Karma Will Block Most From Any Ascension

March 12, 2011

I’ve been asking myself this question for a long time. Americans see themselves as individuals. We know that model does not hold up to close scrutiny from a molecular or spiritual standpoint. It is said that we are all connected but that truth has been hidden from us in this 3D realm we call Earth or reality. I don’t know whether or not 2012 will bring about a vibrational change in consciousness, mass planetary destruction, both or neither but what I do know for sure is that no one can go anywhere carrying the burden and debt of massive amounts of negative karma. The group to which I am referring of course is the white race or Caucasoids, including the European Jews or Khazarian Ashkhenazis.

Since the dawn of the white race they have been killing and destroying every form of life on this planet, including their own, but none has suffered more than the darker-skinned peoples of the planet. Conservative figures estimate that whites have killed 600 million blacks since their entrance onto the stage of world history. That is the current population of the entire white race currently. Whites have an innate fear of darkness. They associate darkness with evil and filth but it’s their own fear and filth that are the true source of evil. Everything good is always made to look white or associated with light when in fact Lucifer means light-bringer or bearer. The light isn’t evil in and of itself. It is just a tool of Lucifer to construct this 3D realm for itself and the rest of us as slaves at a particular resonant frequency. Scientists (or lying-to-us) tell us white light has all the colors of visible spectrum contained within it. Common sense tells you that all colors originate from black, not white. How can you get black from white? You cannot. Our five physical senses cannot penetrate the barriers of this realm so we must use the others which most do not even realize they have. Some call it the sixth sense. Some call it intuition. Some call it ESP. Whatever you call it it is your true self trying to break through Lucifer’s force-field to reconnect you with what you really are. I do not believe whites have to innate ability to do this.

Does the white race have the ability to let go of its seflishness, greed and clinging to this world of Luciferian materialism? I’m not sure. I can tell you for certain that the Bible has been tampered with by Luciferians (yes many of them are non-Semitic European Jews). The God of the Old Testament is clearly and outwardly Luciferian with its vengeance, jealousy and bringing of light in Genesis. Even some Christians will admit this but then they acquiesce to the lies of the New Testament. Was Jesus real? Probably. Was he divine? Absolutely and unequivocally no! He was a prophet just like many before him, no more. Jesus taught that we should love our enemies and turn the other cheek against their attacks. This Martin Luther King-type psychology is thought to create a guilt complex in those with a conscience that will eventually lead them to see the error of their ways and transform them into loving beings. The only problem with it is that it requires the suffering of the good until the evil manifest their transformation and secondly, it relies solely upon the evil having a conscience at all. Most evil has no conscience at all. That’s why we call it evil. A conscience is a seed of love. The only way to deal with those who do not possess one is with the same ruthless and cold-hearted force that they use upon those of good will. Any other strategy will repeatedly fail, as blacks in America and worldwide can historically attest to.

Some groups like the Nation of Islam do not believe the white race can be redeemed. They believe that the white race was created to do exactly what it’s doing by Lucifer and that their rule was limited by God to 6000 years, which are now coming to an end. I don’t know if any of that is true. How could I? All you can do is look at the behavior of whites and the white race in general. What I see is a people of fear. Fear rules the lives of whites. Why? Apparently something in the white physiology prevents them from connecting to others at a spiritual level. Some believe it is black melanin that allows darker-skinned people to do this, to somehow “peek” through the window of our five senses to see the spiritual realm of energy that lies beyond. You can feel this genuine trust and love that many black people used to have for everyone including themselves. After hundreds of years under white supremacy, however, blacks have become just as clouded and lost in fear and hatred as the white race is. We have adopted their negative behaviors while they have adopted almost none of our former positive ones. We lost the fight. I blame the black race for that, for not being strong enough when it needed to be. We will be judged by the cosmos, just like whites, for not having done what was necessary and assimilating with evil against the rest of the world.

I know people are going to say all races have done evil. That is true. I happen to think that Asians (not Indians but yellow races with epicanthic eye folds) are not much better than whites. Perhaps that is why most of them choose the company of whites. Sure they have this rich traditions of spiritual practices but they are largely glorified in Hollywood and not widely practiced or accepted anymore in China and Japan. Most of their beliefs came from Africa and you can see the Chinese returning to South Africa en masse even today. That is why China was not happy to see Obama elected. They hate blacks (although Obama is Jewish, not black or Arab in any true sense) because they know, just like whites, that much of what they are originated in Africa. They will not ascend with such resentment and lack of gratitude. I’m not saying the earthquake in Japan had anything to do with that. I believe the Japanese are more open-minded than the Chinese largely due to way the Chinese raise their children and how the government treats its people. The yellow races in general have a very calculated, regimented and rigid view of life that is antithetical to the spiritual principles of  Zen, Buddhism, Shintaoism, Jainism and the like.

In spite of this fact, I do not believe that any race has created more carnage and suffering, via technology, than the white race. That can be argued historically but is indisputable within the past few hundred years. Whites, whether Jewish or not, are the source of almost all of the world’s current problems because they, for some reason, have it encoded in their DNA that they are special and deserve more than people who look different from them. Even well-meaning whites demonstrate this behavior routinely in their speech and actions. I see it everyday. It is an ingrained, incessant insecurity complex as if whites subconsciously know or believe themselves to be genetically inferior. The result is massive group projection of their suffering onto people of color all over the world. It is almost as if whites believe their time is limited and want to cause as much harm, while having as much fun, as they possibly can within the limited time frame of their dominance and/or existence.

