What is Black?

February 23, 2011

Recently I’ve heard some revolutionary black people debating over the definition of blackness. It is not complicated. Blackness is composed and comprised of four and only four attributes:

1) You see yourself as black. A lot of blacks who got other blood think they can use that to curry favor with whites and Jews for material gain so you can’t be no coon.

2) A large percentage of whites see you as black. That means this excludes Indians, Asians and Latinos if you look like a Latino. Spanish Latinos look white most of the time so whites will obviously not view them as black. The whole experience of being oppressed by whites and their system is based upon them being able to visually inspect you and label you as black. They don’t have to be right but they do have to view you as black or else the paradigm collapses.

3) You must have African ancestry to the extent that it makes your African features noticeable. In other words you must have big lips, kinky hair, a big nose, etc. If you don’t you may stilled be viewed as black by whites but you most likely won’t consider yourself black thereby violating condition number one above.

4) You are proud to be black despite how we are portrayed in the media. You would never want to be a goofy, no-rhythm-having cracker. Some black people meet all three condition aforementioned but fail this one. That ain’t black. A lot of black people see themselves as black but ain’t proud of it. Yes they are also coons. That means Clarence Thomas ain’t black. Barack Obama ain’t black. Oprah ain’t black. I could go on.

There is nothing else required to define blackness. If I’m wrong somebody point it out. Peace.

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