Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Being Released Two Days Early on 2/11/11

February 12, 2011

No one can say this hermaphrodite isn’t under the control of the Illuminati. She, he or it has a new CD being released on 5/23/11 called “Born This Way”. That was 99 days after the release of the title track “Born This Way” which was supposed to be released on 2/13/11. A few weeks before that it was reported that the date was moved to 2/11/11, lucky seven months before the next 9/11. Eleven is the number of death in Jewish gematria in case you didn’t know, which is why some huge portion of this country, probably one or more of the 11 western states because they’re shaped exactly like an upside-down Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock in Israel, are likely to suffer some major catastrophe this year 9/11/11, 11/11/11 or both. (Note that Battle LA is also being released on 3/11/11 and Transformers 3 on 7/1/11).

The number of days between the release of the CD and the single are now 101. That’s eleven again with zero as the all-seeing eye making fun of you as a placeholder. Notice there are eleven letters in the title of the CD/track (Born This Way = 4+4+3). Born is clearly a Christ reference of rising from the dead and Way sounds like Yahweh. There are also 111 days from the CD release to the final 9/11 happening in a few months. She’s a Jew. No doubt about it. The Jewish elite, who run the music, porn and the NBA/NFL, will do whatever is necessary via false flag attacks on the US and elsewhere to solidify their control of this world using fear.

Her birthday is 3/28/86, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She’s Jewish but she says she’s Catholic. Why get rhinoplasty to remove your hook nose then? Jews are supposed to be favored by God so what is she ashamed of or trying to hide? Anyway 3+28+86=99=9X11 or 9/11. Her birthday is 5647 days from 9/11/2001. That’s 11+11 again as in 2/11/11. She calls herself Fame Monster. That’s 4+7=11. Of course all 11’s really equal 2 when you add them up. Fame looks like female and monster just means unnatural. That would be a hermaphrodite.

Here are some things that happened on 5/23 in history (the date of the upcoming CD release):

Jews expelled from Austria and Syria

Israel captures Adolph Eichmann in Argentina

Funeral services for Jackie Onassis at Arlington National Cemetery

She’s also signed a deal with Polaroid, which is a reference to the polar ice caps. The oid part is just two more all-seeing eyes and then D for death. Gaga likes things in pairs, even her name. Why? Because she’s a man and a woman. That’s what she means when she says she was born this way.

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