Race-Mixing Saves Whites and Condemns Blacks

February 20, 2011

A lot of people think this is a racist thing to say. Frankly I don’t give a damn. I know things and see things that most people do not and cannot understand. There are only two races of people on this planet: Negroid and Caucasoid. All people of color originate from the Negroid race. The Caucasoid origin is uncertain but I believe Lucifer created them simply to keep people of  color enslaved until a time when God could free them from the clutches of Lucifer’s children. What I’m saying is that white people are literally devils, just like Malcolm X had always said before they finally silenced him using a sellout brother in a suit with some bullets.

We are not told of the true biological differences between blacks and whites but it should be apparent to anyone who has a soul to understand. I do not believe that whites have a soul. If they did there is no way they could behave the way they do toward other human beings and lifeforms on the planet. Perhaps interbreeding with blacks over the centuries has given them a semblance of a soul or mellowed them to a degree, much in the the same way that interbreeding has diminished the soul of black folks, but white is white and black is black. As humans we cannot see the energy that is present in everything because we are blinded by the body of five narrow senses that Lucifer constructed to keep us trapped in 3D reality until we die. Our five senses are lies. None of this is real. It seems real because that’s how Lucifer created this hodgepodge of deception and filth. Whites are his children and the European Jews are his best and brightest.

I used to think that blacks and whites could one day hold hands and seek a common destiny as equals. I now know that is a farce. Whites must die for the crimes of their ancestors and the crimes their leaders continue to commit while the white masses turn a blind eye and deaf ear. Many whites think God will save them because they have black friends or go easy on them because they either don’t know any black people or feel they have never personally injured blacks in any way. Let me tell you that it will not matter. A white person can NEVER be a friend of a black person!!! It is just confusion from centuries of white supremacy and programming by the media. Whites are the enemy. There are no exceptions and they will all feel the sting of God’s retribution, not just the KKK or Glenn Beck.

Just as blacks are labeled negatively by whites upon visual inspection of their skin color so will whites be labeled and condemned for simply being white. When whites attempt to behave as civilized people toward people of color it is only to save themselves out of some fear of the future. There is no atonement for whites and blacks should stop asking whites to perform acts they are not capable of. They do not have it in them as the children of Lucifer. It is as if you are speaking another language or talking to the wind. They do not hear because they cannot by their very father’s virtue, or lack thereof.

What you are doing when you mix white with black is an abomination. Mixed children are mongrels who serve no real purpose except to further promote race-mixing to dilute the souls and energy of our people. I don’t care if people of color have sex with whites, as long as it is just sex. We shouldn’t do that either because that would ensure they never end up with our genes by mistake which could possibly save them from complete damnation. That is why blacks should support white nationalism from a geographical and racial perspective. If whites reside on their own land that means blacks and people of color could have our own land as well and keep their genetic defilement out of our gene pool. Yes whites would still attempt to conquer our land but at least we could fight back on equal terms now knowing the nature of the white beast.

It may be too late for blacks in America though. Centuries of rape during slavery have already poisoned our blood with that of the European. Blacks and whites continue to mix in this country. My two ex-best friends mated with the whtie cave bitch and created mongrels. This behavior is actively promoted by the Jewish media because they know black blood could save the white man. Nothing else can. What they never tell the black man, although Elijah Muhammad does just that, is that white blood destroys the soul of the black man and slowly converts him into one of Lucifer’s own.


  1. Well, I don’t know what to say. I know! Your a fucking racist…I knew you where expecting that so I thought I’d say that first. You are an extreme African-American version of a WHITE DEVIL. There is basically no difference between their thinking that we are the sons and daughters of Cain and you with the sons/daughters of Lucifer. Your mentallity is no different than their 14/88 code.

    You both make me ill!

    • Blacks didn’t invent race. The white elite did and working class whites bought into it so they could receive white privilege. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. Whites and blacks are as different as night and day. I don’t give a damn what some Jewish geneticist says. All lies because that’s all the devil does is lie. We are the original people and crackers are the fake imitation shit that you buy in the grocery store.

  2. anyone who has a brain knows blacks and whites are natural enemies – always have been and always will be but thanks to liberals no one can really talk about the truth


    • Dude I agree on the natural enemy thing but have you seen most white women all over the country? They’re ugly as fuck too!!!!!! In fact most people period are ugly fat asses in America.

