The Bastardization of Love in the West: Sex and Romance

February 14, 2011

Americans are seriously deluded about what true love is. That’s why you never see it in America. It’s why we can drop bomb after bomb on innocent men, women and children in other countries without batting an eye. It’s why our divorce rate is sixty percent and climbing. It’s why we are near the bottom in infant mortality worldwide and the government keeps giving themselves raises. It’s why over half of mothers have no father at home. It’s why people worship sports more than quality time with their family.

The concept of love in the East has nothing to do with sex or romance. It is platonic love, a concept foreign to almost all Americans. It is altruism meaning nothing is ever expected in return for good deeds. That is alien to America. Americans continue to fail to understand this and will pay a terrible karmic price for their lack of understanding in the coming months and years. It is unavoidable at this point. We are no better than people in poorer countries who are victims of white imperialism, colonialism and over-aggression from internalized fears. Morality is not something that you can teach. You can teach behavior and that is what America does. It enforces indoctrination with laws that the elite do not follow themselves because it is only to keep the herd under control.

America basically defines two types of false love. We call them both love but neither is. One is sex. We think really good sex means that we are in love when it’s just an exchange of similar energy patterns that have temporarily drawn you to another vessel of energy. We do not exist separately from each other outside of this world and really not in this world either. We’re all one but we can’t see it because our senses were designed by Lucifer to keep us from detecting things that would bring us together. Lucifer needs war and hate and separation. It thrives upon it. It literally feeds upon it to stay alive.

The second type is called romance. Romance is not love. Romance means two people exchange feelgoods for as long as they both enjoy doing it. When the scale goes unbalanced from one person’s diminishing marginal returns or desire for someone else then they withdraw their energy and leave the other person clinging to waning crumbs of energy like a drug. Love is not a drug but romance is. So is sex. They temporarily alters you state of consciousness in ways that become addictive and unhealthy. Those are drugs. Love permanently alters your state of consciousness in a healthy way. That’s why people these days have so many notches in their belts. They bang one person and then spin the Rolodex for the next person on the list when they get horny or lonely again in a few days or weeks in a vain attempt to keep it interesting and meaningful to them. It never works and the end result is death. Lucifer loves that.

Every time America tries to adopt something from the East whites bastardize it. Buddhism got bastardized. Love got bastardized. Money got bastardized. War got bastardized. Music got bastardized. Nature got bastardized. Why? Well it’s because white people have no souls. They are unable to appreciate anything outside of this 3D realm of solids, liquids and gases. When you have no soul you view everything through materialism and commodity fetishism. It defines who you are to other people who think the same.

Think for one second about all the negative karma that whites have collectively accrued over the centuries. It’s the same karma they are always telling blacks and native Americans to forget about. That karma debt is coming due right now. The universe makes no exceptions. The karma must be atoned for to cancel or nullify it or the entire white race will be destroyed. That is just the truth, no more or no less. It is not hate speech. It is truth speech. Just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I’m forty years old and I have yet to see the wind blowing trees. All I ever see is the trees being moved by the wind.

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