The Charlie Sheen/Female 3D Hoax

March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen is a subliminal suggestion folks. H is silent in Hebrew and it is also the eighth letter of the alphabet, which means domination in Luciferianism. Without the H’s we have Carlie Seen. That’s C(or see)+RA(sun god)+LIE+SEEN. You’re being controlled by Lucifer the light bearer. Everything you see is just a thought that has been slowed down to light speed which is what you see. Light is slowed down even further by using sound which makes everything you see appear solid.

You’re in a program and you thoughts are not your own. The TV gives them to you and then your subconscious expands it to create your reality. There is one consciousness and one only. The elite are using the spells they stole from Egypt to keep us in this mental state. Women are used to create the illusion of new life through conception but it’s the same consciousness that has always existed. Lucifer just wants you to think you are separate from it and exist as an individual. You do not. Lucifer does which is why it created duality in the world. We are all just one and we will see it soon. It’s all connected energy.

Women are the electrical force used to sustain this illusion along with the fear of death. Women and money are the same words. The Y is just a symbol for women. Rearrange the letters and they spell the same thing. Spells exist. It’s not just Merlin nonsense. When you say it you give it power if you know the right words. The elite are drawing power from beings in higher dimensions and using it to impersonate the real God which is us.

I know women and feminists (who literally destroyed the country) hate me for saying it but women are pure evil. Without women this illusion would immediately collapse. They are the flow of current like water. They are the electron that creates everything we think we see. They are the blood of the sacrifice. They call it a monthly period. They are the sacrifice of bloody birth which inevitably leads to death. Then they bring us right back into this world to serve Lucifer all over again after having our memories erased in death. When you have sex with a woman you are literally draining the life force out of your temporary body. You can’t see it because this 3D blinds us using our limited five senses.

I’m not saying hate women and I’m sure as hell not saying don’t have sex. I’m saying women are not what they appear to be. They don’t know it but Lucifer does. Lucifer knows exactly how to manipulate them. They are literally emotion because they emote ions. Look at some of the words associated with females. Notice they all have W’s and V’s in them because that is the shape of a woman’s cleavage (another V) and from the waist down (another V). Two V’s make a W. An M is just an upside down W.

Wave, flow, evil, love, believe, water, moon, womb, vagina, virgin, vulva, eve, cervix, viagra like niagra falls and on and on.

Why do men love breasts so much? Because breasts are huge all-seeing eyes. The obvious is usually correct. Nipples are like pyramids and pacifiers to keep men asleep. Our ancestors used pyramids to link the consciousness of mankind into one until they were damaged and Lucifer took advantage to separate us into individuals. We are linked just like the Borg on Star Trek. We are a hive mind species. Breast is just B+reast. The letter B is two breasts at a 90 degree angle and also BE. Reast is RE+A+S+T. RE is RA another way to reference the sun god. A’s are always pyramids meaning as above so below as the Luciferian elite use higher dimensions to control this lower one. The S is sex and the serpent. Those are the curves of woman that men cannot resist. T is a cross or a sacrifice like Jesus. Put it all together and you have BE RA A SEX/SERPENT SACRIFICE. Starting to get it now. English is the only language that can convey this level of suggestion. Why? Because the Arabic letters we call the alphabet from the Egyptian heiroglyphs. Save yourself and see the truth. We are in a cycle just like the cycle of the female every month.

Women are the water which is the moon that controls the tides. Women are the spark that creates the light which creates life by hiding a piece of God in a body with an expiration date. Women are the blood of birth and death. While we are alive they are the money that men chase to get women. They are the red rose that refers to the blood of the Christ resurrection. They are the crystal prism that separates light into its constituent colors that our eyes are programmed to see. It’s just one cruel complex Luciferian scheme. If you can see it you can save yourself and never return to this realm when you die. If not you will return until you do. There is not argument to make. Each and every one of us is subject to this. You either believe or you do not. Your religion cannot save you because Lucifer made all of them to keep you here forever where it is God. Can you think of a better way to trick the real God?

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