Why the NBA is Losing White Fans: Jews.

February 20, 2011

There is a report out in the Jewstream media stating that whites are losing interest in the NBA because there aren’t more white players. Huh? Now it’s black people’s fault that Jewish people don’t recruit more whites? The only thing that ever drew whites to the game in the first place was black players. The problem today is that because of the greedy Jewish owners the entire game has become about contracts, salaries, free agency and trades. That destroyed the integrity of the game but it should come as no surprise as that is always what Jews bring to anything.

Besides that whites want to see fierce competition because they still reminisce about the Gladiator days of old in Rome where the Colosseum battles were to the death. Magic and Bird provided that battle in their minds between blacks and whites. Now the Celtics are all black and the Lakers have white and European players. Quite ironic to say the least but with the impending collapse of this country nothing will satiate the white bloodlust other than contact sports like the NFL. The NBA has become too sissified, much like the NFL, but at least it’s still a contact sport. Whites want to see carnage, not safety, care and concern for the players, especially young, rich black players. They want to project their  frustrations at the Jewish takeover of the country onto someone or something other than Jews. That is how the Jewish elite took over. They convinced whites that they had other enemies with false flag attacks and control of the media. Then they put themselves in a special Anglo-anger-proof zone by invoking the Holocaust, “God’s chosen people” and labeling everything anti-Semitic that was critical of Israel, even though none of them are Semitic in the first place.

An overlooked factor in white disinterest in the NBA is the fact that are in the Great Recession caused by the very same aforementioned Jews. Whites do not want to see rich young black males having fun for a living while they have to slave away for corporations every day for much less money. It makes whites angry to see blacks, especially young black males, with more money than themselves because money was intended to be a symbol of whiteness. That is why whites celebrate when people like Kobe, OJ and Vick get into trouble with the law. It is their personal revenge against blacks so they don’t have to take it out against Jews who are the real source of their angst.

The Jewish owners are rigging the games to maximize profits and in the process driving fans away. Every time Jews get their claws into anything it will become corrupted. History doesn’t lie although they rewrite history to try to minimize their role in the negative aspects. Any major event that was negative for humanity has always had the hand of the Jewish elite in it……always…….not exceptions. Can someone explain that to me if they are God’s chosen people? The truth is they are Lucifer’s chosen people but I digress.

It was and still is a huge blow to the NBA to have lost Jordan. No one ever has or evil will be as great as he was. Kobe is getting old and no one respects him anymore after the Denver thing with the white skank bitch. Jordan made the game great because he made his money with endorsements. He had personality. LeBron and Kobe are just told to say the right things. That lack of spontaneity bores fans but Jews don’t understand that because profits are all they understand but not how to generate them outside of usury.

This is just my opinion but I believe there is too much camaraderie in the NBA. Players are always hugging and hanging out with each other off court. I want to see Jordan vs Dumars as enemies who have respect for each other, not this Jewish gay lovefest. Fans want to see real competition not the scripted wet dream of greedy Jews. I want to see players that truly hate each other. The only time I will watch Orlando play is when they play Boston, LA, the Spurs or Miami. People and players hate Dwight Howard and I do too. I want to see a fight. Maybe I should start watching hockey where I’m guaranteed a melee every game without the refs interfering since it’s white guys behaving civilized.

Finally the whole monetarization of the game has destroyed all desire to just play basketball for the love of it. Now it’s about getting rich to impress women and buy a bunch of crap you don’t need. Players are hamstrung by all the rules intended to keep black males under control. No lengthy shorts. Technical fouls for everything. Ejections for intentional fouls. Taunting for celebrating. These owners are the same Jewish families that financed slavery so it should come as no surprise that they still enjoy a good mid-season trade. The only people that deserve to be ejected from the game are them, except I would permanently ban them from owning teams as well just like they have been forcibly removed from over 120 countries throughout history for the same usury they are practicing in this country via the Federal Reserve. Lucifer never plays fair. Fair makes you weak which is why Jews love Christianity so much. It makes Christians weak.

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