Killing Many Gentiles With One Stone

March 30, 2011

The elite usually do things that have multiple benefits for them. For instance 9/11 was a financial crime. Nine billion dollars has still not been found by the Pentacon [sic]. Larry Silverstein got the insurance for the buildings after suing the insurance company and getting the ruling from a Jewish judge. Israel got their War on Terror from the Zionist neocons that do it just for money. Saddam was removed from power so we could have Iraq’s oil. The Patriot Act was passed so the government can invade our privacy.  The list goes on and on. It is no different with chemtrails.

A few things that chemtrails do:

1) To infect our lungs with aluminum so that delivery of H5N1 becomes more deadly when the elite ready to do that before declaring martial law.

2) To block out the sun making us sicker than we would be. Also decreases absorption of Vitamin D since sunlight needed to metabolize it.

3) The less sun we get the less the Earth expands under the Expando planet model so it gives the elite more time to do whatever they need to to cement their 3D grip on humanity. It could potentially even throw off the entire 2012 cosmic event or make it happen at a later date. They’ve already fucked up the calendars beyond all recognition but they are still counting by the Hebrew calendar even though Jews are not Hebrews. Hebrews are black. Jews are white.

In other words folks……we’re doomed. We have no unity because the Jews have mastered the art of divide and conquer. How many of you reading hate someone because of their race, religion or sexual orientation? Exactly. All of you. That’s the division. We’re all slaves to their money and they have most of us completely distracted with sports and reality tv. That’s the conquer.

Enjoy it while they finish culling the herd by poisoning you in ways you cannot even imagine until you find out you have cancer. And make sure you listen to CNN because Nazi Zionist Wolf Blitzer would never lie to you even though their Jewish Talmud says Jesus is in hell boiling in a vat of feces. Nice touch huh? I thought so. Above all you can always just pretend none of this real is real and there is no such thing as true conspiracies because the government loves us and would never hurt for money or power. Life in America will get better and nothing dramatic like the Japan tsunami will ever happen here because God loves us and Jesus will protect you. Hahahahaha!!!!!!! You morons!!!!!!! They invented Re-LIE-gion and the Buy-BULL!!!!!

Blak Rant

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