Media Miscegenation: Venting Whitey and Scapegoating Blackey

March 12, 2011

Ok it’s time to out a stop to blaming black men for having sex with white women who want to have sex with black men. White men are notorious for not going after the Jewish media for its programming of their women to date men of other races. Everyone knows, and the Jewish elite even admit, total dominance of the media, including pro sports, porn and Hollywood. These images of black males and whites females together are 100% their doing. It has nothing to do with black men wanting to steal all the white women away from white men so we can spread our seed and annihilate the white race genetically. How could it? Black people cannot even get along for five minutes on most issues thanks to whites and Jews having successfully divided us and destroyed our unity over the years by bribing the talented tenth out of their racial loyalty.

First and foremost 90% or more of black men prefer black women and black women only. Most of the black guys I know never date white women seriously because white women are almost always shallow, boring people with no substance who are hooked on prescription pain killers, getting trashed, going to the mall and watching American Idol. Black guys will just knock it out for the freaky sex (anal, fellatio, group, russian, facials, swallowing, etc) because everyone knows that white women are wayyyyyyyy freakier than black women. White women usually don’t mind porn-like sex but you rarely find a black woman that will accommodate that unless she was raised around white females.

That brings me to my second point. White women chase black men, not the other way around in most cases. Many white women want a mixed baby so they can say they have some color in them finally. They love the light skin and the wavy hair of biracial children. They also love pissing off their families, especially dad, when they do so. You would think white fathers would have learned after all this time but they are still doing stupid things like forbidding their daughters to mingle with black males. The first thing those girls do is find them a black male, usually of the thug variety that is promoted on TV and in music. Of course they end up pregnant or hooked on drugs because that’s what those type of men always do to women of any race. Don’t hate the player. Hate the media for promoting it.

Many white women are still hung up on the huge black phallus mythology. Yes brothers are on average bigger than other males of other races but we run the gamut. There are plenty of white dudes and Latino dudes that are packing as well. Once again this is just media hype designed to muddy the racial waters making it easier for the elite to obtain and maintain total control of Americans. It is clear that the Jewish elite want to destroy the non-Jewish white race or at least permanently demoralize them so they do not pose any threat to Jewish power. It is working too because whites, like many blacks, believe in the Holocaust fraud and the God’s chosen people reference to the Israelites or Hebrews. The Jewish elite are not Hebrews. They are Khazarian Ashkhenazis from western Europe, a warring tribe that chose to convert to Judaism in 420AD rather than be slaughtered by neighboring enemies. Their leaders leapt at the opportunity to hoodwink the West once they saw it was going to be profitable. All they needed was a central bank and the rest is history.

Another aspect of this promotion of miscegenation is the fact that Jews created Willie Lynch to break up the black family during slavery. Whites accepted the strategy of feminizing and de-legitimizing black manhood. Once that happened and slavery/Jim Crow ended both black men and women started looking outside of their own races for companionship. That continues en masses today since blacks have been taught to hate themselves and love whites. Do you see how it backfired on white men? White males were so scared that black families would somehow overcome their slavery condition that they didn’t think about the future where Jews would use that gaping hole to promote race-mixing and destroy their Anglo pure blood.

Black men are sick and tired of white men venting their sexual frustrations on us  because Jews are reprogramming their women to prefer men of other races. Go after the Jews and leave us the hell out of it. Most of us don’t want your skanky hoes anyway, although we don’t mind using them and then sending them back home to you when we’re done. The same goes for black women who complain that all black males want white women. Maybe shutting up and forming a coalition with white males against the Jewish media would serve you better. You can call it the Oreo Coalition Against Negroes and White Hoes.

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