The question then becomes, how does the cosmos determine if you are eligible to ascend? Maybe I can borrow the answer from organized religion, which I hate with all my heart, but you must believe. Of course organized religion wants you to believe lies so that the Luciferian elite can control you in every way, shape and form but true belief is seeing beyond their lies to the greater universal truth of humanity. I do not believe whites have this innate ability. What about the black DNA that many whites have inherited over time through race-mixing? I cannot say if that would be sufficient to save them or give them the ability to overcome their materialist nature. You could equally say the same thing about blacks who have mixed with whites to some degree like myself. I also have white DNA because of race-mixing during and after slavery. Have some blacks been tainted so badly that we have lost our spiritual connection with the Almighty (which is ourselves) and now worship the white money god of consumerism and self-aggrandizement? It is clearly a possibility. I do not think, for instance, that Beyonce is going to ascend. She is a lost child of the tribe of Shabaaz like most blacks. There are many others. I just chose her because of her fame and monetary success. She would do well to separate from Jay-Z, a known occultist and Illuminati agent doing much damage to the collective black psyche in destroying our innate ability to ascend.

No one has definite answers to these questions but if you have hatred in your heart for people of certain races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc. then you CANNOT and WILL NOT ascend. It simply will not happen. You will wake up on December 22, 2012 or the day after the ascension, whenever it happens, and not realize a thing has happened. Those who have ascended will be erased from your memory and you will believe 2012 was a complete hoax, when in fact others have simply left you behind. Your lives after you are left behind will entail suffering on Biblical Revelation proportions. Whether you believe it or not reincarnation is real. Most of us have been returning time and time again and not learning a damn thing for thousands of years. This brief window of opportunity has presented itself once again as it does every 26,000 years. If you do not cross over this time consider it a 26,000 year sentence to the worst type of hell that the Luciferians in power can dream up. They have had plenty of time to perfect it too.


  1. […] We must look within ourselves and gain the strength to recognize that society has become black with the plagues of fear and anger, we must face our inner demons and learn to overcome them, because only when we do so will we be able to change the path we are on and prevent the negative outcomes that Nostradamus predicted for 2012. You can also read the following related post: https://racerules.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/negative-karma-may-block-some-from-2012-ascension/ […]


    No one has definite answers to these questions but if you have hatred in your heart for people of certain races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc. then you CANNOT and WILL NOT ascend.


    Maybe I can borrow the answer from organized religion, which I hate with all my heart, but you must believe

  3. The author is simply contemplating the obvious. No malice towards any group is implied here. 

    These are the thoughts of many including some whites themselves. Historical references to the “spiritual” character of colored peoples throughout the world come to mind. At least some whites recognize colored people as very spiritually attuned to the upper realms.  However, there is a flipside to this assertion not as commonly addressed–some within the whitened races are less inclined to see beyond the veil of corporeal existence. I will take it a step further to say that this is the primary reason for race based discrimination. Whether this is the result of active processing due to personal preference, or a more passive natural inclination remains unknown. 

    They lack Empathy. 

    At any rate, the formation of deep emotional ties to others beyond the interest of mere survival  (empathy) or for personal gain seems specific to people of color, in general. Most higher mammals have this ability, but without some social conditioning it is usually specific to others within that species. human beings as a whole have greater flexibility in this area and can easily recognize the common threads uniting all of creation.  What I am asserting here is that some whites inability to see themselves reflected in darker skinned humans has indeed induced a great fear and insecurity in them towards us. I stress and do emphasize the words SOME and ‘whitened’ because experience and a graduate education in genetics has afforded me this perspective. However, i can also say without hesitation that those who follow in line behind these guys in their conduct for the sake of racial solidarity still generate negative karma. 

    They feign spiritual awareness. 

    I have met and befriended many different folks from the four corners of the world in my quest for spiritual enrichment. Most have had genuine awakening and probaly embody with all of their being the state of “oneness” that we are. Those who are not sincere are invariably of the whiter hue. They are usually giving themselves away by trying to introduce hierarchy into this beautiful paradigm and tending toward hostility when encountering differing points of view. They can study eastern trads., love Jesus, know krisnamurti, tolle, and oprah personally, but true ‘experiential’ enlightenment seems lost upon many. It is all just knowledge. This is certainly not the case with all but the majority of those I encounter in everday settings. 

    So what now…It is they who need to evolve. 

    This is not a situation of good vs. evil, imho. I believe it is a matter of evolution of…(whether spiritual or biological is up for debate. See: The Iceman Inheritance. )…The capacity for balance between the primitive, ego-centric, fearful mind and the higher vibrating spirit self. The innate animal nature of humans is to scan for evidence of threat. It is of high survival value in high stress situations where quick, reactionary type responses might save lives. However, it is not a rational way of thinking in our type of world and definitely is not conducive to diplomacy. Ever wonder: Why is their technology so destructive? Why are they ravaging and trashing the planet?  Is Earth not their home also?

    The higher self on the other hand is in alignment with the source of “all that is” and knows the supreme abundance and joy inherent in simply “being” in whatever form that fate has allowed. No amount of lack or suffering can ever change this.  Our higher self is in constant communion with Creator and reminds us we are one people.

    • You are one of few enlightened human beings I have met in my life. There is something physical that corresponds to the white lack of spirituality. As above so below. Is it pigmentation or melanin? We may never know but it is clear that whites are the only species on the planet that cannot live in harmony with nature (ie God). Something is missing from them. When they do wrong many of them don’t understand why it’s wrong. Their moral compass is absent many times. They can emulate good people like a psychopath learns to do over time but their true and normal behavior is aberrant and deviant. I purport that they are not from this planet. Everything that is from this planet knows how to love this planet. Whites do not. Hence they cannot possibly be from here. No genetic malformation would cause their level of apathy toward human compassion. These people were brought here to divide people of color. They worship money. They have animal sex. They know nothing of tantra. They think it’s just more animal sex. You get the point but let me ask you given what we know about white pathological behavior how could they be from Earth?

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