now that I think about it now neither are grown women. They’re just a bunch of mental midgets and emotional trolls out there wandering around in search of the perfect mate that doesn’t exist, as if the perfect mate would actually want someone so unbalanced. They will pass on the few good guys that would have been best for them and end up settling for a loser once the wrinkles starts crinkling (and they can’t afford eternal Botox like Joan Rivers), the boobs start sagging and the ass starts dragging. At that point women become even more insecure because their whole image was based on their physical body. Now that as that dwindles too there is nothing at all to fall back on. Nothing. What a mental prison that must be. All the while they still think to themselves it’s going to happen for me whatever “it” is.

Sure there are always those 10-20% exceptions out there who will curse me and the day I was born. So do I now I came out straight and have to deal with them but the fact remains most women suffer from many, most or all of these delusions. It doesn’t matter if you’re willing to admit or not. That’s called denial folks. The entire landscape of American life didn’t change because men watch too much football. Women changed and for the worse. The few good women out there who actually love men outside of sex and who cherish womangood and femininity need to speak up and speak out. The feminazi bisexual psychopaths that are your majority have monopolized the conversation. It’s just like loud black women. People think all black women are loud because only the loud ones get heard. Good women need to let their voices be heard. They need to defend men against bitches like Nancy Disgrace. They need to demonstrate to other women how to embrace being a woman instead of perceiving manhood as a threat to your existence and happiness. How could men be happy without women? How could women be happy without men? Straight people cannot and many of these people seeking comfort in the beds of their own gender are just hurt and confused by the media onslaught. Take a stand good women. Men cannot do this for you. This is a fight YOU must fight.

Truly, however, most women disgust me because of the cancer inside of them. They emulate the worst parts of men and reject the best part of themselves. They go against nature. They burp. They belch. They fart. They puke. They never cross their legs. They never heard of curtsying. They wear makeup like porn stars. They wear shirts calling themselves porn stars. That means they take it up the ass and swallow loads of hot semen from random men. That’s what women who wear those shirts aspire to be? When you combine the physical disgust I feel for most women with their absolute insecurity, with their brazen, hateful attitudes toward normal men, with their obsession with their physical appearance, with their inability to raise healthy children, with their obsessive desire to compete with men, with their addition to shopping and purchasing meaningless things of no real value, with their lack of appreciation of the humanity of any living creature, I can do nothing except wish I actually was gay.


  1. wow ive always felt ike that about society but wasnt able to put it in context like that this is great stuff man to each his own bless the truth

  2. Hello I’m 28 male from Australia I’m athletic and a nice guy, I found your story to be the 100% truth, USA or aust women these days are just (all of the above) 😉 but it leaves us all single all pissed off and it’s getting worse, women these days are just fucked, we need to rewind put women back to the 50s where men hold the rains

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