Los Angeles and the Great Flood of 2011

February 21, 2011

Words, especially English words, serve a dual purpose. One is their literal definition and the other is their occult or hidden meaning. This symbolism is undetectable by the conscious part of the human brain so most of us deny its existence or that it can possibly have any real influence over human behavior and our interpretation of reality. We’re so wrong and the elite are so glad that most of us are so unwilling to venture outside our narrow frame of mind to consider things unseen.

Look at all that is happening recently concerning Los Angeles (The City of Angles). What’s up with the 135 degree angle in the shape of California? That would make an octagon (or a stop sign) if you drew it out completely. Eight is the number of total domination in Jewish gematria and occult symbolism. It is also the infinity symbol when rotated 90 degrees.

The Rose Parade is held every year in Pasadena which is right down the street from LA. The rose is the bush as in George Bush. It is a symbol of the Luciferians and their Christ resurrection myth that has Christians brainwashed worldwide. The rose is also a symbol on the 2012 Olympics in London, the headquarters of the Luciferians. See the web site and the rose symbol built right into the logo http://www.london2012.com. The Rosicrucians and the Knights Templar are the same group under different names.

Battle LA is being released on 3/11/11. Why that date? Three is the number of the deity and eleven is the number of death. Hollywood never stops trying to create fear. The Luciferians feed off of that fear. It sustains them. Hollywood is rife with water and death symbolism in the past few years and Hollywood is LA. The Jews won’t be there when the carnage happens of course just like they were warned to stay away from the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.

Ray Allen just became the all-time leading in 3-point shots. Look at his name. Ray like the sun. More sun god worship from these Luciferians. Allen is basically LA backwards. The two L’s remind me of the Twin Towers. Also El is present which is the father of all deities. Of course what a coincidence that the Celtics were playing the Lakers when this record was broken. The Jewish NBA owners know exactly what is going on.

The NBA All Star weekend just completed yesterday in LA. Blake Grffiin won the slam dunk competition. Blake = B+ Lake. Lake is another water reference. A griffin is a mythical creature have the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Eagles are water symbols and the Lion is just another light reference to El, in others words Lion = El + ion. On top of all this Griffin is half-Haitian. You’ll remember the recent man-made earthquake in Haiti. It’s been proven that our Navy was performing tectonic testing right before the earthquake happened. If that wasn’t enough for you then guess who won the MVP? You guessed it. Mr. Laker himself Kobe Bryant. If you can’t put this obvious symbolism together then you are brain-damaged beyond repair. The elite are planting subliminal suggestions to drown LA later this year on 9/11/11 or possibly 11/11/11 or maybe even both. 9/11/11 falls exactly six months after the release of their Battle LA suggestion.

The last major flood in LA happened in 1938. That’s 1+9=10 and 3+8=11. Ten is just an intensity factor and eleven is death. Now let’s take a look at this year: 2011= 20+11 = 2×10 + 11. That means twice the intensity and death as the 1938 flood. To top things off the Israel Film Festival happens later this year unless the entire city gets flooded out. If you look at a topology map of the area you will see that the lowest lying areas are the poorest areas. That means Long Beach is a prime target as well. See for yourself at http://globalfloodmap.org. Flood even suggests death to fools. FLOOD = FOOL + D= Fool Death.

Needless to say this is full of biblical symbolism to Noah’s flood and the great sacrifice. Notice how the abbreviation for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration spells NOAA or Noah. The subliminals break through whether we want them to or not. The water supposedly cleansed the earth of all its sins. Those sins were humanity itself. Las Vegas, Sin City itself, is only a few short hours away. The water is really just a reference to the blood that will be spilled. Will the flood happen six months after 3/11/11 on 9/11/11 or eight months later on 11/11/11? After all six is the number of the beast (Be + A + S + T = Be a sexual/serpent sacrifice) but eight is the number of total domination or infinity on its side. One thing is for sure LA is doomed.

Katrina (the Big Easy) and Haiti were just practice runs for what they are about to do in California (think fornication). Long Beach is another port like New Orleans that is at or below sea level. The 1933 Long Beach earthquake of magnitude 6.4 killed only 120 people. The worst damage was in the mostly black area Compton. It happened on March 11 strangely which is the same day as the release of the Jewish filth “Battle LA”. Blacks are always housed in the lowest lying areas to maximize the numbers of us that drown during floods. Do you think the Jewish elite would not do this? These are the same people that financed the ships during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and now sit atop the world from hundreds of years of free labor. On top of that they demand the world pay them reparations something that never happened to them, as if they didn’t have enough money already.

The death and the blood sacrifice are what the Luciferians need to keep this 3D illusion of reality alive. That is what the first 9/11 was, a blood sacrifice. Our reality is a 3D illusion built on the lies of light manipulation. It is the ion and the arc of electricity as in Noah’s Ark or arc that gives them power. Our bodies run on electricity. Our brains are fed light images that make us perceive this world as real. You are not in control of your own thoughts. Lucifer controls them unless you wake up and fight back. Dont’ get it? You will soon because the Khazars were sent by Lucifer itself to ensure that you do. Lucifer is not Satan. Satan is just another of Lucifer’s lies. Lucifer is merely a thought form but the fake Jews in power know how to control it using the dark secrets they stole from Egypt and from Israel under the Dome of the Rock. Now we are at their mercy unless a greater power intervenes.

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