The Real Reasons People Have Children

March 13, 2011

Parents love to lie to their children, especially in America. They say they don’t want to hurt their children’s feelings by telling them the truth or they live in absolute denial of reality. Only rarely in America are children conceived as an expression of love between two people. It’s not possible for whites because they are not capable of feeling anything beyond jealously, fear, hatred, resentment and distrust. Love is a foreign concept to them I don’t care how much they meditate or how many drugs they take in vein attempts to induce such a harmonious state. They experience opportunity at the expense of others and then take it.

So what are the real reasons that people conceive? When a pregnancy is not planned then it is an accident. The child is not an accident but bringing them into the world unintentionally is certainly an accident. If it was unplanned then what else can you call it? Just because the result is not an accident does not mean the precipitating action was not.

They were drunk or high or both and horny and didn’t use protection. This is probably the greatest single cause (not a reason) that people have children. Most men and women get horny when their inhibitions are lowered using drugs. It also lowers your standards so that you will have sex with people you normally would consider unattractive. Next thing you know 260 days later the stork delivers Junior.

They wanted to see what their child would look like. This one happens probable the second most but usually between people in a committed relationship who are generally sober. Their child is just a DNA experiment to them. They want to see what traits are inherited by the mother versus those by the father. It’s sick but many Americans have children for this very reason. It’s almost as if we think nature is going to be so kind as to take all the good parts of the man and the woman and combine them into one perfect humans. It never happens that way and it never will. It normally backfires.

To fix what they consider mistakes they made in their lives using someone else. This is the one that really grates my nerves. Once people get to a certain point in life and they have obtained success as defined by the media which is nothing more than fame and fortune their lack of self-esteem makes them look at themselves as failures because they spend all day everyday comparing themselves to others. The result is that many then turn to children as a way to correct these mistakes. Parents believe they can somehow have redemption through forcing another human being to be just like them except this time without their mistakes. What usually happens is the children make even more mistakes…….yours all over again and then their own as well. This should be a crime and it would be in my world.

The women is lonely…….especially unattractive or emotionally damaged young females. A lot of female teenagers have kids because they don’t want to be alone. Let’s face it. 99% of women hate being alone and age is not a factor. It’s torture for them due to their nature. If they can’t keep a man then they sure as hell can keep a helpless infant from leaving them, at least until they turn eighteen. It’s sad but this happens all the time. It’s no reason to being a life into the world however.

The couples’ version of the same phenomenon usually happen after the first few years of marriage. The couple is largely incompatible and have grown bored with each other so they decide to have a kid. Guess what happens? You don’t have to guess because it’s happening all around you. Having children to save a marriage never works. It just means you have an official reason as a couple (married or otherwise) to spend less time together. That’s not a family. It’s a distraction from facing the real issue which is you need to get a divorce or break up if you aren’t married and find someone you really want to spend your life with if possible. It’s slim pickens in America with all the damaged and jaded people.

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the male heir phenomenon. It was particularly prevalent in ancient times and still so in China and Japan. Many times female babies would be slaughtered so that men could try again at conceiving a male heir. This is still part of the European mindset as well although I believe it has somewhat mellowed. These days you can probably have the male tested to see if he can even provide the proper chromosome for a male child since men determine the gender. Guess God figured women determine everything else so it gave us gender. Since it’s men that determine the gender why slaughter the females when you were the one that determined the sex? Their gender is your fault, not theirs. This country, world and plane of existence is the most fucked-up place I’ve ever seen and hope to never see again after 2012.

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  1. “It’s not possible for whites because they are not capable of feeling anything beyond jealously, fear, hatred, resentment and distrust. ” WHAT KIND OF RACIST CRAP IS THIS? Just bec of that, and the grammatical error I just spotted, this is obviously not worth reading.

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