  3. (Not ill intentions)
    Your not a racist, your just wrong. Where the he*l do you get your info, thats not in the Bible. You just made it up. Speak for yourself dude, I’m black, and whites aren’t devils, your just getting mad over 100 year old sh** that never happened to you. You cant say whites are evil if your writing this. How about this one, People are evil, and if you want to bring up the God:

    “This righteousness is given through faith in[h] Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:21-24

    Jews and Gentiles, BLACKS AND WHITES, no different. All have sinned, you sir, have sinned. You are out of your feeble human mind to judge ANYONE. So I would be also, if I judge you, so I wont. I would like for you to read that passage from the bible, but read right before that, from verse 9. No one is righteous, and everyone has a chance. Also, if you knew anything, Africans sold there people to the slave traders, so what about them? Your argument really is moot. No offense, I’m just stating my opinion

    • I take no offense. You’re just unenlightened and don’t know anything about true history. You’ve bought what people have told you because they also thought it was truth. The Bible is a lie. It was written by Jewish priests to control the masses. It is a code of Qabbalah. Christianity is the child of Judaism. Do you really think that the Jews would create a religion greater than their own and give it away freely? You’re asleep. The Bible is full of outright lies and inconsistencies that Christians always explain away with God moving in mysterious ways or by saying we shouldn’t question God’s methods. Why not? You’re questioning mine right now. Why are you assuming that I would believe the Bible is true. The Bible has been proven literally false but it is actually if you understand the hidden code in it which Christians cannot. You got screwed by the Jews dude. Accept it and wake up or stay asleep and perish. Those are your only two choices.

      Blacks and whites are not equals. Why would whites spend so much time and effort trying to appear superior if they really were? Their superiority would speak for itself. They wouldn’t have to erect global systems of white supremacy. Do you understand the illogic of what you are saying? There are good whites and there are evil blacks. I don’t pretend to know if good whites can be redeemed or not. Maybe it depends on exactly how white they really are. Obama is half white so does that doom him? Nope his actions do. You parrot the same arguments that whites always do. Africans sold Africans into slavery. So what? Why did whites buy them? Why did Jews finance the ships? Now Jews complain about a holocaust that didn’t happen (I know you believe it did because the TV and public school told you it did) and no one gives a damn about what happened to white slaves and black slaves. You say you do not wish to judge me but you already have because I do not believe in your phony Bible outside of the Qabbalah code hidden within by the Jewish priest class centuries ago.

      Whites and blacks are very different from each other at the energy level. Just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it is not there. Your mind is still closed so I hope you can awaken it in this lifetime. Otherwise you will be doomed to repeat this life as someone else or something else in a lower realm that won’t be nearly as nice as this one……….and this one ain’t all that great in the first place.

      • I assumed you believed the bible because you brought up some religious aspects)

        To man, I agree with you, we are far from equal, to God, however, we are all equal
        Also, i see no point in hating whites, What did the lady in the grocery store do to you, ever?

        Okay, if yo believe the bible is a lie, I’m not going to point out all the prophesy that has been fulfilled, and the blood they found with only 24 chromosomes in it, and 1 extra non-human 1. I’m not here to argue religion. I see what your saying, and maybe 150 year’s ago, I’d agree (with some things), but you said the holocaust didn’t happen. That is some bullshit. If you can explain 60,000 deaths, bodies they found (or what was left), holocaust survivors, and what sick person would make this up, tell me. I mean, Adolf Hitler said he wanted to kill all the Jews, read “Mien Comf” The didn’t just build Auschwitz and fill it with dead bodies and gas chambers. You know that Bayer, a German company, produced the gas (Zyklon B) they used to murder the Jews? That not something you lie about, there’s proof of that. I understand the bible, but not that, that’s pretty sketchy theory.

      • The Jews have your mind man. You have to deprogram yourself and read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It details exactly how the Jews have done what they’ve done to America and to the world. They tell you how they fooled you into thinking the Holocaust was real and how they use Christianity to destroy the Gentiles. You feel guilty about being anti-Semitic but the EuroJews are not even Semites. They are frauds. I feel sorry for you although I know you don’t want my sympathy. Hopefully this will inspire you to seek the truth instead of holding on to the lies that have been programmed into you via the Jewish media and Jewish public education. They are not what they seem. When I say Jews I’m referring principally to the Jewish elite but most low level Jews are also brainwashed and Gentiles. That means you.

      • Your crazy man…

  4. Yeah I’m crazy. How many empires did white people and every one of them crumbles because Jewish parasites always infest them. That means white people are crazy because you keep repeating the mistakes of the past and expecting different results. Blacks and whites are as different as dogs and cats. It doesn’t take a genius to see that.

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