Top 50 Ways To Know You Don’t Have A Clue

February 10, 2011

1) You think Obama is Christian or Muslim. (He’s Jewish, gay and born in Kenya)

2) You think our military is good. (We kill innocent men, women and children routinely for profit. They’re dying and screaming at this very moment regardless of when you read this)

3) You think European Jews are God’s chosen people. (They are Ashkhenazi Khazars from western Europe that converted to Judaism in 420AD to avoid being overrun by neighboring tribes)

4) You think fluorinated water is ok to swallow. (It destroys brain cells and kills babies….even the toothpaste labels warn you it’s not to be swallowed because it’s a poison)

5) You trust your doctor even though they all have God complexes and get paid handsomely to lie to you after years of medical brainwashing. (They’re paid to make money for the pharmaceuticals and kill you if you can’t produce profits)

6) You think taxes on wage labor are legal. (Taxes are only legal on corporate profits)

7) You think Lady Gaga is a woman. (It’s a hermaphrodite)

8) You only speak English and you’re proud of it. (Speaking more then one language helps you see past the symbolism of English and the alphabet system)

9) You think Al Qaeda is real and carried out 9/11. (It was Mossad with help from neocons)

10) You believe the Haitian earthquake was a natural disaster. (Nope HAARP tectonic weapon warning Chavez and Venezuela to back down)

11) You think the levies were destroyed by flood water during Katrina. (They were blown. I’ve seen the bomb residue up close and personal)

12) You consume sugar substitutes and think they’re harmless. (They cause cancer and they tell you they cause cancer but I guess we think it only happens to labrats. We’re the labrats now.)

13) You believe recent climate change is because of carbon emissions. (Nope chemtrails and HAARP)

14) You think America is a democracy or a republic. (Inverted totalitarianism or totalitarian democracy or friendly fascism or corporatism or plutocracy or kakistocracy. You pick.)

15) You think Alex Jones is a freedom fighter. (His wife is Jewish and he’s funded by them as well.)

16) You think that you control your own thoughts. (They are given to you by the media.)

17) You think chemtrails are contrails. (It’s barium and aluminal to numb you to your enslavement, not to protect us from space radiation or the global warming fraud)

18) You think high fructose corn syrup can be broken down in the body like sucrose or glucose. (It clogs your veins and arteries just like cholesterol)

19) You think vaccines and flu shots protect your from disease. (They destroy your ability to defend against disease and plant a virus backdoor that can be exploited later by another engineered disease)

20) You think AIDS is a real disease. (Complete myth it’s the drugs they give you after falsely diagnosing you HIV positive that kill you)

21) You think the earth is overpopulated. (We have more than enough of everything for more than twice the earth’s inhabitants and then some)

22) You think fossil fuels can be depleted. (Even completely dried up oil fields refill in a matter of decades, some even less time. Media refuses to show you the pictures but I’ve seen them)

23) You think your government can be reformed without violent revolution. (Only money and force influences government now. Anything else is wasting your time.)

24) You think a good god is responsible for major religions. (Lucifer invented all religions)

25) You think tv and movies don’t change your brainwave patterns. (They turn you into a zombie without you knowing it)

26) You believe public education teaches children to think for themselves. (It’s indoctrination for slave labor)

27) You think professional sports is important. (Bread and circus while they rob you.)

28) You think all “natural” food means it’s good for you. (It’s still full of poison most times)

29) You believe in evolution. (We are pulled into this world via bad karma by Lucifer to be its servant and his children are the Jews)

30) You think the Holocaust happened just like they say. (There was no organized effort to kill European Jews and the death camps are a proven fraud)

31) You think Ron Paul wants to audit or eliminate the Federal Reserve. (He’s part of New World Order and even does their secret Freemason handshakes and signs)

32) You think the next president won’t be Sarah Palin. (She’s a shoe-in since last one was Democrat)

33) You think karma only affects those who believe in it.  (It affects every living creature regardless of your beliefs)

34) You think Jon Stewart is your friend. (He’s complicit in the Jewish conspiracy just like Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane)

35) You think that the elite are heterosexuals. (They’re pedophiles who rape and sacrifice children for the power to keep us in their control.)

36) You don’t know the NFL and NBA are owned by mostly Jews and crypto-Jews.

37) You don’t know that all presidents even until today are blood relatives.

38) Sorry Natalie Portman knows all about this.

39) You believe when trees falls and no one is around that they still make a sound. (They don’t unless it is perceived by something living)

40) You think time is real because your body ages and clocks say time is passing. (There is no spoon.)

41) You think that you exist separately from others as an individual. (One consciousness. One mind. One God)

42) You think anti-depressants work as advertised. (They destroy the liver and cause psychosis)

43) You don’t think that anything disastrous will happen on 9/11/11 or 11/11/11.

44) You think Satan and Lucifer are the same thing. (Satan is the mythical opposite of God. Lucifer is the real deal)

45) You think that the god that created light in Genesis is a good God even though Lucifer means the light-bearer.

46) Even though European Jews have been removed from over 100 countries throughout history you still think it’s because people hate them for no good reason. (They are parasites who practice usury, destroy their host and find the next victim which is China right now)

47) You think you will see your loved ones again. (There is only one, not ones)

48) You think Jesus was real and divine. (Jesus means Jew-Zeus. Nothing more)

49) You believe what your parents tell you. (They’re deceived too)

50) You think a good God creates a brand new soul for your child via conception. (There is only one. Conception conceals a piece of God in a physical body in this 3D realm)

If you are guilty of believing in half or more of these hoaxes, social engineering and depopulation techniques then you are lost. There is nothing anyone can do to help you besides yourself. You will die and be reincarnated right back in this world or some lower realm and your suffering will continue until you wake up. Don’t believe me. Reality does not require your consent. You will believe or you will die.

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